The UN/CEFACT Mission Statement 1. The United Nations, through its Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), supports activities dedicated to improving the ability of business, trade and administrative organizations, from developed, developing and transitional economies, to exchange products and relevant services effectively.
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A The problem with UN/CEFACT Name and Address [NAD] Format B Three examples of "NAD" format in eTrade Documents C INDEX: Communications with UN/CEFACT on eTrade Issues A THE PROBLEM WITH UN/CEFACT NAME AND ADDRESS FORMAT Current EDI documents were downloaded to review the Name and Address ["NAD"] Data Segment eCommerce format of the UN/CEFACT documents that are used by Australian Importers and Exporters for the Port of Melbourne Smart Freight eCommerce Application EOI 13110 The "NAD" eCommerce format is used in most if not all United Nations eTrade Documents. The "NAD" format has a similar Name and Address structure as the Simplex version of the Australian eCommerce Standard AS 4590. The "NAD" format enables software developers to select either: a A totally unstructured name and address format of - 1 four lines for an unstructured Name and Address (Data Element C058) or b a partially structured format of - 2 four lines for Party Name (Data Element C080) and 3 four lines for Street and Number/PO Box (Data Element C059) This will require software to be written to check every message to determine which Data Element codes have been used and if necessary "translate" the format into the end users format structure. It appears that if the Australian Government stipulates that the Complex Version of AS 4590 must be used for eCommerce it would greatly assist the Trade Facilitation Mission of UN/CEFACT B THREE EXAMPLES OF "NAD" FORMAT IN TRADE DOCUMENTS Here is a selection of the Name and Address "NAD" Data Segments of three eTrade Documents INTRODUCTION TO UN/CEFACT NAME AND ADDRESS STRUCTURE Export Net User - Name and Address Segemnt Parties for Shipping Contract Consignee's Name and Address C INDEX COMMUNICATIONS RE UN/CEFACT TWO EDI ADDRESS FORMATS 2007/01/04 How Electronic Transaction Acts changing Taxation Process 2007/01/03 Draft 2007 XZIG programme to raise awaresness of AS 4590 2007/01/03 Letter to Senator COONAN to correct AS 4590 2006/12/21 Draft letter to Senator COONAN to correct AS 4590 2006/12/16 UBL XML - Why Ports EDI disaster worldwide 2006/12/15 Why Tradegate and BizDex Model will not work 2006/12/14 UN/CEFACT Support for single address in EDIFACT 2006/12/12 UN/CEFACT review as part of AS 4590 comparison 2006/11/30 Invitation UN/CEFACT to participate in AS4590 resolution eCommittee 2006/11/29 SKM - Exactly - that is why Legislation need 2006/10/29 Key groups informed of AS 4590 two XML address formats 2006/10/27 OIC Paper to OASIS XML Conference 2004/09/24 OIC participation UN/CEFACT eCommerce Asia-Pacific Strategy
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