Mon 27 Nov 2006 - MELBOURNE COUNCIL - WHICH COUNCILLORS TO INFORM Please submit your comments by 17:00 Fri 01 Dec 2006 to Stephen GOULD
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07:32 Mon 27 Nov 2006						REF:3CMAAEN1

TO:	Matthew HAINES					cc	Australian Councils
	Customer Relations Officer				Members of Parliament
	MELBOURNE CITY  COUNCIL					Interested Parties


Hi Matthew - the emails on the AS 4590 issue can be reviewed on here

In response to your email

A	Hoping Australian Computer Industry will be self-regulating
B	Council Officials to be informed of AS 4590
C	Why Melbourne Councillors should be informed as Easybiz Member


Sorry for the delay in responding to your e-mail but a number of contacts have
expressed concern about how Councils are being mis-informed on CIT issues 
and have expressed interest as "Citizens Assisting Council eInitiatives"

SME eBusiness Management Services [SMEEMS] and OIC members, as concerned Consumers 
and Rate-payers, have been trying to explain the two XML Address formats in AS 4590 
to several Computer Industry Peak Bodies including:

1	Standards Australia

2	the Australian Computer Society [ACS] and 

3	the International XML Standards Body OASIS 

The members consider it is better for the Industry to be self-regulating 
on Computer Standards that affect Consumers and Rate-payers than force 
Government legislation to protect Consumers and Rate-payers.

These concerns originate from responses to several Federal Treasury Public 
Inquiries into eCommerce including the Nov 2003


5 of the 18 Submissions published were from OIC members.

The response from Ben ANSON as the eCommerce consultant engaged 
by Sydney Ports was of particular concern.

This is Ben ANSON's response to the Treasury Public Inquiry in 2003
outlining the problems facing Australian Ports with eCommerce

This is 15 years after several OIC foundation members spent 2 years with 
the NSW Martime Services Boards, the Association of Australian Port & 
Marine Authorities [AAPMA], UK Customs, Lloyds of London Press and 
the European Customs defining a working model for Ports and eCommerce.

In fact the Port of Melbourne have just issued an EOI for the same
requirement !


However in the meantime please ensure that copies of these emails on the
AS 4590 Electronic Commerce Standards issue are forwarded to:

A	the Mayor
B	the Councillors
C	the General Manager
D	the Director of Economic Development and 
E:	the Council IT Manager .

I can provide you with a list of names from your web-site.  However 
perhaps this link to your Council Committees should provide the list
of councillors who should receive copies of these emails on the concerns 
about the ambiguity status of AS 4590 for Australian Rate-Payers and Consumers.

As we understand the Legislation, the Victorian Local Government Act 
and all the State Local Government Acts stipulate possibly via a published 
Code of Conduct that the Mayor and Councillors are fully responsible for all 
operations of Council

An example is the Code of Conduct for Councillors from Lismore Council


It is the EasyBiz Consortium tender developed by SKM that stated 
that AS 4590 XML Template has to be used in the EasyBiz Vendor
Integration Tender CT060742

Melbourne City Council is a member of the EasyBiz Consortium

The Mayor and all the Councillors need to be informed of the problems 
with the Australian Standards AS 4590 and the potential ongoing costs 
for Residents and Rate-payers.

The emails on the AS 4590 issue are placed on a web-page rather 
an a PDF file so that fast access links can be provided to the information
and supporting reference material


Please advise if:

1	Melbourne City Council has a similar Code of Conduct to Lismore

2	there is a problem forwarding copies of the emails to the
	above list of Council Officers

3	Melbourne would be prepared to support self-regulation by the
	Australian IT Industry by joining as a member to resolve this issue
	during Dec 2006 for the Easybiz Consortium Vendor Integration

Thank you

Your sincerely

Stephen GOULD
Local Government & XML Special Interest Group

E:	sggould@oic.org
M:	0416-009-468
W:	OIC experience XML, Standards and Local Government 2000-2006

On 1 Nov 06, at 11:44, FAX - Corporate Information Services wrote:

