A2E TIMS Tender Ref: BEaFAWC8
AAE Industry Code: B
PTC Application Code: Ea
PTA Project Type: Request for Proposal [RFP]
PTD Short Description: Funds: Youth Services
AAC Short Organisation Name: WA - Dep Comm Develop't
PTW Tender Web Address: Direct Link to Tender
PTS Submission Conditions: 
PDP Tender Published Date: Wed 18 Jan '06
PPC Tender Date Code: AWAI
PTT Tender Schedule: Timetable of tender process: 
PDQ Tender Questions Date: PDR Questions Response Date: PDC Submission Closing Date: Wed 08 Mar '06 PDT Submission Closing Time (Local): 16:30 TGB Client Reference No: RFP: 0098/05A PFI Further Information: Attachments No: 2 A) htm ?? Kb: RFP Document - would not convert to htm A) doc 434 Kb: RFP Document B) pdf 272 Kb: General Provisions for the Purchase of Community Services PTE Description Details: YOUTH SERVICES - ONSLOW The Department for Community Development seeks eligible not-for-profit organisations to provide the Youth Service in Onslow The outcomes for Services for Young People are that young people effectively manage their lives and increase resilience, reduce risk level, improve relationships with family, school and community, and are linked into appropriate services. Td TGA The Tender Box: The Tender Box TGB Client Reference No: RFP: 0098/05A TGC Tender Addressee: Tender Lodgment Web Link TGD Position: The Manager TGE Department: Non Government Funding and Agreements TGF Organisation: Department for Community Development TBA Room/Suite: TBB Floor: Level 1 TBC Building: Central Office

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189 TBE Street: Royal Street TBF Suburb: EAST PERTH TBG State: WA TBH Post code: 6004 TBI Country: Australia TMW Map for Location: TFI Further Information: Tf BRA Briefing Session Date: Wed 25 Jan '06 BRB Briefing Session Time: 14:00 BRC Compulsory Attendance Y/N: N BDR Briefing Registration Date: BTR Briefing Registration Time: BRO Number of Attendees: BRE E-mail Address: rick.maguire@dcd.wa.gov.au BRF Briefing Contact Officer - Preferred: Rick BRG Briefing Contact Officer - Family: MAQUIRE BRH Business Title: BRI Department: BRJ Tel Area Code: {61}(8) BRK Tel Number: 9222 2537 BRL Fax Area Code: {61}(8) BRM Fax Number: 9222 2627 BRN Mobile: Tg BSA Room/Suite: ConFerWest Facility BSB Floor: BSC Building: Dumas House BSD Street Number: 2 BSE Street: Havelock Street BSF Suburb: WEST PERTH BSG State: WA BSH Post code: 6005 BSI Country: Australia BMW Map for Location: BFI Further Information: Tb AAB Organisation: WA - Department for Community Development ABA Room/Suite: ABB Floor: ABC Building: ABD Street Number: 189 ABE Street: Royal Street ABF Suburb: EAST PERTH ABG State: WA ABH Post code: 6004 ABI Country: Australia AMW Map for Location: ABW Department Web Address: http://www.dcd.wa.gov.au AFI Further Information: Tc ADC Tel Area Code: {61}(8) ADD Telephone No: 9222 2555 ADE Free Phone: 1800 622 258 ADF Fax Area Code: {61}(8) ADG Fax Number: 9222 2776 ADH Free Fax: ADJ Lodgment email Address: Tender E-mail Link ADW Lodgment Web Address: Tender Lodgment Web Link GFI Further Information: Te ACA PO Box: PO Box 6334 ACB Post Office: ACC Suburb: EAST PERTH ACD State: WA ACE Post code: 6892 ACF Country: Australia ACJ Department E-mail Address format: Department E-mail Link ACW Contacts Web Address: Contacts Web Link CFI Further Information: PG1 Th PDE E-mail Address: rick.maguire@dcd.wa.gov.au PDF Documentation Officer - Preferred: Rick PDG Documentation Officer - Family: MAGUIRE PDH Business Title: PDI Department: PDJ Tel Area Code: {61}(8) PDK Tel Number: 9222 2754 PDL Fax Area Code: {61}(8) PDM Fax Number: 9222 2627 PDN Mobile: PDW Web Address: Tender Attachments PEW Web Address: Standard Tender Documents PLW Web Address: Legislation referred to in this tender may include: EFI Further Information: Attachments No: 2 A) htm ?? Kb: RFP Document - would not convert to htm A) doc 434 Kb: RFP Document B) pdf 272 Kb: General Provisions for the Purchase of Community Services Ti PME E-mail Address: rick.maguire@dcd.wa.gov.au PMF Project Manager - Preferred: Rick PMG Project Manager - Family: MAGUIRE PMH Business Title: PMI Department: PMJ Tel Area Code: {61}(8) PMK Tel Number: 9222 2537 PML Fax Area Code: {61}(8) PMM Fax Number: 9222 2627 PMN Mobile: MFI Further Information: Tj PCE E-mail Address: rick.maguire@dcd.wa.gov.au PCF Contact - Preferred: Rick PCG Contact - Family: MAGUIRE PCH Business Title: PCI Department: PCJ Tel Area Code: {61}(8) PCK Tel Number: 9222 2537 PCL Fax Area Code: {61}(8) PCM Fax Number: 9222 2627 PCN Mobile: NFI Further Information: Tk AAB Organisation: WA - Department for Community Development LCA Room/Suite: LCB Floor: LCC Building: LCD Street Number: LCE Street: LCF Suburb: LCG State: LCH Post code: LCI Country: Australia LMW Map for Location: DFI Further Information:
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