Call for Submissions 05 Nov 2003
Review of Australian E-commerce Best Practice Model
Terms of Reference
Hi we have converted some of the 18 submissions made to the Australian Treasury as htm pages rather than pdf or rtf files to enable people to review the submissions quickly rather than have to download the files first. There were 5 submissions by OIC Members that have been accepted and published. These are: 1 OIC XML & E-commerce Special Interest Group [XZIG] Member: Lars SORHUS 2 OIC Disadvantaged Childrens Special Interest Group [DZAG] Member: Adelle WHITE 3 OIC Events Committee Member: Stevan GILLMORE 4 OIC Technical Committee Member: Guy BLOMBERG 5 OIC Projects Committee Member: Stephen GOULD We are contacting the other organisations that have submitted papers to confirm if we can convert their submissions for review on the OIC Web site. This issue of converting documents to htm is a key aspect for tender attachments to enable a speedy response to E-Business tenders with short response dates. CHANGES IN SUBMISSION POLICY It is interesting to note that there does not appear to have been submission from any of the leading E-commerce organisations in Australia including the Australian Computer Society, Tradegate or ebXML Australia. The original Treasury Submissions page listed all of the people or organisations that have submitted a paper with a message stating that if the paper was confidential it was not available. The message has been changed to state that the only papers that are listed are those that are not confidential. On the original closing date 28 Nov 2003 there were three submissions by: 1 Benjamin ANNSON 2 The E-commerce Standards Board 3 Stephen GOULD The paper offered by the E-commerce Standards Board was not available as a PDF file or a RTF file as it was confidential. When the deadline was extended to 19 Dec 2003, the submission from Chris F. Brendon and Dr. Michael A Sargent appeared. It transpires that they are both directors of E-commerce Standards Board Pty Ltd. If you download the paper from the E-commerce Standards Board which is a 967 Kb pdf it is the same submission as the paper 110 Kb pdf listed by Chris F. Brendon and Dr. Michael A Sargent.

2003/12/18: Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman: ""

2003/12/20: Coalition Against Unsolicited Bulk Email: ""

2003/12/20: e-bay: ""

2003/12/20: Evan WHITTON: "Lack of Public Confidence in Legal Adversary System"

2003/12/19: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: ""

2003/12/19: DZAG: "Simple applications to encourage confidence in E-commerce"

2003/12/19: HIN - E-Governance Committee: "Due Diligence Process for E-commerce"

2003/12/18:" "

2003/12/18: Guy BLOMBERG: "Response to Benjamin ANSON re Australian Ports problem"

2003/12/18: OIC XZIG: "Government leads by adopting Applications that support BPM"

2003/12/18: Consumer Affairs Victoria: "

2003/12/18: Stevan GILLMORE: "International Group to Resolve E-commerce Conflicts"

2003/12/15: Charles MOORE:

2003/12/14: Chris F. Brendon and Dr. Michael A Sargent: ""

2003/12/14: Australian Consumers Association: ""

2003/11/28: Benjamin ANSON: "Status of E-commerce with Australian Ports"

2003/11/28: E-commerce Standards Board Pty Ltd - PDF File

2003/11/28: Stephen GOULD: "How the Public are misled and enticed over the Internet"

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