A2E TIMS Tender Ref: EBdHAWH9
AAE Industry Code: E
PTC Application Code: Bd
PTA Project Type: Request for Tender [RFT]
PTD Short Description: Home Visit Podiatry Services
AAC Short Organisation Name: NSW - Syd West AHS
PTW Tender Web Address: Direct Link to Tender
PTS Submission Conditions: 
B.4	Insurances 
The Contractor must effect and maintain the following insurance policies during the term of 
this contract.
B.4.1	The Contractor shall effect, and maintain for the Term of this Agreement, and pay all 
	premiums required for:
	B.4.1.1	Public/product liability and professional indemnity insurance with a registered 
		Coverage shall be extended to subcontractors as appropriate.
	B.	Cover will extend to all risks, including liability to third parties, 
			property loss or damage and liability for death of, bodily injury or 
			illness to any person arising out of, or incidental to, any neglect act,
			error or omission of the Contractor.
	B.	It will provide retroactive coverage unlimited as to date.
	B.	Cover will be for an amount of not less than $A.10 million in respect of
			each and every occurrence and $A.20 million in the aggregate.
	B.4.1.2	Business Interruption Insurance sufficient to guarantee solvency during any loss
		due to shutdown.
	B.4.1.2	Consequential Loss Insurance sufficient to guarantee solvency during any loss 
		due to shutdown.
	B.4.1.3	Statutory Workers Compensation insurance for all of the Contractor's employees 
		and the Contractor will require each subcontractor to have and maintain 
		statutory Workers Compensation insurance during any period of their employment.
	B.4.1.4	Any other insurance for amounts and against risks as subsequently required by
		AHS and agreed to by the Contractor.
B.4.2	The Contractor will ensure that copies of the policies and relevant certificates of 
	currency are provided to AHS on request.
B.5	Superannuation Guarantee
B.5.1	Companies - The fees quoted by the Contractor are inclusive of liability under the
	Superannuation Guarantee [Administration] Act 1992 (Cth).
B.5.2	Individuals - The prices quoted by individuals, not registered as companies, include 
	the Health Service's Superannuation liability under the provisions of the Superannuation
	Guarantee [Administration] Act 1992.
	The Contractor will be responsible for the production of any documentation required to
	be completed in this regard.
B.6	Indemnity
The Contractor agrees to indemnify the Health Service and the NSW Department of Health for any 
demand, cost, expense or tax incurred, in connection with performance of the Contract to the
extent that such demand, cost, expense or tax arises from the wilful negligent or fraudulent act
or omission of the Contractor its employees officers or agents. 
This indemnity shall be a continuing indemnity and shall survive the termination of the Contract.
The level of indemnity is to be set by public health organisations at a level commensurate with
the risk associated with the goods and/or services being procured.  
A figure of $20 million indemnity should be set in respect to standard contracts unless the 
contract is of such type that risks are considered minimal and do not require the $20 million 
PDP Tender Published Date: Fri 21 Jul '06
PPC Tender Date Code: AWGL
PTT Tender Schedule: Timetable of tender process: 
PDQ Tender Questions Date: PDR Questions Response Date: PDC Submission Closing Date: Wed 09 Aug '06 - Tender re-issued and then extended to 09 Aug 2006 PDT Submission Closing Time (Local): 14:00 TGB Client Reference No: SWAHS P210/2006 PFI Further Information: Attachments No: 1 wlk - 2nd version - This tender was re-issued on Wed 05 Jul 2006 wlk - original tender - This tender was issued on Mon 05 Jun 2006 A) htm 196 Kb: RFT Document A) doc 345 Kb: RFT Document PTE Description Details: THIS TENDER HAS BEEN RE-ISSUED WITHOUT ANY MENTION OF A VOUCHER SECHEME HOME VISIT PODIATRY SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE CLIENTS There are up to 275 housebound clients living in the local government areas of Auburn, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Holroyd and Parramatta. D 1 Scope D 2 Materials Used D 3 Proposal D 4 Selection Criteria D 5 Essential Requirements D 6 Visits D 7 Outcomes D 8 Cost D 9 Service Conditions D10 Approved Provider - Standards of Care D11 Nomination of Personnel D12 Pricing Schedule D.1 Scope This specification sets out the requirements for providers of podiatry services to