Fri 24 Nov 2006 - AS 4590 SINGLE XML ADDRESS TIMETABLE Please submit your comments by 17:00 Fri 01 Dec 2006 to Stephen GOULD
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07:57 Fri 24 Nov 2006					REF:XCOAAEN4

TO:	Nick CARR			cc	Members of Parliament
	Organiser				Standards Australia
	OASIS XML AUSTRALIA	 		AS 4590 Interested Parties	

Further to my email Tue 22 Nov (see below) please confirm the current 
email address for Ram KUMAR.

I have proposed a timetable to Philip ARGY President Australian
Computer Society and the Standards Australia to clarify the single
XML Address Format in Dec 2006 for the Victorian 32 Council
Consortium EasyBiz Council Integration tender.

This is the proposed timetable - I would appreciate any feedback
on the timetable and steps to confirm a single XML Address standard


1	Ram's email address appreciated as soon as possible 

2	Feedback on proposed single XML address timetable

3	Any eParticipants in single XML AS 4590 Address ?


Stephen GOULD

Nick - Do you mean the email saying you were not involved in address 
standardisation and that Ram KUMAR may be more appropriate ?

{see foot of the email below - please confirm Ram's e-mail address 
 - the last one I have for him is at msi.com).

However my email asked:

1	if you would be prepared to send an email to all the attendees 
	at the OASIS Conferences over the last 4 years to invite them 
	to join a reconvened Standards Australia IS/11 eCommerce 

2	if I could assist with preparing a draft email for distribution by you
	as Mr OASIS Australia

	An example of a draft email is:

	"You have attended an OASIS XML Conference in the last 4 years.

	It has come to OASIS attention that there are two address formats
	in the AS 4590 XML eCommerce Standard

	This email is to inquire if your would be interested in participating
	in an Electronic Committee possibly called Standards Australia 
	IS/11 Committee to define a single XML eCommerce Address 
	probably with Ram KUMAR as the Chair

	Your involvement would be to participate Electronically and
	review the proposed single Address Format.

	If you are interested in participating electronically in this proposed
	reconvened Standards Australia Electronic IS/11 Committee Standard 
	please email Michael LANGDON at Standards Australia and 
	copy in Stephen GOULD who has volunteered to be the Electronic
	Committee Secretary.

	The email addresses are:

	Michael LANGDON		Michael.Langdon@standards.org.au

	Stephen GOULD		sggould@oic.org
Following my involvement with Austrade and the PORTMIS project with
Lloyds of London, several members of the Halisa International Network 
including myself carried out a joint venture with the British Standards 
Institute [BSI] to develop an Electronic Committee Information
Management [ECIM] process - I am proposing that we use the Electronic
process for this project so people do not have to travel.

One of the objectives of this reconvened IS/11 Committee would be to
clarify a single international standard address format for AS4590

Another objective of the IS/11 Committee could be to raise awareness/
educate eCommunities like the Port of Melbourne and the other 38
Australian Port eCommunities on using a revised single address AS 4590.


1	Would you be prepared to send an email ?

2	Is the above draft suitable ?

3	Would you be prepared to send the mail by 17:00 Fri 24 Nov ?


Stephen GOULD

On 17 Nov 06, at 12:51, Nick Carr wrote:

> did you get my mail yesterday Stephen?
> Nick
> > This email can be viewed with other emails on the AS 4590 issue at
> > http://www.oic.org/z/LZIG/#F
> > 
On 10 Nov 06, at 14:03, Michael Langdon wrote:

> Dear Stephen, 
> Thank you for the reply.  I will follow this up with my Group Manager. 
> regards
> Michael Langdon
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stephen GOULD [mailto:sggould@oic.org]
> Sent: Saturday, 11 November 2006 12:42 AM
> To: Standards Australia"
> Cc: Australian Federal & State Politicians; Email for the Mayor and
> Councillors; Australian Media
> Subject: Standards Australia, Local Gov & AS4590
> 11:42 Fri 10 Nov 2006						REF:AS2ACER1 	
> Y/R: Eml 2006/11/08
> TO:	Michael LANGDON			cc	Members of Parliament
> 	Communications, IT & eCommerce		Mayors & Councilllors
> 	STANDARDS AUSTRALIA			Interested Parties
> Dear Michael - Thank you for your email.  Here is the additional information
> requested on AS4590 which I trust will assist you to ensure there is
> only a single eCommerce name and address format.
> A	Background experience with Standards Australia
> B	International Experience with IT Standards
> C	Experiences with AS 4590
> D	Next Steps 
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