EasyBiz Project Web Services Framework Specification,
Contract No. CT060718 Closing date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 1400 Melbourne time
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9 System Solution Description 60 9.1 System Architecture 61 9.2 Transformation of EasyBiz common data 66 format into council specific data format 9.3 EasyBiz System Architecture Amendments 67 9.4 Performance Requirements 68 9.5 Hosting of EasyBiz Solution 69 9.6 System Personnel 69 9.7 System Constraints 70 9.8 Technology Forecast - THIS WEB PAGE 70 9.8 Technology Forecast (CMA) will manage the application server as well as the portal host following completion of the EasyBiz Extension Project, June 30 2007. The CMA will oversee the content management of the portal, as well as the back-end system's technical management, backups, updates, troubleshooting and, as such, will have complete access to every component of the system. Although the CMA's makeup is yet to be determined it could possibly assume the role of an ASP host as well. The likely evolution of the EasyBiz system will involve: A EasyBiz becoming a suite of web services for local council transactions which can be "used" by a single whole of Government "portal" that incorporates Federal, State and Local Government regulation and compliance transactions; B As EasyBiz evolves and council's own IT environments evolves the opportunity for greater two way communication increases, enabling EasyBiz to perform more validation regarding whether or not the business premise relating to the permit application is a valid business premise address in the local council area; C EasyBiz extending to include residential transactions e.g. applying for car parking permits. The issue in respect to extending EasyBiz to residential transactions is the ability for EasyBiz to "authenticate" that the resident using EasyBiz is a rate payer in that local council. This will require greater two way communication between EasyBiz and council's rates systems; D The preference is to move EasyBiz in the direction of having a flexible and intuitive search capability based upon a well defined and managed metadata standard for each of the permit/licences and registration application forms. EasyBiz users should be able to enter a "Google" type search and be presented with a relevant list of permits/licences and registration forms for one or more councils that match there search criteria; RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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