In November 2000 the LZIG Work Group discussed what information was required for a long term
education/awareness program with NSW Local Government Agencies.

It was agreed that the following information would be very useful:

1	The key contacts in each Council - names, phone number and e-mail address
2	An evaluation of Council web forms for the different services provided
3	An evaluation of the current Web sites

After the preliminary research was carried out the Councils were sectioned into 6 Groups

	Batch A		A - B	27
	Batch B		C - F	30
	Batch C		G - J	26
	Batch D		K - M	28
	Batch E		N - S	33
	Batch F		T - Z	29


The timetable to carry out this survey was:

Nov - Preliminary research into 40 sites

Dec/Jan - detailed research

These groups of Councils were used for the surveys.
Web site review Council Group F - R-Z 07/01/2001
Contacts Council Group F - R-Z 07/01/2001
Contract: Detailed preliminary research into 40 sites 28/12/2000
Notice: Agenda LZIG meeting Mon 27/11/2000
initial 40 sites 12/11/2000 - Web review
initial 40 sites 12/11/2000 - contacts

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