> Dear Stephen
> 	This email came to our `general inbox' and I am unsure who to
> forward it to within the Melbourne City Council. Is it possible for you
> to send me a name or work title / area for me to send it through to.
> Thanks
> Customer Relations Officer
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stephen GOULD [mailto:sggould@oic.org] 
> Sent: Wednesday, 1 November 2006 4:44 AM
> To: Patrick GANNON; Nick CARR; OASIS 2006 Attendees
> Cc: Email for the Mayor and Councillors; eConsultants
> Subject: OASIS 2007 Local Government proposal
> Patrick - this email has been placed on the website if you prefer to 
> read it there with direct links
> http://www.oic.org/z/LZIG/mgt/XML
> Regards
> Stephen GOULD
> 14:22 Tue 31 Oct 2006
> 				Y/R:OASIS Open Standards Sydney 2006
> TO:	Patrick GANNON		cc	Nick CARR - OASIS Australia 
> 	President & CEO			Ram KUMAR - OASIS Stds
> 	OASIS					Peter MEYER - OASIS
> eLegal
> 	www.oasis-open.org		Tim McGRATH - OASIS UBL
> 							Other Speakers
> Patrick - This email is to enquire if OASIS USA may be prepared to 
> support an Australian initiative to assist Local Government Agencies to 
> adopt XML applications to provide effective on-line services
> This is proposed as an Australian initiative based on the Electronic 
> Transaction Acts [ETA] which have been passed by all Australian 
> Federal and State Governments whereas both the UK and US have
> yet to consider similar Acts  
> The Electronic Transaction Acts are the foundation for the Revolution
> of the Information Economy.
> http://www.smeems.net/fam/gov/loc/clr/ 
> It is being circulated to Australian Local Government Agencies for
> their feedback particularly from small regional Councils.
> A	Background to proposal
> B	Timetable
> C	Business Plan
> Further to our conversation after my presentation on Fri 27 Oct there 
> were further discussions over lunch over the confusion with two XML 
> Address formats in AS 4590 and, according to Ram KUMAR, AS 4590
> is not compliant with the International format .
> The conversations can be summarised as: 
> a	OASIS Australia establishes a Local Government XML On-line
> 	Application Group
> b	The On-line applications many Councils require include
> 	1	on-line tenders
> 	2	on-line event registrations
> 	3	on-line permit applications
> 	4	0n-building applications
> 	5	On-line Volunteer Management
> 	6	On-line payment processes
> d	A single XML Name and Address International format for Local
> 	Government should be considered to facilitate Local Government 
> 	Tourism Strategies rather than the two Name and Address versions
> 	that are included in AS4590
> e	OIC members may be prepared to revise the TIMS EII structured
> 	format for review and discussion with Ram KUMAR Chair OASIS
> 	Customer Information Technical who is probably the best person
> 	to chair the single International XML Name and Address Committee
> f	As many Local Councils have published Tourism Strategies it
> makes
> 	sense to change AS 4590 to a single international standard to 
> 	assist those Councils with effective Tourism and Export
> Strategies.
> g	Examples of Local Government Tenders which include Recreation,
> 	Economic Development, Waste Management as wells as Tourism
> 	Strategies can be reviewed on
> 	http://www.oic.org/cpt/A/Ect/
> h	A Structured XML On-line Local Government Application suite that
> can 	
> 	developed by Local Government Agencies for licensed to many
> Local 	
> 	Government Agencies can assist those Councils financially as
> part 
> 	of their Economic Development Strategies
> i	The business model that may have to be considered particularly
> 	with regional Local Government Agencies is that the XML 
> 	Local Government Application developers receive long term
> royalties 
> 	based on assisting those Councils achieve their Economic 
> 	Development objectives
> j	Many Councils have developed complex Recreations Strategies, 
> 	Waste Management Strategies and Economic Development
> 	Strategies that outsource many Council functions.
> j	These Applications will greatly benefit from the knowledge and 
> 	expertise of the OASIS LegalXML eContracts Technical Committee
> 	chaired by Peter MEYER to provide a standard structured
> eContract
> k	As the Australian Federal Government Strategy is for all
> Australian
> 	Government entities to provide on-line services, it is important
> 	to include Policy-driven Governance as part of the Service
> Oriented 		
> 	Architecture [SOA] hence Paul POGONOSKI Chair of the 
> 	Policy-driven Governance Committee may also want to be included
> 	as part of the proposed XML Local Government Committee
