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8 Existing Systems 57 8.1 Current Systems - THIS WEB PAGE 57 8.2 Council Systems 58 8.1 Current Systems Table 13 - List of Current Systems, is a list of known systems that have similar or related systems at a Local, State and Federal Government level. Table 13 - Current Systems CURRENT SYSTEM SYSTEM OWNER LEVEL OF GOVT DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTIONS Business Entry Point Department of Federal offers you simple Industry, Tourism Government and convenient and Resources access to all the government information, transactions & services you need. It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and running your business. Business Victoria Department of Victorian State Government Online resource Website Innovation, Industry Government designed to help start, run and and Regional grow your business. Technology (DIIRD) Provides access to advice and a range of forms to apply for Victorian State Government services. Applicable to small, medium and large businesses. Business Licence Department of Victorian State Government BLIS helps Information System Innovation, Industry Government identify the state, federal and Regional and local government licences, Technology (DIIRD) and State codes of practice, you will require to operate in Victoria, Australia. SPEAR (Streamlined Department of Victorian State Government SPEAR supports Planning through Sustainability and Government the subdivision process in Electronic Application Environment (DSE) Victoria and enables and Referrals) subdivision approvals to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred and tracked from the initial planning stages through to the creation of new title Planning Schemes Department of State View planning schemes Online Sustainability and Government provisions and maps for each Environment (DSE) Victorian Local Council - State - Victorian Planning Policy Framework, Local Planning Policy Framework, Zones, Overlays, Particular Provisions, General Provisions, Definitions, and Incorporated Documents. VBMK (Victorian Office of Small Victorian State Government Open a Business Business Master Key) Business (Department Government Victoria Account to locate and of Innovation, manage their regulatory Industry and Regional transactions and information. Technology) Find out who to contact for complex queries on a particular topic. LandData Department of State LandData provides the ability to Sustainability and Government purchase property and title Environment certificates for all properties in Victoria. Land Victoria Department of State The Land Channel provides Sustainability and Government information and services about Environment properties anywhere in Victoria. FoodSmart Department of State The FoodSmart website allows Human Services Government registered users to create a (Victorian Food Safety Program that needs Government) to be lodged with a local council for registering a food business or applying for a temporary registration of a food business. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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