Review of Building Consumer Sovereignty in Electronic Commerce (Best Practice Model)
SUBMISSION TO: AUSTRALIAN TREASURY : REVIEW BEST PRACTICE MODEL FOR BUSINESS-BUILDING CONSUMER CONFIDENCE IN E-COMMERCE SUBMISSION BY: Guy BLOMBERG - E-Commerce Technical Consultant I have reviewed with interest the submission by Ben ANSON as a consultant to Sydney Ports on the current status of E-commerce within Australian ports. Mr ANSON's submission included the following statements: 1 "There is little or no understanding on the application and effective use of E-Commerce within industry, nor the complete transport chain. Whilst many ports, particularly large cargo ports have their own EC systems, there is no standardise on-line system within Australia for all stakeholders". 2 "Each port in Australia has it's own manifest system that requires the same ship visiting each port for example, to send in cargo manifests in a different format for each Australian port the ship visits" 3 "Duplication of manual data entry processes is common place resulting in errors of information, misinformation and potential mis-reporting of cargo itself - not to mention increased costs and reduced efficiencies" 4 "Existing communication formats are reliant on manual processes with many inefficiencies occurring due to inaccurate procedures caused by people, not technology" 5 "The lack of a unified set of standards and a consistent structure to manage the development and enforcement of EC initiatives on an ongoing basis is one of the key factors contributing to the inconsistent uptake of EC within industry" 6 "There is no clear leadership nor responsibility on behalf of industry with regard to EC issues and development" 7 "Further more, the uptake of EC is hampered considerably due to the lack of a clearly defined and articulated masterplan that will unite stakeholders and inform industry on the application and advantages of EC." The reason why I was intrigued with this assessment was that I was involved with a project with the Halisa International Network [HIN] in December 1987 developing an e-Commerce application demonstration for a presentation to the NSW Maritime Services Board. In January 1987 as a result of that demonstration, HIN was invited by Peter BROWN Executive Director of The Association of Australian Port and Marine Authorities [AAPMA] to provide a quotation to implement a RUBAC EII standard system in Australian Ports The PORTMIS Export cycle mentioned in the letter includes 11 different types of organisation involved in the export information flow. In 1988 the Direction was being provided by the AAPMA which subsequently played an important part in establishing Tradegate with Qantas, Australian Customs and a number of SME Business Associations involved with Cargo processing. After a series of discussions with Peter BROWN, Stephen GOULD attended an EDI Conference in the Hague. The concept of RUBAC was very well received by EDI proponents at the Hague and I traveled to London to conduct a series of presentations at the Austrade offices in London We stayed in London for about 3 months and by the end of June over 15 letters of support for the RUBAC Electronic Information Management methodology including letters from a number of organisations involved in the export/import cycle: 1 UK Customs & Excise - Customs 2 Lloyds of London Press - Shipping progress reports 3 Compass International - a Transport company 4 Atlantica Insurance - Marine Cargo Insurers 5 Maritime Cargo Processing - Port Cargo processing John HAMMOND of Maritime Cargo Processing was one of the few to recognise the potential of RUBAC for reducing communications costs and automatically file electronic information NEXT STEPS I would appreciate meeting with the Minister's E-commerce Advisory Group and Ben ANSON to discuss ways of enabling the Australian Ports to address the issues outlined in Ben's Submission

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