EasyBiz Project Web Services Framework Specification,
Contract No. CT060718 Closing date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 1400 Melbourne time
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9 System Solution Description 60 9.1 System Architecture 61 9.2 Transformation of EasyBiz common data 66 format into council specific data format 9.3 EasyBiz System Architecture Amendments 67 9.4 Performance Requirements - THIS WEB PAGE 68 9.5 Hosting of EasyBiz Solution 69 9.6 System Personnel 69 9.7 System Constraints 70 9.8 Technology Forecast 70 9.4 Performance Requirements 9.4.1 Website Usage Reporting 9.4.2 Data Management 9.4.3 Auditing This section describes the performance requirements that EasyBiz must adhere to: A Real time sending of transaction data from EasyBiz to council. EasyBiz will request an acknowledgement from council that the transaction data has been received within [to be defined] seconds; B If initial acknowledgement of the transaction data from council is not received, EasyBiz will resubmit the transaction data every [to be defined] seconds and make a maximum of [to be defined] attempts to send the transaction data; C EasyBiz will push data to council and receive a response from council that the data has been received D EasyBiz homepage will load within the EasyBiz user's browser within eight seconds; E Every subsequent request from the EasyBiz user's to the EasyBiz system will be completed within five seconds; 9.4.1 Website Usage Reporting The monitoring and evaluation of the usage of the EasyBiz system will involve the collection and analysis of the following usage statistics: a Number of unique visitors to EasyBiz; b Number of repeat visitors; c Length of user session; d Number of page impressions; e Path analysis data (what are the paths users are taking to complete certain tasks) The website usage statistics for EasyBiz will be provided by Red Sheriff through the whole of Victorian Government Red Sheriff licencing agreement. 9.4.2 Data Management The EasyBiz system will be required to physically store all transaction data entered through EasyBiz for [to be defined] number of years in accordance with the Victorian State Government Records Management Act. 9.4.3 Auditing The EasyBiz system will be able to track the decision tree paths for each user which has lead to an EasyBiz user selecting a form for a permit, licence and registration application. This data will be held for a period of [to be defined] years. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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