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TO:	Senator Peter COOK		FROM:	Stephen GOULD
	Australian Senate Inquiry	cc	1	Australian Prime Minster
Dear Senator COOK

Further to the letter received from the Senate Committee re the Proof Transcript of Evidence at the Senate Inquiry Public Hearing on 08 Jun 2004 and a Supplementary Submission this is document C: A Changes to draft Transcript B Additional Persons to consider for Witness Evidence C A Supplementary Submission - THIS DOCUMENT This Supplementary Submission is as follows: A Management Summary B Recommendations C Experiences that led to Recommendations a 1987-1991 Ten EDI Conferences b 1991-1993 Two years on European EDI Projects c 1993 - Return to Australia D Next Steps NEXT STEPS This Supplementary Submission is based on a number of conversations with Consultants many at EDI Conferences around the world between 1987 - 1999. A key conservation was with Edward GOLDSMITH who was Sir James GOLDSMITH's brother. This conversation took place at Teddy GOLDSMITH's house on Richmond Hill in 1991. At that time his real concern was for hybrid seed developments and the fact that it require special man-made nutrients to cause the seeds to germinate (We the People have reasons to declare..) Edward is now expressing his concerns more vehemently (Interview with Teddy Goldsmith "The small company in the street next door cannot possibly take advantage of the global economy, on the contrary it is almost certain to be put out of business unless it chooses to become a sub-contractor for a big company, which usually means buying your inputs from this company and selling the outputs to it, enabling it thereby to decide exactly what margin they would grant you, which is usually very small". Another conversation took place with Peter JONES at the London School of Economics who had produced a book called "The Obedience of Australia". This is an extract from the book which outlines how BPS 6,000,000,000 disappeared possibly to Australia to influence the fall of the Whitlam Government If required I am prepared to travel to Canberra to explain these issues and proposed policies in more depth Yours sincerely Stephen GOULD A MANAGEMENT SUMMARY a This submission provides further details of research into the background into Government Procurement and E-Commerce that indicates that costs are deliberately being added to E-business networks as an invisible cost b Further details of an e-credits systems for 8 sectors including a financial sector to replace the current cash payments for Government schemes c Government Procurement is a foundation stone of the Aus-USA FTA hence Australia must adopted a common format that conforms with ISO Standards d A new way for financial payments and Treasury procedures has to be considered as E-commerce requires payments to be paid by item. In other worlds an electronic invoice has to be created for each invoice line item so that the history of the item tracked effectively. This is particularly important for tracking ingredients in each batch of health pharmaceuticals. e Time is the uniform common commodity in each country. As in professional services a base reward for each 3 minutes work has to be agreed. This reward should be a measure of a person's willingness to contribute and participate. B RECOMMENDATIONS a Australia establishes an E-commerce Governance Committee to ensure that Trading partners, that wish to use E-commerce, comply with Australia's ISO Standards Treaty obligations b Australia implements a standard electronic tender system that conforms with ISO Standards to enable Australian Small and Medium size Businesses to easily compete for Federal, State and Local Government tenders c Australia adopts an e-credits systems to stimulate local economies and reduce the abuse of Government support schemes such as the new Child Care Allowance and Maternity Allowance d Australia adopts an Intellectual Property policy whereby Local Government is awarded part of the Intellectual Property Royalties as the Local Community have provided the environment to stimulate and nurture new ideas and innovations e Australia adopts a legal arbitration process whereby members of the local community arbitrate on disputes rather than legal practitioners C EXPERIENCES THAT LED TO RECOMMENDATIONS A ATTENDANCE AT EDI CONFERENCES 1987-1991 a My attendance at various EDI Conferences between 1987-1991 indicated that there was a hidden agenda behind the strategy and motives of the Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] movement that was not in the interests of most people b In June 1989 I participated as the Representative of the Australian Small Business Association [ASBA] at the 5 day TEDIS Conference in Brussels. c At that conference a number of statements were made that reinforced concerns that had been made by American Attendees at the first EDI Conference attended in San Francisco in Jun 1987. d At that conference in Jun 1987 I was given a book by one of the American delegates. The book was called "None dare call it Conspiracy" written Gary ALLEN and Larry ABRAHAMS. e At the time I dismissed the book as far-fetched. However since that "creation of an awareness" a number of incidents have occurred that have given cause for further research. Those incidents include: 1 At the TEDIS Conference in 1989 a declaration by one of the speakers that in 2015 all "reserved telephone charges" would be free - ie there would not be any charge for telephone calls around the world 2 At the same TEDIS Conference a proposal by the French to establish an Electronic Notary as an independent Third party to validate that: i The time and date an electronic message was sent and received ii The time and date it was read and acted on iii The content if there was a dispute. This proposal concurred with research that had been carried out to verify Electronic Information Interchanges for the Insurance Industry in 1988. This was part of an Electronic Branch Information Administration Service [BIAS] that was researched for the Australian Insurance Industry. 