18:54 Mon 05 Jul 2004						REF: 611ACEr1 
						Y/R: Aus-USA Free Trade Agreement 

TO:	The Hon John HOWARD MP		cc	Senate FTA Inquiry 
	Prime Minister				Minister Trade 
	AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT 			Minister Foreign Affairs 
						Minister Health 
						Senator LUNDY 
Dear Prime Minister 

Please find attached paper copies of e-mails sent to you outlining concerns with Chapter 15: Government Procurement and Chapter 16: Electronic Commerce of the Aus-USA-Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA]. There does not appear to be any reference to the e-Commerce ISO Standard 9735 EDIFACT in any of the Chapters to the Aus-USA-FTA. Australia has a commitment to ISO Standards whereas the USA has a commitment to ANSI Standards. The attached documents support a proposal for Australia to establish an FTA e-Governance Committee to ensure that FTA Trading Partners conform with ISO Standards. If required I would be prepared to serve on this Committee as the representative of the OIC XML & E-commerce Special Interest Group [XZIG] Yours faithfully Stephen GOULD A E-mail response to Philip ARGY 05 Jul 2004 B Letter "Need for Expert Advice on Chapters 15&16" 04 Jul 2004 a Letter from National Community Network 29 Nov 1988 stating EDIFACT is standard used by Australian National Community Network b Letter from Chairman IS/11 - EDI Standards 21 Nov 1988 stating ANSI-X12 would be the Australian Standard c Letter ASBA to Standards Australia 10 Oct 1988 confirms Stephen GOULD as Aus Small Business Association Representatative in EDI Issues d Preface from Standards Australia Sep 1988 This preface is taken virtually verbatim from letter sent by Glen DAVIS Westpac to Toni GOUS CEO IS11 Committee Standards Australia on 05 Aug 1988 e Ltr Aus Bankers Assoc to SAA IS/11 05 Aug 1988 This letter to Toni GOUS CEO IS11 SAA has no document title or person's position only from Glen DAVIS f Fax from Arthur Andersen with prologue for SAA 05 Jul 1988 This Prologue and Preface states ANSI-X12 as 2 yr Interim Standard. This fax states: 1 This Standard was prepared by the Association's Committee on Electronic Data Interchange 2 The SAA is a member of the EDI Council of Australia [EDICA] 3 Any references to the "American National Standards" should be replaced by reference to "Australian Standards" g Letter from Westpac to Aus Banking Assoc 16 Jun 1988 This letter from Glen DAVIS Westpac and Jonathon KNIGHT HongKong Australia Bank to Mr C DOYLE General Secretary Australian Bankers Association This letter states: 1 There are 3 sub-committees for IS11 EDI Standards Committee 2 IS11/2 Glen DAVIS will chair Sub-Committee - EDIFACT Standards 3 IS11/3 Jonathon KNIGHT will chair Sub-Committee - Interim Australian ANSI-X12 Standard 4 IS11/12 This will deal with the interim Australian ANSI-X12 Standards work carried out by the EDI Council of Australia [EDICA]. The CEO of EDICA is Michael BAKER who also happens to to be the Chair of the full IS11 Committee C Letter "Concerns with FTA Process" 24 Jun 2004 1 Leiblers take a hit 22 Oct 1998 2 Sir Evelyn ROTHSCHILD opens China 1994 3 Research: Influences of the Jews on English Law 19 Jun 1994 4 A Clarification of Torah Doctrine 06 Feb 1994 "Judaism and Zionism are Mutually Exclusive" 5 The Keating-Leibler Nexus 05 Feb 1994 6 We the People have Reasons have to declare.., 31 Dec 1992 7 Rothschild Continuation Limited - worldwide 10 Oct 1992

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