EasyBiz Project Web Services Framework Specification,
Contract No. CT060718 Closing date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 1400 Melbourne time
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Index of Schedules - "Conditions of Tenders" File 9 Schedule 1 - Annexure to Tender Conditions - THIS WEB PAGE 10-14 Schedule 2 - Tender Form, including all pricing information 15-18 Schedule 3 - Tenderer Information 19-26 Schedule 4 - Receipt of Addenda 27 Schedule 5 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Questionnaire 28-29 Schedule 6 - Statutory Declaration 30-32 Schedule 7 - Statement of Conformance 33-38 Schedule 1 - Annexure to Tender Conditions SCHEDULE 1 - ANNEXURE TO TENDER CONDITIONS The Services to be provided under the Contract are (clause 2.1): The EasyBiz Extension Project requires the services of a suitably qualified software Web Services Development Company (referred to as the Web Services Development Contractor) to define, develop, implement and deploy an EasyBiz Web Services Framework. The development and implementation of the EasyBiz Web Services Framework will be a vital component in overall implementation of the EasyBiz Extension Project. About EasyBiz Extension Project The EasyBiz Extension Project was created out of the Australian Government's Regulation Reduction Incentive Fund (RRIF) initiative. The purpose of the RRIF initiative is to reduce the burden of "red tape" perceived by small/ home-based businesses when managing their regulatory and compliance (sic) A consortium of 32 Victorian Local Councils led by City of Whittlesea and assisted by the Municipal Association of Victoria [MAV] successfully secured Federal funding for the Victorian EasyBiz Project. The consortium councils involved in the project are: Alpine Shire Council Loddon Shire Council Stonnington City Council Ballarat City Council Manningham City Council Sunraysia Mallee Economic Development Board (Mildura Rural City Council) Baw Baw Shire Council Maribyrnong City Council Surf Coast Shire Council Brimbank City Council Melbourne City Council Swan Hill Rural City Council Campaspe Shire Council Melton Shire Council Wellington Shire Council Cardinia Shire Council Monash City Council Whitehorse City Council Darebin City Council Mornington Peninsula Shire Cl Whittlesea City Council East Gippsland Shire Council Murrindindi Shire Council Wyndham City Council Greater Shepparton City Nillumbik Shire Council Yarra City Council Hume City Council Northern Grampians Shire Cl Yarra Ranges Shire Council Latrobe City Council Southern Grampians Shire Cl EasyBiz aims to A Assist small/home-based businesses understand their Local Government requirements; B Provide guidance through the compliance application process and; C Streamline the application process. The EasyBiz solution is an internet-based decision tree and forms platform and will be used for 25 high priority and frequent regulatory Local Government compliance transactions which affect small and home-based businesses. A successful Demonstration project has recently been completed which produced an on-line Application Service Provider (ASP) platform that managed five small business compliance transactions for six Councils, covering Planning, Building, Health and Local Laws. These include: a Building permit for an extension to a property used for business; b Permit to place tables and chairs on the footpath; c Permit to register a food business; d Planning permit for an extension to a property used for business and; e Planning permit for reduction / waiver of car parking requirements This can be viewed at The EasyBiz Extension Project will take the original five regulatory process transactions and extend these to 25 additional regulatory processes which are of relevance to small/ home-based businesses in rural, regional and metropolitan locations. These will include, but are not limited to, 1 land management, 2 health and food handling and 3 safety, 4 planning and building compliance regulations. The participating Councils will receive assistance to develop the compliance content and transactions and embed them into the Council's operations. The Victoria-wide system will identify their Local Government compliance requirements and present the business owner with the appropriate compliance forms matched to their business and circumstance. The business owner can complete and submit relevant forms on-line or alternatively, download them and complete them manually. Irrespective of the method used to complete and submit these forms, they are all capable of being processed electronically. It is intended that these on-line forms will be integrated into selected transactional processes and backend systems of Councils. The Project Manager has been appointed to manage the delivery of the EasyBiz Extension Project. This includes procurement of additional services at various stages of the project. In addition to this, the Project Manager is responsible for 1 communications to all stakeholders, 2 change management as necessary and 3 business analysis required to map the 25 compliance