This is one page of the Appendix B - Common Data Format "ADDRESS FORMAT"

AS4590 Address Data Elements
the ambiguity of whether to use the simple or complex address details - if the simple address formats are used then there are the problems of the different options for using Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4
AS4590 Address          
Fields     Column Description Type Format/Size
    Status Address Status Code  
ClientCurrency Address Currency Code  
CountryName Country Code Code  
DeliveryPoint Delivery Type Code  
Line1 Address Line 1 text  
Line2 Address Line 2 text  
Line3 Address Line 3 text  
Line4 Address Line 4 text  
LocalityName Locality Name Code  
LocationDescriptor Location Descriptior Code  
PostalDeliveryNumber Postal Delivery Number text  
PostalDeliveryType Postal Delivery Type Code  
Postcode Postcode text  
Purpose Address Purpose Code  
StateTerritory State Territory Code Code  
Type Address Type Code OTH/PHY
AS4590 Complex          
Fields     Column Description Type Format/Size
    LevelNumber LevelNumber text  
LevelType LevelType Code  
LotNumber LotNumber text  
Name Name text  
StreetName StreetName text  
StreetNumber1 StreetNumber1 text  
StreetNumber2 StreetNumber2 text  
StreetSuffix StreetSuffix Code  
StreetType StreetType Code  
UnitNumber UnitNumber text  
UnitType UnitType Code  

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