AAE Industry Code: D
PTC Application Code: Bg
PTA Project Type: Request for Offer [RFO]
PTD Short Description: Dev Waste Cluster Guidelines
AAC Short Organisation Name: Qld - Env Protect Agency
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PDP Tender Published Date: Thu 01 Jun '06
PPC Tender Date Code: AWF1
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PDQ Tender Questions Date: PDR Questions Response Date: PDC Submission Closing Date: Thu 15 Jun '06 PDT Submission Closing Time (Local): 14:00 TGB Client Reference No: EN401138 PFI Further Information: Attachments No: 1 A) htm 73 Kb: RFO Document A) doc 309 Kb: RFO Document PTE Description Details: DEVELOPMENT OF A GUIDELINE FOR CLUSTER SYSTEMS FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND REUSE Delivery of a Guideline for Development of Cluster Systems for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Offers are invited to develop a guidance document to serve the needs of local government, developers and smaller communities in Queensland that are looking for sustainable options for wastewater treatment and reuse. 2.0 TERMS OF REFERENCE 2.1 Identification and Description of the Purpose of the Consultancy The proposed guidance document is intended to serve the needs of local government, developers and smaller communities in Queensland that are looking for sustainable options for wastewater treatment and reuse. While integrated water management (IWM) demands consideration of all aspects of the water cycle, the scope of this document will be limited to wastewater treatment and reuse. Nevertheless, the contractor will be expected to position this guidance document within the broader context of IWM so that 'cross water cycle' impacts (i.e. impacts on other aspects of the water cycle such as drinking water, surface water and stormwater) are minimized, and synergies between elements optimised. 2.2 Consultancy Overview The guideline will give consideration to the following overarching principles (derived from Wilderer 2004): A Decentralized wastewater systems should provide the same level of customer satisfaction as current centralized systems. B Costs for implementation should not exceed those of centralized systems, and ideally should be lower, both for the customer and the community as a whole. C Operation and maintenance of decentralized systems should be in the hands of suitably trained personnel, preferably with centralized alarm and control systems. D The distance from the source of wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant(s) should be as short as possible to minimise costs of sewer installation and maintenance. E The amount of water applied for transport of waste substances should be as low as possible to minimize overall water use and energy costs for pumping. F Materials recovery (biosolids, nutrients and recycled water) should be maximised and these recovered materials should be appropriately treated so that they are safe for their proposed reuse. G Systems and technologies recommended by the guideline should be sustainable, affordable and robust to the typical disturbances that occur in small systems (eg shock loads or operator error). This should include minimisation of the complexity of maintenance and the availability of spare parts and competent service agents. H The guidance document should ensure that communities are provided with all relevant information during the planning stage of a new development (or a system upgrade) so that they can choose the most appropriate technological options and acceptable trade-offs between upfront capital costs and ongoing operation and maintenance costs. Externalities, in particular impacts on other communities, future generations and the environment, should be minimised or eliminated. This may not involve full costing of externalities, just consideration of their impact. I The contractor must also show that they have considered the following concepts: a The potential for wastewater source separation, e.g. 1 light greywater (water from showers, baths and rinse water from laundry), 2 dark greywater (water from basins, kitchen sinks, dishwashing machines and first wash water from washing machines), 3 yellow water (urine) and 4 blackwater (grossly contaminated with faecal matter), to reduce treatment costs and the options for source control to improve effluent quality for reuse purposes b The potential for onsite reuse of the less contaminated components of the wastewater stream (e.g. greywater) to minimise transport costs for both wastewater from, and water supply to, residences (e.g. via beneficial onsite greywater reuse involving potable substitution, not just disposal) c The potential for decentralized wastewater systems to be integrated with other elements of the water cycle. 