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118:22 Fri 26 Jan 2007			REF:JPNAACN1    
					Y/R: Convergence & Mobility 2006/09/19 09:15    
						7 Eml 09:46 T 2006/10/10    
TO:	Steve RUST			cc	Federal and State Politicians    
	Deputy Managing Director		Local Government  
	PANASONIC AUSTRALIA			Interested Parties    

Dear Steve    


As you have emailed the Politicians and contacts, this email is to   
explain the rational behind the emails to you and try to summarise   
the Business Ethics and Social Responsibility issues for large   
Consumer Companies like Panasonic Australia.   

Because Panasonic are new to the Computer Industry you were included  
in the management emails as a "Big Gorilla" without inside knowledge on   
what was happening with IT issues  

> What do you suggest be done about it?   
> Sincerely   
> Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans MLC   
> NSW Parliamentary Leader   
> Australian Democrats   
> ph: 02 9230-2303   
> fax: 02 9230-2866   

Over the past 15 years I and a number of IT Professionals have tried to    
explain to Australian Politicians how Australia is being used as the    
global test site for eCommerce with the Banks and the major Computer  
Companies trying to build in "duplicate address formats in the    
eCommerce Standards"   

> I cannot understand the content and in any case the content is    
> not relevant to my business interests.    

However on Australia Day I ask you to bear with this issue because     
I believe that you has a strong sense of Business Ethics and Social     
Obligations and the "content is very relevant to your business interest"    

A	Summary of why two address formats in Standards developed
B	Tenders indicating the trend in Local Government costs
C	Background to meeting with Panasonic in Oct 2006
D	Next Steps


The US Computer Industry at the behest of the International Bankers   
have developed eCommerce standards with two address formats.   

This provides a perpetual need for each eCommerce message to be    
checked by a "Value Added Network Services"   

(The International Bankers are the Group that awarded Paul KEATING    
the title as "World's Best Treasurer" in 1984.   

KEATING was the first Treasurer to:   

1	deregulate the financial markets,    

2	make Superannuation Compulsory   

3	allow overseas investors buy Australian property and shares)   

The reason why the International Bankers are nominated is due  
the Banks actions at the Australian EDI Standard Committee in 1988  
to have the US eCommerce Standard nominated as an Interim  
Australian eCommerce Standard for 2 years   
The Government was advised, possibly by ARNOLD, BLOCK and   
LEIBLER Lawyers to the Australian Wheat Board [AWB], to build  
an eCommerce Hub for the Australian Wheat Board to sell Grain to  

In 1995 I wrote to Isi LEIBLER then President of the Executive Council   
of Australian Jewry requesting a meeting to explain what was happening   
with eCommerce   

The AWB BizDex eCommerce Hub is now being promoted as the 
Community Hub for Local Government with IBM, Intel and Microsoft
as the main sponsors   

IBM and Microsoft are working together to develop the new .Net   
operating system   

IBM has long been recognised as developing Operating Systems   
that were very hungry for memory and disk (the Operating Systems   
were call CISC - Complex Instruction Set Computers)    

And the Microsoft Operating System is upgraded all the   
time requiring major hardware upgrades   

On 13 Oct 06, at 11:50, Arthur Chesterfield-Evans wrote:   

> Dear Mr Henry,   
> Thank you for your information.  I have taken an interest in Open   
> Source software, and tried to stop things like bulk purchases of Windows   
> licences from Microsoft etc and to get NSW to move to Open Source.   
> I am sure that all file sizes are increasing, but this is surely not just    
> the Government tenders.     
> Bill Gates and the whole IT industry are selling more memory and    
> bandwidth.    
> What do you suggest be done about it?   
> Sincerely   
> Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans MLC   
> NSW Parliamentary Leader   
> Australian Democrats   
> ph: 02 9230-2303   
> fax: 02 9230-2866   

The Politicians feel helpless in the CIT Tsunami and that is why we 
have to support them


As you are aware OIC members developed a Tender System    
and the explosion in Local Government tenders over the 
last 3 months indicate:   

1	Many Councils will not be able to meet the requirements of   
	the new State Legislation   

2	The Mayor and Councillors will not understand the issues   

3	The costs of operating these new systems will be very   
	expensive for Local Government Rate-Payers   


In the past Panasonic have focused on the Consumer Market and are     
new to the IT Market with the Panasonic "ToughBook" Ruggedized    

It is because Panasonic is new to the Computer Industry that we have     
tried to inform you as a Consumer Giant, of the "Dirty Tricks" that 
are being carried out by "Respectable members" of the Computer 
Industry including IBM, Microsoft and Intel.    

