Article "The Profits$ of Doom" 14 May 2005
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA] Jun 2004
Extracts from "The Obedience of Australia" by Peter Jones
18:23 Tue 08 Nov 2005				REF: RSCACEN1

TO:	Rev Cliff STRATTON		cc	Senior Australian Management
	Former Managing Director


Cliff - I write to you as a very senior Australian IT Manager and as an Ordained Church Minister
to ask you to evaluate the new Corporate Governance processes with associated new business rules 
that are being implement with the assistance of IT Technologies.

This information is provided as:

A	Reasons why you requested to evaluate the research
B	Background to the New Government Model
C	The New Rothschild Government/Business Model
D	Why new Rules have to be written
E	Next Steps


We have known each other 23 years since I worked with you at WICAT Australia.

You were present with me in Dec 1983 when I pointed out to Lionel SINGER that his method of
Corporate Governance was not acceptable.

In 1993 when I return to Australia after 2 years in Europe I met with you to discuss the 
concerns over what appeared to be the driving force behind Electronic Commerce.

Today I will explain to you the research into the Rothschild Government/Business Model which 
has been developed for eCommerce activities by the new Government eBusiness Processes.
The reason why it is called the Rothschild Government/Business Model is that the Rothschilds' 
website stipulates that they have been the major influence on Government Policies for the 
last 200 years.

The Web site states that the Rothschild held a monopoly on mercury which was needed to make
coinage for over 100 years and have chaired the Committee that sets the Price of Gold twice 
a day since 1919.

The Model and the Strategy to implement that Model is, for want of a better word, "brilliant" 
in terms of its breadth and complexity as a Business Model but may be unacceptable in terms of
Corporate Governance and Human Rights hence this has been prepared for your evaluation.

The reason why the Strategy may not be acceptable is that it appears to be based on the premises 
that "corruption is the accepted method for doing business whereby senior Politicians and senior
Business people can be bought".

There are numerous examples on the Internet of how the Rothschilds have bought Politicians and 
Bureaucrats over the last 200 years.

Here is one that summaries the Strategy and identifies how key players like Lord MILNER spent
15 years to finance (bribe) the way for the Russian Revolution to take place.

Here is how the Rothschilds used Edward Mandell HOUSE to establish the US Federal Reserve Bank 
for a private consortium

Since the rapid fall of the Berlin Wall other key people could include:

1	Roman ABRAMOVICH - Chairman of Chelsea Football Club

	Please Note Bene!

	"Abramovich said that he would not run for governor again after his term of office 
	expires in 2005, as it is "too expensive" - and he rarely visits the region. 

	However, Russian President Vladimir PUTIN has changed the law to abolish elections 
	for regional governors, and on 21 October 2005 Abramovich was reappointed governor 
	for another term"

Examples of how it could be interpreted that "Politicians have been bought" in Australia include:

D	Parliamentary Entitlements Management System 2005

C	Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) Act 2002 (Cth)

B	Superannuation (Productivity Benefit) Act 1988 (Cth)

A	Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 (Cth) 

The recent announcement that the NSW Premier Bob CARR has just quit Politics to join Macquarie 
Bank as a part time Consultant for $ 500,000 per annum to work with Nick GREINER Former NSW 
Premier, John FAHEY former NSW Premier and Federal Finance Minister does not dispel the rumours

I am informed that Mr CARR also receives a Government Pension of $ 160,000 per annum, free car,
unlimited free travel and a free office in Macquarie Tower.

It really does appear that Australian Public servants "Go to Heaven" like their Japanese 
Counterparts in the 1982 Jeremy PAXMAN book "Friends in High Places"      


Once the Model is understood it is easy to appreciate why Benjamin DISRAELI paid homage to 
Baron Nathan ROTHSCHILD in the dedication of DISRAELI's 1844 Book "Coningsby: a New Generation".

This book was published after DISRAELI had prepared a document around 1830 for Sir Robert PEEL 
called "The Vindication of the British Constitution".

That document formed the basis of the Constitution for each Country that wanted to leave the 
British Empire and join the British Commonwealth.

