Wed 27 Dec 2006 - XZIG PROGRAM 2007 - DRAFT
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This is an outline of the 12 month programme for the OIC XML Special Interest 
Group [XZIG] to :

1	raise awareness of the two XML address standards in ASS4590

2	identify Local Government Applications that will use AS 4590

3	review Local Government Contracts to ensure that only the single
	Complex Version of AS 4590 is stipulated in Local Government
	Tenders and contracts

A	Background to OIC 2007 Program
B	Dates for 2007 Program
C	Sponsors of 2007 Program
D	Key contacts for Local Government	
E	Next Steps

In Sep 2006 a Vendor Integration Tender published by a Consortium 
of 32 Victorian Local Government Agencies stipulated the use of the 
AS 4590.

AS 4590 was nominated as the Australian Ecommerce Standard for 25 
applications to interface electronically from the EasyBiz Bizdex Hub
(an earlier tender published in Aug 2006) into the back-end IT 
Applications of the the 32 Council Consortium members 

The EasyBiz BizDex Hub was developed and sponsored by a number
of Australian and International Organisations for the Australian
Wheat Board (AWB)

It transpires that AS 4590 has two XML Address formats which could
well be a major factor in hindering the adoption of XML by Local 
Government suppliers.

In Oct 2006 Speakers and Delegates at the OASIS XML Conference 
agreed to investigate if a single XML Address Standard could be 
identified to reduce the cost and confusion with XML Standards 
and accelerated the adoption of XML by Local Government Agencies 
and their eTrading partners

In Nov 2006 an eCommittee was formed by Interested parties and a timetable
to review AS 4590 and propose a single XML Address format was agreed.

On Thu 21 Dec 2006 the eCommittee agreed the format of the single XML
Address for AS 4590.

On 22 Dec 06, at 20:05, Joost, one of the IT Expert members of the 
eCommittee, wrote:

> Dear Peter, Stephen, Stevan,
> Thorough approach. It is not just about a solution in the short term, 
> also about a solution at the long term. Standardise! 
> Funny that EDIFACT has the same problem. 
> I attended several meetings of the Telecities (100+ European
> Digital Cities) working group for standards (Telecities retired
> more or less a couple of years ago). 
> I tried to contact my old chairman Graham Jordan, at the time representing
> Newcastle (UK), so see if he knew about this. 
> He has disappeared off the face of the earth, or does not have a digital 
> signature on the Web anymore.
> If anything clever comes to mind, I will let you know.
> For now you put all cleverness into words I could hope for.
> All the best,
> Joost Smits
> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Peter HENRY [mailto:peter.henry@oic.org] 
> Verzonden: vrijdag 22 december 2006 13:39
> Aan: AS4590 Interested Parties
> Onderwerp: Correcting AS 4590 - have your say !

This proposed 2007 programme for OIC XZIG is to raise awareness of 
a single XML Address format within AS 4590.


These webinars will provide links to specific Local Government

			DATE				THEME				

1st Qtr - Management Overview of XML and Local Government

	a	Wed 24 Jan 2007		Why Single XML Address in AS 4590

	b	Wed 21 Feb 2007		Review 25 Local Gov XML Applications

	c	Wed 21 Mar 2007		Why XML format necessary for Mgt Info

2nd Qtr - Specific XML Applications - Community Applications

	d	Thu 18 Apr 2007		Child-Care

	e	Wed 23 May 2007		Sport for Juniors - 5-17 yrs old

	f	Wed 27 Jun 2007		Aged-Care

3rd Qtr - Specific XML Applications - Economic Development Strategies

	g	Wed 25 Jul 2007		Infrastructure Development - Roads/Comms

	h	Wed 22 Aug 2007		Resource Development - Libraries/People

	i	Wed 26 Sep 2007		Tourism Development - Heritage/Amenities

4th Qtr - Specific XML Applications - Management Strategies

	j	Wed 24 Oct 2007		Events

	k	Wed 21 Nov 2007		Waste

	l	Wed 19 Dec 2007		Summary how XML provides Mgt Info


As it appears that when the original eCommerce standards were established
the early members of the eCommerce committees may have considered 
that the current technology and sophistication of software development
tools did not allow specific address formatting algorithms.

Hence the early Standards were allowed to have two address formats
to provide a flexible format for software developers

However in the light of the problems recorded with Ecommerce 
implementations and the issues of eCommerce Standards many of the 
highly influtential multi-national organisations like IBM, Microsoft, Sun 
and Intel may be prepared to sponsor the OIC XZIG single XML Address 

An invitation will be sent to CIT Organisations inviting them to assist
with promoting the acceptance of a single XML Address format for
AS 4590 as a way of on enhancing the reputation of the Information
Technology Industry sector 


The key contacts to invite to help raise awareness of the need
for a single XML Address Standards include:

a	State Minister and Shadow Minister Local Government

b	State Local Government Associations

c	State Universities - many provide advice to State and
	Local Government Agencies on Policy issues  

d	Council Directors of Economic Development

e	Council IT Managers

f	Local Government Consultancies. Examples include
	Sinclair Knight Mertz [SKM] and Cornell Wagner


Please advise any changes or comments to Steve GILLMORE 
OIC Events Co-ordinator by 17:00 Fri 19 Jan 2007


Events Co-ordinator

E:	sdgillmore@oic.org
T:	{61}(2) 9953-7412
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