Article "The Profits$ of Doom" 14 May 2005
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA] Jun 2004
Extracts from "The Obedience of Australia" by Peter Jones

I Stephen GOULD Management Consultant of 6 Lower Wycombe Road NEUTRAL BAY NSW 2089 say on oath: A I am a Management Consultant involved in the Computer Industry since 1972 and specialising in the field of Electronic Commerce since 1984. B This Affidavit is made on behalf of more than 100 persons concerned with Australian Government policies and the possible implications of US Legislation on Australian Citizens C The issues of concern include: a The Terms and Conditions of the 2004 Australian - United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA FTA]. This Australian Act enables the US to overrule Australian Health Standards and Quarantine Regulations b The implications to Australia of the 2002 US Bioterrorism Act. This US Act: includes clauses that: 1 authorises 11,000 Agents to conduct Research on Bioterrorism 2 enables Researchers to circumvent US Health and Drug Standards 3 Indemnifies the Researchers from prosecution 4 Guarantees that US Government will purchase and Stockpile the Research c Previous documents on Genetically Modified Food, DNA, the Genographic Project and the formation in 1981 of Biotechnology Investments by Rothschilds d The United Nations documents that the Population of the World could fall dramatically by 2150 to 3.5 Billion people. D On Fri 23 Sep 2005 David SOLOMON and I visited the Duty Registrar of the Supreme Court Registrar Susan LANCHOW and the Duty Registrar of the Federal Court Registrar LACKENBY seeking advice on the most suitable Court to bring these issues into the Public Forum E Registrar LANCHOW proposed that we sought legal Advice and suggested that a Statement of Claim could be issued for a Judge to provide a ruling F Registrar LACKENBY suggested that we should consult with the Public Interest Advocacy G This Affidavit confirms the senior Australian Management informed of these concerns and requesting that they review and verify the evidence gathered. H The Senior Australian IT Management includes: Australian Computer Society 1 Reverend Cliff STRATTON 7 Philip ARGY 2 Professor Vance GLEDHILL 8 Edward MANDLA 3 Richard BURLEY 9 Richard HOGG 4 John THOMPSON 10 Christopher AVRAM 5 Daniel PETRE 11 Bob CROSS 6 Clive FINKELSTEIN 12 David BRADSHAW I The Documents and Evidence gathered can be reviewed on J Examples of the documents include: 1 2005 Letter 1 to Richard BURLEY and other Senior IT Management 2 1999 Rothschild Australia Timeline 3 1992 We, the People, have reasons to declare SWORN: .........................................................DATE: 30 Sep 2005 BEFORE: ........................................................PLACE: Sydney ATTACHMENTS A B C 2005 Letter 1 to Richard BURLEY and other Senior IT Management D 1999 Rothschild Australia Timeline E 1992 We, the People, have reasons to declare Sworn before: Hao DOW - Justice of the Peace 121139 Federal Court Registry Fri 30 Sep 2005


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