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Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA] Jun 2004
1993 Extract "The Obedience of Australia" by Peter Jones - The demise of Fairfax
1993 Extract "The Obedience of Australia" by Peter Jones - The Board of the Telegraph Plc

16:34 Sun 12 Sep 2005					REF:RITACGL1

TO:	Clive FINKELSTEIN			cc	Australian Government
	Foremost Australian Consultant			Business Consultants
Dear Clive - the e-mails re the injunction to delay the sale of Telstra until
the due diligence process has been completed were sent to you because 
you are one of the most high profile Australian International experts in 
the Electronic Information Technologies field.

You will understand how Australia and the Australian public are being 
used again as pawns in the game of Political Chess
1	Gallipoli
2	War against Japan
3	Test place for Atom Bombs
4	Vietnam
5	Terrorism
6	Free Trade Agreements

Unfortunately Government Officials and Politicians may be keeping too
close an eye on the Future Fund and the impact it may have on their
Superannuation Payments.

It is worth reviewing the following Federal Government Acts

1	Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) Act 2002

2	Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984

I have been involved with EDI since 1987 and was invited to attend a 
one week Conference in Brussels in Jun 1989.

At that conference it was announced:

1	2015: All telephone reserve charges will be free

2	2065: The State will bring up all children

However since then Government Policies have placed all Countries in 
the West in perpetual debt and now the Genographic Project
is planning to track Genetic DNA - the implications of 11,000 authorised
Geneticists releasing "new diseases to be cured by new research in drugs"
is chilling.
The real concern is that Government Bureaucracies cannot cope
with the Population increases, inadequate infrastructures and Global 
Warming at the same time 
To understand what is happening with FTAs please review:

1	the "The Politics of Economics" 
2	the Speech by the US Trade Ambassador 1 week after the 
	FTA has been signed on 18 May 2004 
3	The e-mails to the Management Committee of the Australian Computer Society

A key issue in this process is XML and Electronic Commerce.

The Banks, Insurance Companies and Superannuation Funds
have agreed XML formats to exchange information around the world.
eg ref EDI Conference Berlin 1990

The XML Standards for Business and in particular Small & Medium size 
Enterprises have been made deliberately complex and confusing so
it adds costs and delay.

This may be a deliberate policy because SMEs are no longer required 
in the Electronic Business Cycle which is based on current Economic 
policies and processes.  

This is why members of the Open Interchange Consortium (
reviewed  the UN/EDIFACT standard and developed a simple XML 
structure for the name and address format for SME Business Contacts


Clive, these issues have to brought out into the Public Forum for discussion
as the Privatisation of Telstra will facilitate one government department
selling information to other government departments and passing the costs
onto the Public in perpetuity without anybody knowing how the cost
has been derived !

Similar examples to consider are:

1	Burroughs UK 1973

2	Burroughs Australia 1982

The first example was when I worked for Burroughs Computers 
in the UK.

One day over lunch in 1973 the Financial Controller told me that we 
no longer had to employ a sales force as he had made BPS 3,000,000 
that year in Currency conversions.

In those days we used to make computers in Scotland but the order
from England was placed on Burroughs Europe (Luxembourg).  The 
European Head office placed the order on the US who then placed the
order on the factory in Scotland.  

The factory shipped the computers direct to the Branch but
the invoices with the different currency exchanges had to come
back the same route as the order was placed with a currency 
transaction every time with every Burroughs company taking
a profit.

The major difference now in 2005 is that the Tax-payer has to 
pay to set up the IT systems in each Government department
which is then hived off as an NGO for outsourced services
to the Government department

No wonder Jeremy PAXMAN wrote in his book Friend in High 
Places" that the Japanese Bureaucrats called retiring from the
Civil Services as "Going to Heaven".  

The "Going to Heaven" refers to becoming directors and
members of various Companies and Government Panels. 

The Japanese Constitution was imposed by the US in 1945.

Australian Civil Servants retire to become directors of these NGOs
and serve on Government Panels and Government Committees 
at the Tax-payers expense

The only difference is now people are not required to transfer
information from one form to another.

So what do you do with the people ?


The 2nd example was in Burroughs Australia in 1982 when
I was transferred to Australia as Director of Office Automation.

I was invited to attend a meeting with Russ HINZE who was the 
Minister for Racing for the Queensland Government.

At the time the Burroughs TABQ Mainframe Contract was under
consideration for a Au$ 3.5 Million upgrade.

At the time TABQ was the largest Burroughs Network in the world
with Terminals in Cape York down to the Queensland/NSW border
over 3,000 miles away.

The main part of the discussion revolved around Burroughs providing 
4 x B900 computers (each priced at $ 750,000 - factory cost around 
$ 135,000) to Russ HINZE's private companies.

Burroughs got the upgrade.

As we have seen many of the Commonwealth Governments are
corrupt but that is because the Brtish Process has always been corrupt 
1	95% of loose cargo shipping resulted in Claims on Lloyd's of

2	This was always passed onto the customers hence Nickage at
	the docks was the "accepted Business Risk"

3	When containerisation became widespread in the 1970 the 
	Insurance Actuaries still based the insurances charges on the 
	previous 50 yr history claims for loose cargo shipping

4	The safe Old Boy Syndicates in Lloyds have been making money
	hand-over-fist while the new boy syndicates were taken to the


Clive you are without doubt one of the best persons to explain to your 
contacts what is going on with telecommunications and Government 
Policies before it is too late.

There is only 3-6 months before the various Government legislation 
and Government anti-terrorist Electronic "Locking Down" processes 
are complete.

We have to ensure that information on the Internet can be transferred
in a Peer-to-Peer format and not through a Pyramid structure which
is controlled from the top via "the very expensive Value Added Network
Services - VANS" ref John RAVEN Facilitation Adviser the International
Association of Port and Marine Harbours (IAPH) 

Yours very sincerely

Stephen GOULD
On behalf of concerned members of the Public


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