07:56 Tue 10 Aug 2004					REF: 611ACAN1 
					Y/R: Aus-USA Free Trade Agreement 

TO:	The Hon John HOWARD MP		cc	The Senate
	Prime Minister				The Media

Dear Prime Minister 			24 hr Express Post BN 7047721


Following the demands of the 43 former Military and Diplomatic Personnel for 
"Truth in Government" this is to give notice of additional concerns of
perceived Conspiracy by Executive Government against the People.

On Tue 08 Jun 2004 I gave evidence, as a world expert in E-commerce and chair 
of an E-commerce Technical Committee before the Senate Committee, into the 

That evidence included concerns that the US Government was deceiving the ]
Australian Government with Chapter 15: Government Procurement and Chapter
16: Electronic Commerce.

The deception was that the USA Government may have been using an American 
Standard for e-Commerce while the Australian Government was committed 
to using the ISO International Standard ref Electronic Business Australia. 

The concerns included that Australian Business and ultimately the Australian 
consumer would have to pay for the unnecessary cost of translating from one 
standard to another for each Electronic Commerce transaction in perpetuity.

The Senate Inquiry Commitee understood the issue straight away by referring 
to the analogy when Australia had different width train gauges.

On Thu 24 Jun 2004 I e-mailed you concerns about the Aus-USA-FTA process 
and proposed that the Govenment Senate Inquiry invite other witnesses to 
submit evidence

On Sun 04 Jul 2004 I wrote to you proposing that the Government consider 
expert Advice from Philip ARGY Chair Australian Computer Society E-commerce 
Interest Group 

On Mon 05 Jul I wrote to you proposing Australia establishes an E-commerce 
Governance Committee to ensure that e-Trading partners comply with ISO 
Standards to ensure that Australian businesses and Consumers do not have to
pay this unnecessary cost to US Companies.

On Mon 26 Jul 2004 I delivered to Mark the Security Guard at reception the
Commonwealth Office at level 8 70 Philip Street hard copies of the letters 
sent to you by e-mail.

These letters included confirmation on Fri 23 Jul 2004 by the international 
e-Commerce development group (ebxml-dev) that the United States had 
legislated for the US e-Commerce Standard in Healthcare.

The Australian Media including Steven DEARE Journalist IDG Online Network, 
Louise DODSON Government Journalist Sydney Morning Herald and Robert GOTTLIEBSEN 
Economics Journalist the Australian have been kept informed of these concerns.

On Mon 02 Aug 2004 the international e-Commerce development group confirmed 
that the Federal United States Government had legislated for the US Standard 
for ALL Financial Transactions in the US as part of US 
Federal Regulations (Att B) 

On Tue 03 Aug 2004 an individual e-mail was sent to every Government Senator 
to bring to their attention these concerns for Small Business and Consumers 
in their electorate.

Prime Minister the real concerns are that, after 2 months (62 days) and 
10 letters/e-mails on the issue of the conflict in Chapter 16: E-commerce Standards, 
nothing has appeared in the Media or Government Business on this very important 
issue for Australian Small Business and consumers


Mr Prime Minister it is critical for Australia's future generations that you 
give the authority to the Government Senators to vote to place the Aus-USA FTA 
on hold until: 

1 	the current additional costs of the conflict in E-commerce Standards 
	have been calculated

2 	the long-term financial costs to Australia are calculated

3	ways of reducing these costs are determined and agreed with the US

Yours sincerely

Stephen GOULD 
Chair - Management Committee

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