clients in their own homes. There are up to 275 housebound clients living in the local government areas of Auburn, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Holroyd and Parramatta D.1.1 Competent management and co-ordination of services in the home environment by the provider will encompass: D.1.1.1 the provision of foot care and appropriate clinical podiatric care to eligible clients in their own homes D.1.1.2 the facilitation of service liaison to enhance client outcomes D.1.1.3 the maintenance of links with Health Service staff and the medical practitioners of clients D.1.2 Tenderers must tender for service provision for all five local government areas - i.e. 1 Auburn, 2 Baulkham Hills, 3 Blacktown, 4 Holroyd and 5 Parramatta D.1.3 The Health Service reserves the right to inspect the supplier's premises and documentation as part of the tender assessment process D.1.4 In this specification, the auxiliary verb: D.1.4.1 "Shall", "must" or "will" implies that compliance with a requirement is mandatory for compliance with the specification D.1.4.2 "Should" implies that compliance with a requirement is highly desirable but is not mandatory for compliance with the specification D.2 Materials Used D.2.1 All materials used shall not have any deleterious effects on any body tissue and shall be constructed in such a way that it will not disintegrate or fragment when in normal use D.2.2 All materials used shall not produce emissions or residues, nor persist in the environment in a manner unacceptable to the appropriate regulatory authority if incinerated by an approved method of incineration or disposed of in landfill D.2.3 All materials used shall not permanently deform under normal conditions of use D.2.4 Materials liable to the emission of pyrophoric particles shall not be used D.3 Proposal Tender briefs shall include a detailed outline of the care to be provided and shall demonstrate capacity for the following: D.3.1 experience and knowledge of the management and delivery of podiatry services to clients in their own homes D.3.2 The documentation of an appropriate client care plan (also known as a management plan) for every client D.3.3 Defined policies, procedures and protocols to support appropriate standards of podiatry care and infection control D.3.4 agreement to participate in the complaint and conflict resolution mechanisms of the Health Service D.3.5 timely collection of data and provision of statistical information to facilitate client care D.4 Selection Criteria D.4.1 The provider must demonstrate within their application: 1 Methodologies for evaluation of care provided 2 Their capacity to deliver and evaluate services 3 Ability to comply with Health Service infection control standards CONDITIONS OF ENGAGEMENT D.5 Essential Requirements D.5.1 A provider will be required to demonstrate: D.5.1.1 that they are a legally incorporated body or registered company with appropriate insurance D.5.1.2 that all personnel employed hold current NSW Podiatry registration D.5.1.3 clinical practice aimed at maximising patient outcomes, with appropriate client participation in decision-making D.5.1.4 an ability to liaise and network with other health professionals D.5.1.5 an understanding of duty of care issues related to the provision of care. Have clear procedures in place to support the provision of care e.g infection control, documentation, wound management, after treatment advice. D.5.1.6 a commitment to the continuing education and professional development of all employed personnel D.5.2 All contracted podiatry personnel (or their representatives) will attend orientation and ongoing training as required by the Health Service D.5.3 All podiatrists providing home visits will be issued with an ID badge by the Health Service for use with home visits D.5.4 The badges shall remain the property of the Health Service D.5.5 All badges must be: D.5.5.1 displayed when doing home visits on behalf of the Health Service D.5.5.2 returned to the Health Service at the conclusion of the contract or termination of the podiatrist's engagement/employment with the contractor D.6 Visits D.6.1 Home visit services need to be provided between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday D.6.2 Clients newly referred to the provider must be seen within 2 weeks of the provider receiving the referral documentation D.6.3 All home visits must be by appointment D.6.4 All visits must be confirmed with the client