> In the last month there has been a surge in on-line Local Government
> tenders
> with many requiring the use of the Internet to provide regular weekly
> reports - this is the current status of on-line Local Government tenders
> by Council indicating the increase since 01 Oct 2006
> http://www.oic.org/3c6A.htm
> Here is a selection of key Local Government tenders published in 2006
> http://www.oic.org/cpt/A/Ect/
> The timetable is to establish a plan for a Local Government Roadshow 
> based on the Local Government XML Surveys carried out by OIC Members 
> for the Australian Federal Department of Employment
> http://www.oic.org/L/CPLADFC1.htm
> The proposal is:
> 2006
> Nov-Dec	
> 1	Invite Councils that may have a suitable application to join
> 	the XML Local Government Consortium
> 2	identify a number of relevant XML Application which are of value
> 	to many Councils - this may involve an analysis of TIMS
> 3	Invite Local Government Agencies to be a prototype site for an 
> 	XML Application as part of that Councils Economic Development
> 	Strategy
> 4	Organise monthly Electronic Webinars with Councils possible
> 	with Speed.com as a Programme Sponsor
> 5	The OIC has established many contacts throughout Australia
> 	prepared to help on Local Government eInitiatives and run local
> 	seminars and provide local Support 
> 	http://www.smeems.net/fam/gov/loc/CAGE
> 2007
> 1st Qtr	Jan - Mar  - 3 webinars on 1st XML Application
> 2nd Qtr	Apr - Jun - 3 Webinars on 2nd XML Application
> 3rd Qtr	Jul - Sep - 3 Webinars on 3rd XML Application
> 4th Qtr	Oct - Dec - 3 Webinars on 4th XML Application
> OIC Members are prepared to provide the OIC Electronic Event 
> Registration Model to assist with Local Seminars
> eg Registration link for the OASIS Conference
> http://www.oic.org/z/LZIG/AWJR
> The Business Case is simple.
> In Feb 2001 OIC members received $ 20,000 to conduct 3 eSurvey 
> with 173 NSW Local Government Agencies on the "Relevance of
> XML for Online Service Delivery by Local Government Agencies"
> http://www.oic.org/L/CPLADFC1.htm
> The Contract required a response from more than 50% of the Councils
> from the 3rd survey before payment would be made
> http://www.oic.org/L/2c3aecs3nonasp.htm
> In 2002 each State Local Government Association received approximately
> $ 40 Million to develop a generic web-site for each Council.
> The NSW Local Government Association published a tender in 2002 
> http://www.oic.org/z/LZIG/ATKQ
> The tender required the following services for each Country Council:
> A	eServices
> B	eMapping
> C	eProcument
> D	eSecurity
> E	Hosting
> The Current Status of NSW Local Government Agencies on On-line
> Services are:
> 1	less than 10% of NSW Councils provide their tenders
> electronically
> 2	less than 5% provide Electronic Event registration
> 3	Less than 2% conduct eProcurement
> We have established a profile for each Council in Australia 
> If you wish to evaluate the current status of Australian Local
> Government
> On-line services please review a selection on
> http://www.smeems.net/fam/gov/loc/CAGE
> The Business Case for each XML Application is:
> 1	The XML Local Government members will develop the application
> 	with a Sponsoring Council.
> 2	The Contract is for those members to receive payment from the 
> 	Sponsoring Council at cost per $ 20 person/hr
> 3	All members including the Sponsoring Council will receive
> royalties
> 	from the licence of the Application to other Councils on a set
> long 
> 	term royalty basis of 3 years or 5 years - different royalty fee
> 4	This Royalty fee can be based on the successful outcomes of
> 	the Economic Development Strategies
> 5	This Business Model for this was developed and implemented 
> 	with	Software Engineering Australia NSW for providing an
> 	automated back-up Web systems for SME Software Developers
> Patrick I would appreciate your comments and other feedback on this
> proposal to enable Australian Local Government Agencies really
> appreciate the benefits of XML to provide On-line Services.
> If OASIS considers it appropriate to be establish an OASIS Local
> Government Application Group I would be pleased to be part of that
> Group.
> However there would be a fee for access to the OTMG Tender Information
> Management Service [TIMS] which would be a 50% Participating
> Project Membership
> http://www.oic.org/3d1.htm
> Regards
> Stephen GOULD
> Chair
> Local Government & XML Special Interest Group
> E:	sggould@oic.org
> M:	0416-009-468
> W:	Local Government & XML Special Interest group
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