TO: AUSTRALIAN TREASURY : REVIEW BEST PRACTICE MODEL FOR BUSINESS - BUILDING CONSUMER CONFIDENCE IN E-COMMERCE FROM: Stevan GILLMORE Management Committee OPEN INTERCHANGE CONSORTIUM This is a submission to the Treasury re a current international organisation and structure within Australia that may be suitable to diminish the concerns with International E-commerce as outlined by other submissions. BACKGROUND I have been involved with the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] since its formation in 1994. Over the last 3 years I have been the event co-ordinator for the OIC for the XML & E-commerce seminars and the Open Source & Linux Seminars. One of the key issues for E-commerce is Intellectual Property. As people are probably aware the dispute between SCO and IBM on Linux at the moment will have considerable implications on software costs. This issue of IP is very important for the Information Economy as explained by Patrick CALLIONI Chief General Manager Information Economy for NOIE at his presentation to OIC Members 21 Oct 2001 POSSIBLE INTERNATIONAL GROUP There is an Organisation called the World Intellectual Property Organisation [WIPO] which may be suitable to resolve International E-commerce conflicts WIPO has 197 County members and comprises 352 Intellectual Property Lawyers Australia is very fortunate to have one of the top Intellectual Property Lawyers in the World as a member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation [WIPO]. That Lawyer is Mr Philip ARGY of Mallesons, Stephen, Jaques Not only is Mr ARGY very highly regarded as Intellectual property Lawyer in WIPO,but he is also the National Vice-President for the Australian Computer Society [ACS] and has been involved with preparing a number of draft bills for the Federal Government on E-commerce ref Attorney General 2003 In addition Mr ARGY plays a very active role as a Judge on the Annual Australian IT Writers award. This award was originally started by Julian DAY President of the Australian Information Technology Society [AITS] in 1993 after he resigned from the Australian Computer Society. However after AITS was de-registered for failing to lodge accounts in 1996, it was run by AITS as an unincorporated Association, before it was finally renamed as the Consensus IT Writers Award in 1999. Thus for the last 9 years it has awarded trophies to Australian IT Journalists and their publication owners It has been very fortunate that Philip ARGY has been Judge of the IT Writers Award for a number of years. This close connection with the media places him in a very good position to explain to Australian Journalists the significance of an organisation like WIPO to act as arbitrators in International E-commerce arbitration issues NEXT STEPS OIC Members believe that the International E-commerce mediation and resolution issues are the key aspect for building consumer confidence in e-Commere

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