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This email has been Faxed to the Governor of New South Wales Her 
Excellency Professor Marie BASHIR AC CVO.

Previous emails have been Faxed to the Chancellor of the University of 
Sydney, Her Excellency Professor M. BASHIR AC CVO.

Over the past four weeks the Senior Officers listed on the Universities 
Australia web-site have been sent the emails as "Parents & Residents" 
detailing Public Concern over Council web-sites and the apparent 
deliberate avoidance of how to minimise Rate-payer costs.

The Question for the Council Meeting Tue 07 Apr 2009 on Mosman 
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan [GGRP] can be reviewed here

NB  Two websites www.ksas-au.net and www.smeems.net were
unlawfully shut-down without Notice on Tue 10 Mar 2009 by the US
Internet Service Provider [ISP] www.brinkster.com

This occurred after an email was distributed about a committee to 
evaluate the proposed new contract for "Software-as-a-Service [SaaS]
for the Shorelink Library Network.
(Ref: AASAC8E1.htm)

This contract had been awarded to an outsourced US based "Managed 
Services" company.

This contract had been awarded without going to Tender which is in breach
of the Local Government Act.

www.brinkster.com happens to provide "Managed Services" hence our 
concern that Councils and Rate-payers can be held to Ransom by these
overseas ISPs

Tue 07 Apr 2009      					Recipient: 6121AD71
TO:     Her Excellency Professor Marie BASHIR AC CVO
 	The Governor              		F: {61}(2)9242-4266
cc      Lieutenant Governor the Hon James SPIGELMAN AC
	Concerned Residents


Dear Excellency

Further to our recent faxes to you as the Chancellor of the University of 
Sydney, about concerns with Local Government and financial accounting 
standards via Internet services, several responses have stated that the 
1993 Arthur Andersen Seminar "Inventing the Australian Model of Government"
is in breach of Section 128 of the Australian Constitution.

Our concerns include the following issues

1	In 1993 Andersen Consulting sponsor Ted GAEBLER to present 
	"Entrepreneurial Government" to a NSW Government luncheon attended 
	by 20 NSW leaders including Bob CARR Leader of the Opposition and 

	The presentation on "Virtual Government" was by Garry STURGESS who 
	at that time was the Premier Nick GREINER'S Chief of Staff and is
	currently promoting the outsourcing of NSW Prisons

2	In 1995 NSW Councils conduct their first "Greenhouse Gas Reduction
	[GGR]" Audit to set the base reduction target (whereas other Countries
	used 1990 as the base year. 

3	2003 IBM, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Red WAHOO (Crows Nest) and
	others receive a Federal Government ITOL Grant to develop an electronic 
	invoicing systems called BizDex for the Australian Wheat Board [AWB].

	On 28 Sep 2007 the SMH reported "The AWB scandal has not badly 
	damaged Australia's Reputation as a relatively corruption-free 

	However on 07 Mar 2009 the SMH reported "The biggest international 
	scam in Australia's history remains unpunished" (the Oil for Food
	contracts with Iraq)

	The details include "Every one of the 19 Contracts stuffed with
	hidden kickbacks was approved by Officers of the Department of
	Foreign Affairs and Trade".

	We are very concerned that the Aus-USA Free Trade Agreement 
	[AUS-USA FTA] may have resulted in some members of the Australian 
	Executive Government being compromised

4	In 2005 a Consortium of 32 Victorian Councils engaged Sinclair 
	Knight Mertz [SKM] to develop a "Regulation Reduction System called 
	Easy-Biz" for Rate-payers and Small Business.

	The BizDex System was awarded the Tender for the Hub to connect to 
	the 32 Councils' different systems.

	Hence the real concern about the 2006 response from the 32 Victorian 
	Council Project Manager who was from SKM 

	"1. The EasyBiz project will use whatever standards produce
	the best result for our stakeholders".

	Rate-payers who would be paying for the System in Perpetuity !!

	A second tender was issued for a consultancy to integrate the 
	different Council Systems to the Australian On-line Standard AS4590
	which is the designated standard in the BizDex Hub

5 	In 2006 it was discovered that the Australian Standard AS4590 had 
	two different address formats in the same standard.

	This creates the need for a perpetual, unnecessary and costly check 
	to be conducted on every electronic message to discover which  
	address format is used in that electronic message

6 	In 2007 Mosman Council was identified as having the largest carbon 
	footprint of any Council in Australia and, according to the
	information published by Council, Mosman Rate-payers will have to 
	purchase and monitor for 100 years, 100,000 tonnes of Carbon Credits 
	in 2010 on the Internet

7 	In 2008/2009 Mosman Council outsourced most of its core Council 
	applications like Tender Management, Waste Management and Library 
	Management to overseas Companies 

8	The Phoenix Based American Internet Service Provider [ISP] Brinkster, 
	who unlawfully shut down without Notice two of our websites involved
	with the concerns about the CIT Industries, happens to be listed as 
	one of the 1,682,578 Operations who are Tax Exempt 
	(ref Tax Exempt World.com

	Brinkster stole 10 years Intellectual Property and the details of 
	400 Australian Councils from those web-sites.

	However one of the reasons for the alleged Global Financial meltdown 
	may because these 1,682,578 companies have assets US 4,375,425,459,357 
	and an annual income of $ 3,119,625,314,966 BUT DO NOT PAY ANY TAX !


We would appreciate the meeting with yourself to discuss these important
issues for NSW Rate-payers.		

Thank you.                              

Yours sincerely 

Peter AXTENS   LLB		
Official Agent 			

E: 	san.CITGovernance@gmail.com 
M:	0416-009-468


A	1993 	Andersen Consulting Luncheon 20 Jul 1993

B	2003 	Bizdex developed for Australian Wheat Board with ITOL Grant

C	 2009/03/09	Mosman Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan [GGRP]

D	 2009/03/23	Detailed analysis of Mosman GGRP 100,000 Tonnes CO2 Emissions

E	2009/03/16	Tax Exempt World.com - 1,682,578 companies

F	2007/09/28	SMH - The AWB Scandal

G	2009/03/07	SMH - "Biggest scam in Australia's History goes unpunished"

H	2009/03/07	SMH - "Details of 19 Food for Oil Contracts"


Some of the responses on Council Economics can be reviewed on
"Residents' Issues of Concern"

The Background to the 3 Mosman Candidates from the "Sustainability 
Action Network [SAN]" can be reviewed on here


The Australian Spam Act 2003 was reviewed in detail at the OIC
seminar on 26 May 2005

The Australian Spam Act 2003 refers to Spam as "unsolicited
commercial emails".   

Emails in the Public Interest such as this email are not classified 
as "unsolicited commercial emails" hence do not require an 
unsubscribe  option.

None of the email addresses were purchased and were collected 
according to the proper processes outlined in the Australian Spam 
Act 2003.
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