transactions for each of the Consortium Council members. It is planned that the EasyBiz portal will be implemented by 31 March 2007. The post implementation evaluation will be completed by 30 June 2007. The EasyBiz Web Services Framework must be completed by 18th December 2006, so these deadlines can be achieved. The EasyBiz System is described in significantly greater detail in the attached EasyBiz Operational Concept Document. The EasyBiz Extension Project essentially comprises three streams of work: 1) Stream One - Business Analysis (BA) Process The responsibility of the Project Manager and involves the Project Manager Business Analysts visiting each Council to assemble content for the EasyBiz Portal; 2) Stream Two - Develop System The responsibility of a contracted System Developer who will implement a series of recommendations identified from an independent analysis of the EasyBiz system. The independent analysis of the EasyBiz System is currently underway. The scope of the independent analysis doesn't include the specifications or analysis of the proposed EasyBiz Web Services Hub and; 3) Stream Three - Vendor Integration This stream refers to the work to enable data communication/exchange between the EasyBiz Portal, each participating council and any third party data/system providers eg other Federal and State Government systems who hold data relevant to one or more of the EasyBiz Transactions. The design of the "system" (referred to as the EasyBiz Web Services Framework), the development and any associated training and testing is the responsibility of the to be appointed Web Services Development Contractor. The scope of the work under this tender is shown as "specify framework", "build transformations" and "train/test" in the depiction of these streams in the diagram below. Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 31/03 Apr May Jun BA Process 1st Visit - Map 2nd Visit - 3rd Visit - G Processes Explain Train/Test O Develop System Design Develop Train/Test L System I V Vendor E Integration Workshop Specify Build Train/Test Framework Transformation s/Integration Mechanisms It is the role of the appointed Web Services Development Contractor to enable a number of data flows between EasyBiz Portal, council and third party data providers. The scope of the data flows that the Web Services Development Contractor will be able to undertake will be constrained by some tight timeframes and in close collaboration with the EasyBiz Project Managers, an implementation schedule will be developed soon after the Web Services Development Contractor has been appointed. At a minimum, by 18th December 2006, the following capability must exist involving the EasyBiz Portal and a range of councils: 1) EasyBiz user will be able to complete forms, attach supporting information to them and optionally pay for permit (responsibility of EasyBiz System Developer) 2) The EasyBiz Portal will be able to submit the transaction data (eg completed form, attached supporting information, payment details) from EasyBiz system to the designated council (responsibility of Web Services Development Contractor); 3) Council will receive the transaction data (Web Services Development Contractor) 4) Council will upload data into their own back-end processing system/s (responsibility of council and their system vendor); 5) Council will generate an acknowledgement that they received the transaction data (responsibility of council vendor); 6) The council acknowledgment will be received by EasyBiz Portal (responsibility of Web Services Development Contractor); and 7) EasyBiz will display a message to the user eg "Thank you, your form, supporting information and payment details have been received by council. Your EasyBiz lodgement number is 123456. Council will be in contact in x days and a checklist of any incomplete data". The user may also wish to receive this via email (responsibility of EasyBiz System Developer). To enable this "minimum capability", the EasyBiz Extension Project requires a "Web Services Development Contractor" to specify a "framework" in which this will occur and develop the required web services, communication and data transformation capabilities in accordance with that framework. The EasyBiz Extension Project requires that any components implemented as part of the Web Services Framework are easily and cheaply maintainable. Tenderers should consider carefully, when proposing their methodology and solutions, the need to initially cater for the on-going maintenance for 32 EasyBiz Extension Consortium councils and recognise the likelihood of additional Victorian councils joining the consortium post July 2007. The tenderers shall, prior to submitting the tender, become acquainted with the nature and extent of the contract and the work to be carried out and completed thereunder and make examinations, investigations, inspections and deductions. Tenderers should make their own assessment of the works required and base their tenders accordingly. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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