Nov 2005 - Rev Cliff STRATTON - Business eGovernance - who wrote the Rules ?
Oct 2005 - PIAC - Why 9 Laws delayed until 01 Dec 2005 ?
30 Sep 2005 - Affidavit sent to Aus Communications Authority
Sep 2005 - EIT Costs and Future Generations
Aug 2005 - E-mails to the Management Committee of the Australian Computer Society
Jul 2005 - Minimising the Risk of a Terrorist Attack - Senior IT Management

This web page has been developed to co-ordinate e-mails received over: 1 the decision by the Australian Government to proceed with legislation to privatise Telstra without following due process in accordance with s69 of the Australian Constitution 2 the Implications of the US 2002 Bioterrorism Act when read in conjunction with the "New World Order" paper by Ken ADACHI 3 the concern that now that the Aus-USA FTA has been signed the US can circumvent Australian Quarantine and Health Laws and use Australia as the test ground for Biotechnology experiments 4 The 18 adverts placed in the New York Times since 1970 by Torah Jews against Zionism 5 The concerns of US Citizens about their own Pharmaceutical Industry - Big Pharm [BP] i The Film "CONSTANT GARDENER" - How BP carries out research ii The Report"AMERICAN GENOCIDE" - 23 Instances when Citizens are the Guinea Pigs
2004 The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA FTA]
2003 Bilderberg Group bail out Conrad BLACK - Sir Evelyn de ROTHSCHILD leaving Five Arrows
2001 The New World Order - Ken ADACHI
1999 The Political Science of Economics
1994 Sir Evelyn de ROTHSCHILD opens up China
1994 Australia First Country to receive European Union Research Funding
1993 Andersen Consulting hosting "New World Order" Luncheon with Ted GAEBLER
1993 How Funds are transferred round the World as Share Capital - RIOFINEX
1993 How non-executive International Directors influence Australian Business Policies
1993 The selling out of Fairfax to Conrad BLACK - 1991
1988 How Australian Bankers Association forced ANSI-X12 as Australian EDI Standard
1987 Why Presidents John KENNEDY and Abraham LINCOLN had to go
1981 Rothchild launches Biotechnology Investments Limited
1932 The sacking of the NSW Premier on the advice of Justice Isaac ISAACS Governor-General
The Greatest Influence on Government Policies over the last 200 years

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