Canada was the first Country to use the new Constitution in 1867 and Australia was the second
in 1901.
The Constitution lays down the rules for the Separation of Powers Doctrine whereby elected 
Democratic Government (The Legislature) makes laws that are carried out by the Bureaucrats 
(Executive) and enforced by the Courts (Judiciary) 

The Heart of the Rothschild Strategy is to enshrine all Policy in Law.

What the Constitution does not define is Who drafts the Laws that elected Government debate and 

Key Laws are drafted by the Parliamentary Legal Committees.  These Committees are comprised of
lawyers usually one or two are Jewish to ensure the Law does not conflict with Jewish law. 

The Rothschilds decided that a number of bodies were required to ensure that this process could
be replicated around the World.

Hence the Rhodes Scholarship (Oxford England) and Fulbright Scholarship (Havard USA) were formed
to ensure that suitably "trained" potential senior Government Minister reached the top eg Bill 
CLINTON, Bob HAWKE, Tony BLAIR, Kim BEAZLEY - notice they are all Labour Leaders.

The London Schools of Economics & Political Science [LSE] was established in 1896 to train the
potential Executive Leaders. 


In 1987 I attended my first EDI Conference in San Francisco called "Input'87"

At the Conference I was given a book called "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by 

The book explained that it did not matter who was elected because Government Policies 
were dictated by the International Bankers.

At the time I thought the book was very far fetched and dismissed the book as being
 greatly exaggerated.

However in 1988/1989 I revised my opinion after the actions of the Australian Bankers 
Association [ABA] on the Australian EDI Standards Committee when the all of the EDI Standards 
Committee including Standards Australia ignore the Rules for Standards Australia to endorse 
ISO Standards

My concerns were reinforced in Jul 1993 on my return from the UK when I attended a luncheon 
sign-posted as "New World Order" at Andersen Consulting.

Andersen Consulting sponsored an American Public Servant Ted GAEBLER to meet with all the 
State Governments at a series of Luncheon around Australia.

Ted GAEBLER had published a book in Feb 1992 titled "Re-inventing Government:"

This is the Agenda for the luncheon to review 5 new Models of Government

This luncheon was attended by about 16 people including Bob CARR then Leader of the NSW
Opposition, Gary STURGESS then Chief of Staff in the NSW Greiner Government and Paul SESKIND
then newly appointed CEO of the Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC]

Orange County which went Bankrupt in 1994 was following Ted GAEBLER's new enlightened 

H George FREDERICKSON highlighted the flaw in his book "The Spirit of Public Administration".

"Contracting (out) has always made a tempting environment for kickbacks and fraud" 

Now that Governments world-wide are moving towards Free Trade Agreements and mutual
inter-dependency rather than self-supporting Countries, it appears that Australia has been
designated as:

1 	Mineral Resource Provider and

2 	Depleted Uranium [DU] Storage Location.

3 	Deputy to enforce US Policy in Asia Pacific through the APEC meetings

The Rothschild's New Strategy is 

a	New Government Organisations called Statutory Authorities

b	Publishing Tenders with Budgets

c	Precluding Australian IT Companies

d	Setting up Future Funds

e	Promoting Grants 

f	Promoting Volunteering

g	Developing Peak Bodies for every Industry

h	Promoting Charities


Each State Government is passing legislation for new Government Departments called Statutory
Bodies being created with Commercial Powers.

Many Australian Government departments are outsourcing the IT applications to these Statutory 
Bodies or Facility Management Consultancies.

These Statutory Bodies are developing Enterprise-wide Pricing Frameworks so that the Statutory 
Body can bill other organisations for access and use of their information.

An example is the recently issued Tender by the WA Department of Land Information [DLI] for an
Enterprise Pricing Framework

However in the electronic World it is very easy to sell information for one Statutory Body to 
sell its information to another Statutory Body and buy it back 5 minutes later.  

Trouble is on one will know how much it costs and what value has been added.

