TO: Treasury Expert Group

Submission for Building Consumer Confidence in E-commerce and the Interest.

BY: Adelle White

Co-ordinator of the OIC Trips for Kids Interest Group

This is a submission to suggest that a possible way to encourage consumers to build up confidence in using the Internet to develop a range of applications that people with children can use.

An example of this is a range of events that the OIC Disadvantaged Children’s Interest Group [DZIG] have been researching and developing over the last 12 months.

The objective of DZIG is to provide a range of activities and venues for families and parents of disadvantage children to find and visit on the Internet.

This could be the start of e-commerce for a number of people with a low cost simple way of registering an interest in visiting a place

An example is there are a number of miniature steam train places around Sydney. These venues are operated by volunteers on different days of the month.

The venues tend to be a one or two hr journey

Often a journey of that length can be quite tiring for three or four 10 minute miniature train rides hence it is helpful for parents and carers to provide a range of other local activities such as a swimming pool, local park, MacDonalds etc.

The site has been designed to provide local maps with bus and train timetables to illustrate the benefits of using the Internet to plan "Trips for Kids".

The idea is that this web page can be where people can arrange to meet with people to arrange trips or do it on their own.

An example is the Miniature Steam Train at Galston Valley on the 2nd Sunday each month

The site use drop-down menus to enable people to review these activities and to register an interest for these trips on a certain date

It is envisaged that a number of schools may want to provide a link on their own web sites and probably set up a number of projects for the school children such as find new venues and activities.

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