3 This proposal for an Electronic Notary was scornfully dismissed by many attendees at the Legal Seminar with several speakers stating that a better process was for a Store and Forward process (this may have been because a number of attendees were from Value Added Network Services [VANS] who had developed EDI Store and Forward Services). 4 At this seminar the speaker said that a long term goal was for the State to bring up all Children by 2065 ! 5 In EDI '91 in Berlin are the papers were in German apart from 1 paper by the Re-Insurance Network [RINET] This paper showed that in 1991 nearly 50% of the World's Gross Re-insurance Treaty Premium Income was transacted through the Re-insurance Network [RINET] and that many of the European Broker Networks were interfacing with RINET B TWO YEARS WORKING IN EUROPE 1991-1993 a Between 1991-1993 two years involvement with European projects involved with Electronic Data Interchange including European Customs and the Customs Co-operation Council headed by Australian Tom HAYES . b This also involved travelling around the UK and speaking with IBM and a number of Universities including Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Warwick, Leeds, London, Salford and London School of Economics about joint venture projects. c A number of joint ventures were carried out with 1 British Standards Institute [BSI] 2 London Transport International [LTI] 3 European Aerospace Association [AECMA] 4 UK Institute of Electrical Engineers [IEE] C RETURN TO AUSTRALIA JUN 1993 a 20 Sep 1993 I attended a Luncheon at Andersen Consulting in North Sydney. This luncheon was sign-posted "New World Order", Attendees at this luncheon included Bob CARR Leader of the NSW Labour Party, Gary STURGESS Adviser to the NSW Greiner Government, Percy ALLEN Chairman NSW Treasury and Paul SESHOLD CEO of the newly formed Independent Commission against Corruption [ICAC] b Here is the Agenda for that Luncheon with the 5 new Models of Government proposed by Ted GAEBLER from the USA. Gary STURGESS asked him at least 5 times who had prepared these new policies. Ted GAEBLER replied each time that "he was the messenger not the policy maker. Ted was sponsored by Andersen Consulting to visit every State Government department in Australia However Ted GAEBLER has been very influential on NSW Government Electronic recordkeeping policies It transpires that David OSBORNE and Ted GAEBLER had written a book published in Feb 1992 called "Reinventing Government: How the Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Transforming the Public Sector". The preface from David OSBORNE paper in Jan 1993 states: "As the 90s dawned, every government in America seemed to hit the wall at once. State governments struggled to close their largest deficits in history totaling well over $30 billion. Cities like New York struggled with billion dollar deficits. The Federal deficit ballooned toward $400 billion roughly the equivalent, in inflation adjusted dollars, of the entire Federal budget in 1965. The most frightening aspect of this fiscal melt down is that it will continue, even as the recession ends. Only part of the problem is declining revenues. A significant portion is built in spending increases, particularly in Medicaid (where spending is doubling every four years), prisons and corrections (where state spending nearly quadrupled in the 80s), and education." Strange that "every government in America seemed to hit the wall at once" with the same problems in Health, Corrective Services and Education - the other "Partners in the Coalition of the Willing" UK Government and Australian Government also have the same problem ! THE ABYSS OF PERPETUAL DEBT WHEREBY SERVICES DETERIORATE BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF TAXES ARE GOING TO SERVICE THE DEBT ! IT CANNOT AND WILL NOT END UNTIL THE WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM IS REVISED TO DO AWAY WITH USURY AND GOVERNMENT POLICIES, TO COMMIT THE COUNTRY TO DEBT, ARE REVISED TO INCLUDE WORK SHARING FOR OFFSETS c The Original Strategy for the EDI developers was for large companies to reduce the cost of Accounts Payable administration by pushing the cost back onto suppliers particularly Small Business. However this Strategy has developed to place individuals, families, communities and Countries into permanent Financial Debt through changing Legislation to support "Community" issues d One could be charitable and suggest that the reasons why this Strategy has developed is that the International Bankers have run out of ideas on how to maintain the living standards of the West. However the background to George ORWELL's 1984 indicates that it is more by design than be accident Current media example of this include: 1 Payments of Childcare Subsidies $ 3,000 to mothers last week 2 The news on Sun 27 Jun 2004 that 14 special new Schools will be built for boys with Attention Deficit Disorder who disrupt school classes. 