In many Councils Small & Medium-size Business [SMBs] and Small & Medium-size Enterprises [SMEs]
(not-for-profit) comprise more than 95% of the Local Business population and are the major 
Employers and Rate-payers - ref Pittwater Council Management Plan 2006.

In 2001 the Federal Government Department of Employment, Workplace Relations & Small Business
[DEWRSB] commissioned members of the OIC Local Government Special Interest Group [LZIG] to
conduct a series of eSurveys with 172 NSW Local Councils on "The relevance of XML
in the adoption of On-Line Service Delivery by Local Government Agencies".

Since completing those surveys, the OIC has hosted a number of education seminars on
Government On-line direction including:

1	Sep 2001: The Government On-line Strategy

	John GRANT 
	Chief General Manager Government On-line
	National Office for the Information Economy [NOIE] 

2	Oct 2001: The Information Economy

	Patrick CALLIONI 
	Chief General Manager Information Economy
	National Office for the Information Economy [NOIE]

Theses seminars highlighted the need to understand the Government direction with Electronic
Information Interchange [EII] Standards.
OIC members have been tracking Local Government tenders and the requirements for Electronic
Information Interchange [EII] with local home and small business users without inhouse IT 

In 2005 OIC members developed a Local Community Sport Resource Management Process to
assist Local Volunteers Sports groups that utilised Council Sports Amenities to
meet the requirements of Child Protection legislation.

In Aug 2006 32 Victorian Councils formed a Consortium to develop a Hub to interface
with local home/SME users

If you would like to participate in the responses to these and similar tenders please 
register your membership application as a Participating Project Member
2006/08/19 32 Victorian Councils Compliance Hub for Home/SMEs Computer Users
2006/08/15 2006-09 Section 94 Contributions Plan

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