Biographical notes

Patrick Callioni has 25 years of experience in the public sector, with the Commonwealth and Queensland governments. Patrick has degrees in Arts and in Law; he is a barrister and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Patrick has experience as a senior manager in program management, policy development, service delivery and corporate management - in health care, employment and training, income support and compensation, and information management.

During the last ten years Patrick has been a leader in developing best practice in audit and fraud prevention, procurement and contract management, and business process reengineering in the public sector.

Patrick’s recent appointment to the National Office for the Information Economy was in recognition of his capacity to bridge the gap between business and IT and between the public and private sectors, together with his experience in transforming visions of the future into practical reality.

In NOIE, Patrick’s chief interest is to ensure that Australia is well placed to derive the greatest benefit from the emerging trends that will shape our lives in the coming decades.