Thu 30 Nov 2006 - UN/CEFACT INVITED TO REVIEW AS 4590 Please submit your comments by 17:00 Wed 06 Dec 2006 to Stephen GOULD
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10:41 Thu 30 Nov 2006			REF:UA1ACEI1

TO:	Duane NICKULL		cc	proposed AS4590 eCommittee
	Vice-Chair			Local Government Interested parties

(Duane NICKULL is the Vice-Chairman of the United Nations Trade Facilitation
XML Technical Group.  He is the Architect of the UN/CEFACT eCommerce Strategy
in the Asia Pacific region.

In Jan 2005 Duane had agreed to speak at the proposed Australian CIT Industry 
Tsunami Relief Dinner)

Hi Duane - this email is to enquire if you would have time to participate
in an eCommittee to resolve a single XML Address format for the 
Australian XML Standard AS 4590

We are endeavouring to resolve an eCommerce XML Standards issue 
for a couple of major Local Government On-line projects here in
Australia due to go live in 2007

I gave a paper at the recent OASIS XML Conference on the problem
of two address formats within AS4590

During the Conferences delegates agreed to try to resolve the issue

These are the two XML Address formats in AS 4590

It should not take much time at all as there are only two segments:

A	16 Data Elements in the AS 4590 Address

B	11 Data Elements in the AS 4590 Complex

The solution appears to be to replace 4 Data Elements (Line 1, 
Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4) in the 1st Segment with the 11 Data 
Elements from the 2nd Segment

The plan is to invite XML experts review the two XML formats in 
AS 4590 and agree by email during Dec 2006 that the two segments
can be combined to form just one address segment.

In addition we will point out the differences between the agreed Address
Standard and the UN/EDIFACT Standard so that people are aware that
there is a difference. 

Would this timetable for Dec 2006 suit you ?

The eCommittee processes, which was developed as a RUBAC Joint Venture 
with the British Standards Institute, has been proposed to Standards 
Australia and Philip ARGY, President of the Australian Computer 
Society, to electronically clarify the AS 4590 XML format during Dec.

Your participation would certainly illustrate the effectiveness of 
eCommunications for speedy dispute resolution as part of Trade 
Facilitation !

PS 	You may also be interested in how the problems of different
	reference numbers with the Eurofighter projects in Europe
	may render Electronic Hubs as unworkable for effective eCommerce
	and why the French proposal at TEDIS '89 for Electronic Notaries is 
	a far more elegant and financially viable proposition for the complexity of 
	Trade Information Flows as a solution for Trade Facilitiation.

	(The Trade Information Flow diagram is from the UN PortMIS Manual which was
	the basis of RUBAC development for the NSW Maritime Services Board and 
	the Association of Australian Port and Marine Authorities)  


Stephen GOULD
XML & Ecommerce Special Interest Group

E:	sggould@oic.org
M:	0416-009-468
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