2.3 Scope The scope of the project includes wastewater treatment and reuse systems for communities of less than 1000 equivalent persons (EP). This figure (1000 EP) is arbitrary but essentially the project scope is intended to capture all systems serving smaller communities where connection to existing centralized systems, and onsite treatment and disposal, are not the best options. It does not preclude use of centralised wastewater treatment and reuse systems within the local community, if this is the most appropriate solution. The project scope does not include issues relating exclusively to onsite wastewater treatment and disposal or reuse of effluent on properties with less than 21 equivalent persons as this is covered by existing regulation under the Plumbing and Drainage Act and its subordinate legislation. Td TGA The Tender Box: The Tender Box TGB Client Reference No: EN401138 TGC Tender Addressee: The Purchasing Officer TGD Position: TGE Department: TGF Organisation: Qld - Environmental Protection Agency TBA Room/Suite: TBB Floor: TBC Building: TBD Street Number: PO Box 155 TBE Street: TBF Suburb: BRISBANE ALBERT STREET TBG State: Qld TBH Post code: 4000 TBI Country: Australia TMW Map for Location: TFI Further Information: Tf BRA Briefing Session Date: BRB Briefing Session Time: BRC Compulsory Attendance Y/N: BDR Briefing Registration Date: BTR Briefing Registration Time: BRO Number of Attendees: BRE E-mail Address: BRF Briefing Contact Officer - Preferred: BRG Briefing Contact Officer - Family: BRH Business Title: BRI Department: BRJ Tel Area Code: {61}(7) BRK Tel Number: BRL Fax Area Code: {61}(7) BRM Fax Number: BRN Mobile: Tg BSA Room/Suite: BSB Floor: BSC Building: BSD Street Number: BSE Street: BSF Suburb: BSG State: BSH Post code: BSI Country: Australia BMW Map for Location: BFI Further Information: Tb AAB Organisation: Qld - Environmental Protection Agency ABA Room/Suite: ABB Floor: ABC Building: ABD Street Number: 160 ABE Street: Ann Street ABF Suburb: BRISBANE ABG State: Queensland ABH Post code: 4000 ABI Country: Australia ABW Department Web Address: http://www.epa.qld.gov.au AMW Map for Location: AFI Further Information: Tc ADC Tel Area Code: {61}(7) ADD Telephone No: 3227 7111 ADE Free Phone: ADF Fax Area Code: {61}(7) ADG Fax Number: ADH Free Fax: ADJ Tender E-mail Addresses: Tenders E-mail Contact Link ADW Lodgment Web Address: Tender Lodgment Web Link GFI Further Information: Te ACA PO Box: PO Box 155 ACB Post Office: ACC Suburb: BRISBANE ALBERT STREET ACD State: Queensland ACE Post code: 4002 ACF Country: Australia ACJ Department E-mail Address format: Department E-mail Link ACW Contacts Web Address: Contacts Web Link CFI Further Information: PG1 Th PDE E-mail Address: shawn.knox@epa.qld.gov.au PDF Documentation Officer - Preferred: Shawn PDG Documentation Officer - Family: KNOX PDH Business Title: PDI Department: PDJ Tel Area Code: {61}(7) PDK Tel Number: 3225 1285 PDL Fax Area Code: {61}(7) PDM Fax Number: PDN Mobile: PDW Web Address: Tender Attachments PEW Web Address: Standard Tender Documents PLW Web Address: Legislation referred to in this tender may include: I Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002 (Qld) H Ombudsman Act 2001 (Qld) G Parliamentary of Queensland Act 2001 (Qld) F Electricity Act 1994 (Qld) E Freedom of Information Act 1992 (Qld) D Queensland Heritage Act 1992 (Qld) C Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991 (Qld) B Parliamentary Service Act 1988 (Qld) A Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Act 1970 (Qld) EFI Further Information: Attachments No: 1 A) htm 73 Kb: RFO Document A) doc 309 Kb: RFO Document Ti PME E-mail Address: PMF Project Manager - Preferred: PMG Project Manager - Family: PMH Business Title: PMI Department: PMJ Tel Area Code: {61}(7) PMK Tel Number: PML Fax Area Code: {61}(7) PMM Fax Number: PMN Mobile: MFI Further Information: Tj PCE E-mail Address: shawn.knox@epa.qld.gov.au PCF Contact - Preferred: Shawn PCG Contact - Family: KNOX PCH Business Title: PCI Department: PCJ Tel Area Code: {61}(7) PCK Tel Number: 3225 1285 PCL Fax Area Code: {61}(7) PCM Fax Number: PCN Mobile: NFI Further Information: Tk AAB Organisation: Qld - Environmental Protection Agency LCA Room/Suite: The Purchasing Officer LCB Floor: Floor 13 LCC Building: LCD Street Number: 160 LCE Street: Ann Street LCF Suburb: BRISBANE LCG State: Quuensland LCH Post code: 4000 LCI Country: Australia LMW Map for Location: DFI Further Information:
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