The initial meeting with the OIC was at the Panasonic sponsored     
Convergence & Mobility Conference in Sep 2006.    

After that conference a meeting was arranged with you to discuss    
Panasonic sponsoring a 12 month education/awareness program for    
Australian Local Government Agencies.    

This was the proposed Agenda submitted 2 weeks before the meeting    
to facilitate questions at the meeting    

During the meeting it transpires that none of the Panasonic    
Attendees had any software experience or software knowledge    

Hence I suggested that Panasonic may wish to attended the    
OASIS XML Conference on Fri 27 Oct 2006 to understand how   
a very small group have decided a Computer Policy that is not   
in the interests of the Public   


Obviously an organisation like the OIC need major non-IT Sponsors   
like Panasonic to support the stand that has been made on    
Information Industry eCommerce Standards   

Hence these were the reasons that we endeavoured to inform   
you of what was occurring with eCommerce Standards in Australia   

Yours sincerely   

Stephen GOULD   
Public Officer   

E:	sggould@oic.org   
M:	0416-009-468	   

------- Forwarded message follows -------    
Subject:        	FW: James - AIIA AS4590 policy eagerly awaited    
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Jan 2007 13:17:06 +1100    
To:             	, "AIIA-2007-Board Directors"    ,    
       	"Australian Federal & State Politicians" <611bcgl1@oic.org>,    
       	"Australian Media" ,    
       	"For the Mayor & General Manager" <61c1dgl1@oic.org>    

Dear Sirs,    

For many months I have been requesting to be unsubscribed from all    
correspondence from OIC.   I never requested to be included in your    

Frankly, it is most annoying to receive emails from Stephen Gould and    
others.   I cannot understand the content and in any case the content is    
not relevant to my business interests.    

If you cannot comply with my request, I will be seeking redress under    
our Privacy legislated laws.    

Yours sincerely,    

Steve Rust    

-----Original Message-----    
From: Stephen GOULD [mailto:sggould@oic.org]     
Sent: Thursday, 25 January 2007 10:05 PM    
To: AIIA-2007-Board Directors; Australian Federal & State Politicians    
Cc: For the Mayor & General Manager; Australian Media    
Subject: James - AIIA AS4590 policy eagerly awaited    

10:15 The 25 Jan 2007					REF:A9AACWN1    
							Y/R: AS4590    
TO:	James McADAM			cc	Federal & State MPs    
	General Manager				Local Government    
	Strategy & Policy Services			eConsultants    
Dear James - as the two address formats in AS4590 have stimulated    
questions from a number of organisations including the Australian     
Taxation Office and Centrelink, your response to our email on the     
AIIA Policy is eagerly awaited.    

Because of the importance of the two address formats within AS4590    
particularly for Australian Local Government tenders, the history of     
the communications on this issue since the OASIS AS4590 resolution     
eCommittee was formed on Fri 27 Oct 2006, has been placed on two    
web-sites for easy review    

1	AS4590 in relation to XML and eCommerce    

2	AS4590 in specific tenders for Local Government Agencies        

These websites may assist explain the importance of a speedy AIIA     
Policy recommendation on this issue    


Stephen GOULD    
XML & eCommerce Special Interest Group    
10:55	H	2007/01/25	Syd	2065    

E:	sggould@oic.org    
M:	0416-009-468    
W:	http://www.oic.org/z/LZIG/AS4590    

On 23 Jan 07, at 15:13, james mcadam wrote:    

> Dear Stephen,    
> Further to our telephone conversation today, this is to confirm that    
> AIIA has looked into this issue and unfortunately, given our limited    
> resources, we are not in a position to offer our support at this time.    
> Regards,    
> James McAdam    
> General Manager    
> Strategy & Policy Services    
> AIIA - Leading the ICT Business Community    
> Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA)    
> Ph: +61 2 6281 9408 Fx: +61 2 6285 1408      
> 10-12 Campion Street, Deakin ACT 2605    
> www.aiia.com.au    
> ABN: 19 008 568 036     
> AIIA assists the ICT industry to meet its business objectives, locally    
> and globally in corporate and government markets.     
> Together, we set the strategic direction of our industry.     
> We influence public policy, engage industry stakeholders and provide     
> our members with business productivity tools, advisory services and     
> market intelligence to accelerate their business growth.    
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