It is like me selling you a car for $ 500,000 and buying back it back 5 minutes later for 
$ 500,020 and then stating that the car is an Asset worth over 1/2 million dollars. 

No wonder the salary and financial packages for CEOs and Directors of Statutory Bodies are going
though the roof.

A Topical example is Wal KING the CEO of Leightons Constructions who received $ 35 Million
in 2004/2005 and an additional $ 23 Million in Nov 2005. 


Now that the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement has been signed the New South Wales Government  
has taken the initiative and publishes proposed tenders on a weekly basis with budgets and 
anticipated Publication dates

The NSW Government Tender site has been one of the most difficult to access and has provided 
relatively few tenders over the last 5 years compared with the other State Government web-sites.

However many of the proposed tenders are in excess of $ 20,000,000 per annum


The NSW Government site also provides far greater documentation volume than other sites.

Most of the Summary Documents are PDF files which exceed 1.5 Mb and usually the zip file of 
attachments is 6 - 10 documents.

This compares with New Zealand Government Tenders attachments of usually 1 Word document around
200-300 Kb.

The sheer volume of the information deters many NSW Companies from responding to NSW Government

In addition all NSW Government tenders are channelled through the Department of Commerce and
many are restricted to nominated respondents or GITC Approved Respondents.

This goes against published Government Policy for Open Tenders to provide innovative competitive 
responses to meet Government requirements


On Tue 08 Nov 2005 the Treasurer Peter COSTELLO announced that David MURRAY the former Managing
Director of the Commonwealth Bank had been appointed as the Chair of the Board of Governors of
the Future Fund.

Mr COSTELLO said the Future Fund was required to offset a predicted $ 140 Billion deficit in
Pension and Community Expenditure

On 19 May 2005 the Federal Treasury had issued a tender for Asset Consultant services for the 
Future Fund

In 2003 The World Future Fund was established in the USA

The World Future Fund promotes Grants and Volunteering


There are currently 26 different Federal Grants available many for Volunteer initiatives

There are numerous State and Local Government Grants which are advertised on each Council 


24 Australia Peak Body Associations have joined Professions Australia to assist with 

Virtually every Local Government web-site has a section for Volunteering.

Many of the Local Government web sites are similar because in 2002 the Federal Government
allocated $ 30,000,000 with $ 6,000,000 to each State Government to set up a Web-site


Over the last 5 years there has been a concerted Government Strategy to establish a Peak Body 
for every Industry and for that Industry Peak Body to develop a Web-site.

The Pyramid Process is being implemented whereby the Peak Body controls its members and the 
information that they receive.

After World War II both Germany and Japan had to have new Constitutions.  I have been informed
that the new Constitutions made it mandatory for any business to be a member of the Local 
Chamber of Commerce.


Recently Charities have become more high profile in their efforts to raise funds.
In the UK there are about 840,000 registered Charities.

Around 700,000 of those used to have their Assets managed by an organisations called the 
Official Custodian of Charities [OCC].

Before the advent of the SuperFunds the Official Custodian of Charities [OCC] was the major 
player on the Stock Market, Property Market and Foreign Exchange markets.


The Reason why new rules have to be written include:

1 	The current EDI standards have been based on the wrong foundation namely from a 
	Financial background to add cost that can be invoiced rather than from an information 
	efficiency perspective

2 	A number of major eBusiness implementations are failing in the US and Australia and the
	processes have to be redesigned.  

	Examples include the US 911 System and Australian Integrated Cargo System

3 	As a number of commentators have noted a population of 6 Billion is nearing the 
	Sustainable capacity of Earth and we have to now plan to move to other planets.

The energy required to send interplanetary e-mail has to be minimised
Ref "E-mail: the Final Frontier"  


Cliff you have time I would appreciate your views on:

1 	Electronic Corporate Governance

2 	Rewarding Volunteers for their efforts electronically using an eCredits System that it 
	overseen by Local Government

3	Electronic Public Contracts review to minimise the risks identified H George 
	FREDERICKSON in his book "The Spirit of Public Administration".


Stephen GOULD



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