1 PAYMENTS CHILDCARE SUBSIDIES These articles indicate "how the System operates". Key Proponents are bought in from overseas to explain how a model operates in another country and should be adopted. On 23 Feb 2003 two articles appeared in the Sunday Telegraph i "Freud gets an Answer on what Women want" by Angela SHANAHAN ii $ 25,000 bonus to raise our children" Simon KEARNEY i "Freud gets an Answer on what Women want" by Angela SHANAHAN The article was about research carried out by Catherine HAKIM London School of Economics. This research identified women "wanted home carer allowances so they could remain at home and look after their children". Ms HAKIM recommended "home-carer allowances similar to those introduced in Norway. The State subsidy for a child-care place is paid directly to the mother for at least 3 years. This is worth about $ 11,400 a year." The London School of Economics and Political Science was established in 1895 to teach people from around the World administrative practices to support the International Banking Fraternity. The Rhodes Scholarship was administer by the Executor of Cecil Rhodes's Will, Lord ROTHSCHILD to bring 80 potential world leaders to Oxford every year and surround them with people who would help them get to the top of their own field eg Bill CLINTON, Tony BLAIR, Bob HAWKE to name but 3. ii $ 25,000 bonus to raise our children" Simon KEARNEY Professor McDONALD Australian National University Social Policy advisor to the Prime Minister "launched a 16-point plan for family policy that would be cost neutral. It would abolish or reduce many government payments, creating new ones without costing taxpayers a cent" "Families would receive almost $ 25,000 cash during the first five years of a child's life under a radical plan to revolutionise family welfare" "Parents would receive a large, near universal, cash payment, contingent on the mother stating out of the labour force for at least 3 months after the birth of each child" - that's right $ 25,000 for 3 months off ! While these are admirable and honourable sentiments it is difficult to justify when the Country is perpetual deficit and further burdened by an on-going perpetual liability of Superannuation payments to a non-wealth producing bureaucracy. Large companies have shed many of their over 40s management and workers due to the inability to meet long term liabilities of Superannuation. How are Local, State and Federal Government bureaucracies Superannuation payments going to be made in Future if all Federal, State and Local Government Agencies are in debt ? C OUTFLANKING THE STRATEGY Further investigation revealed that although the Strategy could not be stopped it could be outflanked The outflanking strategy devised by EDI Consultants over many years included: 1 Developing a Standard Tender format and process for Government Procurement so that this will reduce the costs for business to respond to Government tenders 2 Changing remuneration payments from purely financial payments to a 7 or 8 sector e-credits system that could only be utilised in that sector including financial credits. These credits have to be spent with local businesses thus providing work for the local community 3 Ensuring any contribution to improve, support or participate was recognised as part of the Gross Domestic Product as per the Wealth of Nations doctrine proposed by Adam SMITH in 1776. This will enable Individuals, Communities and Nations to accumulate Wealth based on work and Intellectual Property 4 Replacing Tax, Insurance and Charity payments with voluntary contributions from the e- credits system 5 Developing a voting system which provided 12 levels of voting depending on a individuals readiness to accept responsibilities 6 Removing the legacy systems that placed individuals, families, organisations and countries into financial debt. 7 Copyright, patents and inventions were part-owned by the local community were the copyright, patents and inventions were developed as the local community had over the previous year nurtured, developed and sustained the Environment to enable that copyright, patent and invention to be developed. 8 The focus and objectives for future generations has to be to discover how to leave this Planet en-masse before critical key resources are consumed and waste disposal becomes untenable. This can only be carried out by sharing information and not limiting the exchange of ideas thought copyright and patent legislation. An example of the need to share ideas about interplanetary travel is that currently beyond Mankind Mankind cannot leave this Planet until a way has been found to neutralise solar radiation The Earth is surrounded by Van Allen Radiation belts that protect Earth from solar Radiation. There is a School of Thought that, contrary to popular belief, Man has not landed on the Moon yet. This School of Thought is support by a television interview with the Russian Space Director who, when asked why the Russians had not tried to land on the Moon, replied "We (Russia), have not found a way through the Van Allen Radiation belts" . NEXT STEPS The focus of the Community has to be changed to conserving and managing resources more effectively until Man can effectively move to other planets en masse, not to exploit those planets, but to provide living space and suitable conditions for future generations. Hence the need to implement a far more efficient way of Electronic Information Interchange now rather than trying to revise e-mail systems in 75 years time.

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