one working day prior to the appointment D.6.5 Future appointments must be made at the time of the current appointment and provided in writing D.6.6 Maximum of 4 visits per calendar year per client will be provided, unless otherwise authorised by the Contract Manager D.6.7 The contracted podiatrist shall obtain written approval from the Contract Manager before any additional clinical service is provided to the client, in order to be able to claim payment D.7 Outcomes The Health Service has four (4) main outcomes for podiatry home visiting services: D.7.1 That appropriate treatment to professional care standards is provided D.7.2 Clients are assisted to maintain their current foot health status and/or minimise the deterioration of their foot health D.7.3 Clients and carers are provided with appropriate education on foot health care D.7.4 Podiatry personnel work in a safe manner and comply with Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation requirements D.8 Cost The fee for service per home visit shall include: D.8.1 treatment D.8.2 travel / vehicle costs D.8.3 disposable supplies D.8.4 equipment D.8.5 depreciation D.8.6 sterilisation D.8.7 statistical collection D.8.8 record keeping / documentation D.8.9 practice infrastructure costs (e.g. accounting, appointments, etc) D.9 Service Conditions D.9.1 The provider shall furnish monthly statistical collections as required to meet with Health Service requirements D.9.2 The Health Service shall only pay for services actually provided to clients D.9.3 A visit is not chargeable should the client not be home D.9.4 A data collection form shall be completed for every client, with client and visit details D.9.5 The data collection form must be countersigned by the client/carer at the time of the visit D.9.6 Data collection forms must be returned to the Client Manager within one (1) month of the visit occurring D.9.7 For payment to be processed, the data collection form must be signed by both the client/carer and the provider D.9.8 All payments will be in arrears D.9.9 All tax invoices must be numbered and include the date of the visit and the client's name D.9.10 All client related documentation must be available on demand for review for by the Health Service D.9.11 The provider shall not promote unnecessary home visits with the client D.9.12 The Contract Manager shall be advised of any additional home visits provided at the expense of individual clients D.10 Approved Provider - Standards of Care D.10.1 As required by the registration body, approved providers shall demonstrate effective levels of care tailored to the needs of the individual client D.11 Nomination of Personnel D.11.1 Only officers nominated by the Health Service are authorised to provide information, or give instructions to the Provider D.11.2 Only the Contract Manager or delegate shall allocate work to the provider D.12 Pricing Schedule D.12.1 All pricing should be submitted in the Pricing Schedule in the format prescribed as per Section D, Clause D.13 Attachment 1 to Section D - Pricing Schedule. All costs shall be provided in the Pricing Schedule. D.12.2 Any additional/alternative pricing should be submitted as a separate attachment and placed immediately behind the Pricing Schedule. D.12.3 Prices are to be in Australian Dollars and shall be exclusive of GST, which shall be detailed separately D.12.4 All pricing should be fixed for the term of the contract as per Clause B.19 D.12.5 The tendered rates shall be one Area wide price, which includes the cost of delivery FREE-INTO-STORE [FIS] throughout the Health Service (see Clause B.23.1) D.12.6 There shall be no minimum order quantities set on any item offered Td TGA The Tender Box: The Tender Box TGB Client Reference No: SWAHS P210/2006 TGC Tender Addressee: TGD Position: Tender Lodgment Web Link TGE Department: TGF Organisation: NSW - Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) TBA Room/Suite: The Security Office TBB Floor: Level 2 TBC Building: Administration Block TBD Street Number: Westmead Hospital TBE Street: Cnr Darcy and Hawkesbury Roads TBF Suburb: WESTMEAD TBG State: NSW TBH Post code: 2154 TBI Country: Australia TMW Map for Location: TFI Further Information: Tf BRA Briefing Session Date: BRB Briefing Session Time: BRC Compulsory Attendance Y/N: BDR Briefing Registration Date: BTR Briefing Registration Time: BRO Number of Attendees: BRE E-mail Address: BRF Briefing Contact Officer - Preferred: BRG