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A The Agreement on Standard format for EDIFACT and AS4590 B Problems with International and Australian eCommerce Standards C eProcess to reach The Agreement A AGREEMENT ON STANDARD FORMAT FOR EDIFACT & AS4590 On 22 Dec 2006 an eCommittee established from delegates and speakers at the OASIS XML Conference in Sydney in Oct 2006, members of ebXML Australia and members of the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] reach agreement that "The Complex Address version of AS4590 should always be used in eCommerce Applications for both the National eCommerce Standard (AS4590) and the International eCommerce Standard (UN/EDIFACT also called UNCEFACT)". On 22 Dec 06, at 20:05, Joost wrote: > Dear Peter, Stephen, Stevan, > > Thorough approach. > > It is not just about a solution in the short term, also about a solution > at the long term. Standardise! Funny that EDIFACT has the same problem. > > I attended several meetings of the Telecities (100+ European Digital Cities) > working group for standards (Telecities retired more or less a couple of years > ago). > > I tried to contact my old chairman Graham Jordan, at the time representing > Newcastle (UK), to see if he knew about this. > > All the best, > > Joost B PROBLEMS WITH INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL ECOMMERCE STANDARDS 1 The United Nations eCommerce Standard The United Nations, through its Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), supports activities dedicated to improving the ability of business, trade and administrative organizations, from developed, developing and transitional economies, to exchange products and relevant services effectively. A The two confusing EDI Data Element formats in UN/EDIFACT Standard 2 The Australian Information Industry Association [AIIA] eCommerce Standard > AIIA assists the ICT industry to meet its business objectives, > locally and globally in corporate and government markets. > > Together, we set the strategic direction of our industry. > > We influence public policy, engage industry stakeholders and provide > our members with business productivity tools, advisory services and > market intelligence to accelerate their business growth. B The two confusing XML Address formats in AS4590 Standard C ePROCESS TO REACH AGREEMENT
C INDEX COMMUNICATIONS RE AS 4590 TWO XML ADDRESS FORMATS 2007/01/28 AIIA - AIIA Response on Australian eCommerce Standard AS4590 Policy 2007/01/23 AIIA - What is AIIA Policy on single address AS4590 ? 2007/01/19 AIIA - Avoid bringing IT Industry into disrepute 2007/01/17 State Premiers informed - 38 Port Communities & 770 Councils 2007/01/14 Submission to the Minister to correct AS4590 and eCommerce Topology 2007/01/03 Draft 2007 XZIG programme to raise awaresness of AS4590 2007/01/03 Letter to Senator COONAN to correct AS4590 2006/12/21 Draft letter to Senator COONAN to correct AS4590 2006/12/16 UBL XML - Why Ports EDI disaster worldwide 2006/12/15 Why Tradegate and BizDex Model will not work 2006/12/14 UN/CEFACT Support for single address in EDIFACT 2006/12/12 UN/CEFACT review as part of AS 4590 comparison 2006/11/30 Invitation UN/CEFACT to participate in AS4590 resolution eCommittee 2006/11/29 SKM - Exactly - that is why Legislation need 2006/10/29 Key groups informed of AS 4590 two XML address formats 2006/10/27 OIC Paper to OASIS XML Conference 2004/09/24 OIC participation UN/CEFACT eCommerce Asia-Pacific Strategy
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