EasyBiz Project Web Services Framework Specification,
Contract No. CT060718 Closing date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 1400 Melbourne time
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Executive Summary Thirty two (32) Local Government councils in Victoria have created a consortium called EasyBiz to jointly develop an online compliance/regulation system targeted at small/home based businesses. Using funding from the Regulation Reduction Incentive Fund and in close collaboration with Municipal Association of Victoria, the consortium is planning to launch the EasyBiz system end of March 2007. The purpose of the EasyBiz system is: A To better and effectively advise small/home based businesses to determine what their local council regulation and compliance obligations are; B To facilitate quicker and easier lodgement of applications from small/home based business for permits/licences/registrations to council and; C To provide a shared infrastructure for all councils to use as a single entry point for small/home based business that will reduce the cost to council in delivering and maintaining an online service delivery capability. The key functions and features of the EasyBiz system are: a A "decision tree" that will guide a small/home based business through a series of questions to determine which permits, licences and registrations a small/home based business may require and whether the planned scope/nature of the activity that requires a permit, licence and registration is within acceptable limits published by council; b A "forms manager" that will enable small/home based business to lodge a form (and the accompanying supporting information and payments) with council either via EasyBiz or a manual process (downloading and printing, emailing, faxing or posting the form); c A "payment manager" that will enable a small/home based business to enter the payment information for a permit, licence and registration into EasyBiz and have the transaction processed through the council's own payment gateway provider; d An "EasyBiz Web Services Hub" that manages the exchange of EasyBiz transaction data between EasyBiz Portal, council back-end systems and third party data providers e.g. other Victorian and Federal Government systems such as Victorian Business Master Key EasyBiz will provide the "platform" upon which the use of standards will be applied to exchange data between a council's system and EasyBiz. The application of standards will result in data collected by EasyBiz at a local council level being able to be eventually shared with State and Federal Government agencies , because the standard adopted will be endorsed by the Australian Government Technical Interoperability Framework. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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