Wed 22 Nov 2006 - NOTIFY ACS OF AS 4590 TWO XML ADDRESS FORMAT Please submit your comments by 17:00 Fri 24 Nov 2006 to Stephen GOULD
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08:55 Wed 22 Nov 2006			REF:A9CAAEN1
						Y/R: eCommerce Standards
TO:	Philip ARGY			cc	Members of Parliament
	President				Local Government
	Express Post CN 1966327 PO Box Q534 Sydney NSW 1230

Dear Philip - I write to you as the President of the Australian
Computer Society [ACS] and former Chair of the ACS XML & Ecommerce
Special Interest Group, to inform you that at the recent OASIS XML
Conference it was revealed that there are two XML Address formats 
in the Australian eCommerce Standards AS 4590 which is issued by 
Standard Australia.

A	Why Issue has to be addressed quickly
B	Draft email to ACS members
C	Proposed Timetable to clarify Standards
D	Next Steps


I have suggested to OASIS Australia that they notify the Attendees at 
their Conferences of this issue and invite those attendees to participate 
in an eCommittee with Standards Australia to remediate this issue 

However this issue is also extremely important for ACS members.

The reason why this issue has to be clarified quickly include:

1	32 Victorian Councils have issued a tender for a Council Vendor
	Integration Project that stipulates the use of AS 4590 for the 
	electronic interchange of information between Bizdex and the 
	32 different Council Systems

	BizDex is a system developed for the Australian Wheat Board
	[AWB] and sponsored by a number of US Companies including
	IBM, Microsoft and Intel - these sponsors may have a vested
	interest in the double standards issue

	That tender requires an implementation date of between 01 Jan 
	- Mar 2007

2	The Port of Melbourne have published an eCommunity EOI - there
	are 38 Port eCommunities in Australia with the same requirement
	as the Port of Melbourne

3	The problems identified by Benjamin ANSON Ports eConsultant
	to the Federal Government eCommerce Public Enquiry "Best Practice Model:
	Building Consumer Confidence in eCommerce


This is a draft email that you may be prepared to distribute to ACS
members to:

1	make them aware of the issue

2	invite them to participate in assisting clarify the Standard

3	promote the adoption of a single XML Address format AS 4590  

Draft email:

	"It has come to the ACS attention that there are two address 
	formats in the AS 4590 XML eCommerce Standard

	This email is to inquire if you would be interested in participating
	in an Electronic Committee possibly called Standards Australia 
	IS/11 Committee to define a single XML eCommerce Address.

	Your involvement would be to participate Electronically and
	review the proposed single Address Format.

	If you are interested in participating electronically in this 
	proposed reconvened Standards Australia Electronic IS/11 Committee
	Standard please email Michael LANGDON at Standards Australia and 
	copy in Stephen GOULD who has volunteered to be the Electronic 
	Committee Secretary.

	The email addresses are:

	Michael LANGDON		Michael.Langdon@standards.org.au

	Stephen GOULD		stephen.gould@halisa.net

	Information required for email response:

	Subj:		AS 4590 - Single XML Address

	Preferred Name:

	Family Name:


As you may recall from when you were briefed as the Halisa Intellectual 
Property Lawyer for the RUBAC Electronic Information Interchange [EII] 
Management methodology, Halisa Consultants were commissioned by the 
British Standards Institute [BSI] to carry out a survey on how to 
improve the BSI Committee Management process.

The Report to BSI outlined how the RUBAC EII code could assist BSI 
not only reduced the 14,000,000 pieces of paper produced each year as 
part of the BSI Committee process but also provide a far more effective
Management Process for its Committees.

The report to BSI identified how by using email and standard Agenda
templates a more effective Committee Management process could
be implemented.

Whilst Standards Australia and other Australian Associations have been 
reluctant to consider the Electronic Committee Information [ECIM] process
it has been adopted by the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC], the 
SME eBusiness Management Services [SMEEMS]  and trialled by 
ebXML Australia before it disbanded and several Volunteer Sports 
Associations eg Pittwater RSL Football Club

The ECIM process should be used to clarify AS 4590 and more 
important will be of value for Australian Councils if they want to avoid
the problem faced by many US Local Government Councils of huge 
un-wieldly Committee Information processes.

Here is a link to the McAllen City web-site that warns that a high
speed downloads is required because many of the Council Minutes
exceed 50 Mb !

(Here is another link to the McAllen City Minutes in case the 
web location above is changed)


As the Victorian 32 Local Government Consortium has a very clearly
defined timetable I am proposing that, as an interim step, the Sinclair
Knight Merz [SKM] Consultant for that project advise the Councils and 
whoever was awarded the Contract that the Complex Address of AS 4590
is always used for all transactions

The proposed timetable to clarify the single address format is:


1	e-mail Call for Participation sent 	17:00 Mon 27 Nov	PA

2	e-mail Response required		17:00 Fri 01 Dec	All

3	Set up distribution list		17:00 Mon 04 Dec	SGG

4	review AS 4590 Address Format		17:00 Fri 08 Dec	All
	including comparisons with 
	International EDIFACT Standard

5	Draft single Address AS 4590 		17:00 Fri 15 Dec	All

6	Confirm single Address AS 4590 		17:00 Thu 21 Dec	All


Philip - I believe that this is a timetable that the Australian Computer
Industry will be able to meet if we are to avoid the US Situation where
the US Federal Government legislated in 1996 for the use of ANSI-X12.

The OIC has received a number of responses from Members of Parliament
who may be prepared to pass legislation to protect Rate-Payers and 
Tax-payers from "stacked" Standards Committees.

Please confirm if you agree with this timetable and process to
provide a single XML Address format for the Australian AS 4590 XML 
eCommerce Standard. 

I look forward to working with you to resolve this important issue for
Electronic Commerce in Australia


Stephen GOULD
Senior Partner
Halisa International Network
10:36	W	2006/11/22	Syd	2065

E:	stephen.gould@halisa.net
M:	0416-009-468
W:	Stephen GOULD's Background in eCommerce
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