Briefing Contact Officer - Family: BRH Business Title: BRI Department: BRJ Tel Area Code: {61}(2) BRK Tel Number: BRL Fax Area Code: {61}(2) BRM Fax Number: BRN Mobile: Tg BSA Room/Suite: BSB Floor: BSC Building: BSD Street Number: BSE Street: BSF Suburb: BSG State: BSH Post code: BSI Country: Australia BMW Map for Location: BFI Further Information: Tb AAB Organisation: NSW - Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) ABA Room/Suite: ABB Floor: ABC Building: ABD Street Number: ABE Street: Corner of Parker & Derby Streets ABF Suburb: PENRITH ABG State: NSW ABH Post code: 2750 ABI Country: Australia AMW Map for Location: ABW Department Web Address: http://www.wsahs.nsw.gov.au AFI Further Information: Tc ADC Tel Area Code: {61}(2) ADD Telephone No: 4734 2120 ADE Free Phone: ADF Fax Area Code: {61}(2) ADG Fax Number: 4734 3734 ADH Free Fax: ADJ Lodgment email Address: Tender E-mail Link ADW Lodgment Web Address: Tender Lodgment Web Link GFI Further Information: Te ACA PO Box: PO Box 63 ACB Post Office: ACC Suburb: PENRITH ACD State: NSW ACE Post code: 2751 ACF Country: Australia ACJ Department E-mail Address: Department E-mail Link - wsahs@wsahs.nsw.gov.au ACW Contacts Web Address: Contacts Web Link CFI Further Information: PG1 Th PDE E-mail Address: PDF Technical Enquiries - Preferred: PDG Technical Enquiries - Family: PDH Business Title: PDI Department: PDJ Tel Area Code: {61}(2) PDK Tel Number: PDL Fax Area Code: {61}(2) PDM Fax Number: PDN Mobile: PDW Web Address: Tender Attachments PEW Web Address: NSW Government Policy Documents A NSW Government Policy Documents B NSW Government Terms of Tendering PLW Web Address: Legislation referred to in this tender may include: 1 NSW HEALTH H Health Legislation Amendment Act 2005 (NSW) G Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) F Health Care Liability Act 2001 (NSW) E Health Professionals (Special Events Exemption) Act 1997 (NSW) D Health Services Act 1997 (NSW) C Health Care Complaints Act 1993 (NSW) B Health Insurance Levies Act 1982 (NSW) A Health Administration Act 1982 (NSW) 2 NSW ADMINISTRATION ACTS B Public Sector Employment & Management Act 2002 (NSW) A Public Sector Management (Goods & Services) Regulation 2000 (NSW) 3 FEDERAL HEALTH R Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement 2004 (Cth) Q Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (Cth) P Prohibition of Human Cloning Act 2002 (Cth) O Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002 (Cth) N Gene Technology Act 2000 (Cth) M Equal Employment Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 (Cth) L Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth) K Australian National Audit Office - Auditor General Act 1997 (Cth) J Occupational Health and Safety (Maritime Industry) Act 1993 (Cth) I Occupational Superannuation Standards Regulations Application Act 1992 (Cth) H National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992 (Cth) G Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991 (Cth) F Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth) E Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Cth) D Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) C Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (Cth) B Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) A National Health Act 1953 (Cth) font face=arial size=2 color=#B00D0E>EFI Further Information:
Attachments No: 1 wlk - 2nd version - This tender was re-issued on Mon 05 Jul 2006 wlk - original tender - This tender was issued on Mon 05 Jun 2006 A) htm 196 Kb: RFT Document A) doc 345 Kb: RFT Document Ti PME E-mail Address: PMF Project Manager - Preferred: PMG Project Manager - Family: PMH Business Title: PMI Department: PMJ Tel Area Code: {61}(2) PMK Tel Number: PML Fax Area Code: {61}(2) PMM Fax Number: PMN Mobile: MFI Further Information: Tj PCE E-mail Address: maryanne_sullivan@wsahs.nsw.gov.au PCF Contact - Preferred: Maryanne PCG Contact - Family: SULLIVAN PCH Business Title: PCI Department: PCJ Tel Area Code: {61}(2) PCK Tel Number: 9845 5427 PCL Fax Area Code: {61}(2) PCM Fax Number: 9845 7311 PCN Mobile: NFI Further Information: Tk AAB Organisation: NSW - Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) LCA Room/Suite: LCB Floor: LCC Building: LCD Street Number: LCE Street: LCF Suburb: SYDNEY LCG State: NSW LCH Post code: 2000 LCI Country: Australia LMW Map for Location: DFI Further Information:
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