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2 System Scope 11 2.1 EasyBiz System Scope 11 2.2 EasyBiz Functions and Processes 14 2.3 Outside EasyBiz Scope 20 2.4 EasyBiz Context and Related Initiatives - THIS WEB PAGE 21 2.4 EasyBiz Context and Related Initiatives The following table provides a list of related initiatives that have also been funded by the Regulation Reduction Incentive Fund [RRIF]. Each project has similar aims to EasyBiz and many have similar scopes. TABLE 6 - RELATED INITIATIVES - INDEX RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER A Electronic Development and Building System ACT Planning & Land Authority B One stop, online for Auto SMEs Blacktown City Council C Start your business here Coolamon Shire Council D The Red Tape Blueprints Rockdale City Council E Online Business Portal Shellharbour Council F Small and home-based Online Hurstville City Council G Quick answers for Small Business Development Dungog Shire Council H Fast Tracking Small Business Gosford City Council I One stop online for Home Businesses Penrith City Council J Online Development Enquiry and Assessment Pittwater Council K Cutting Compliance Costs Dep Business & Regional Development L Regional Development Process Online Brisbane City Council M Local Government Toolbox Brisbane City Council N National Economic Development Assessment Cairns City Council O Project/Local Government Matrix Database Eidsvold Shire Council P Simplified Licence Info & Compliance Env'ment Gold Coast City Council Q Seamless Borders Gold Coast City Council R Harmonisation of Regulations Maroochy Shire Council S Townville Business On-line Townsville Council T Customer Service Guarantee Gladstone City Council U Biz Connect Alexandrina Council V Pathway to Business City of Adelaide Council W Electronic Permit and Licence Lodgment City of Charles Sturt Council X Local Government Business Assist District Council of Peterborough Y Electronic Processing Property Info Onkaparinga City Council Z Online Permit & Licensing System City of Albany Council 1 Building Applications Logement Integration City of Swan Council 2 Improved Small Business Interface Shire of Manjimup Council 3 Small Business in Harmony with the Community City of Stirling Council TABLE 6 - RELATED INITIATIVES - SUMMARY AND LINKS RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ A Electronic Development ACT Planning & An electronic Development and This project has a and Building System Land Authority Building System that will potential relationship generate significant regulatory through the development compliance reductions to of data standards for small/home based businesses in building and planning the land development and services transactions. building sector that operate in the greater ACT region. The project has similar requirements to create These processes cover a number and manage online forms of activities including: for the lodgement of 1 development applications; permit applications 2 energy efficiency ratings; 3 Certificate of Occupancy; 4 Certificate of Electrical Safety and Building Industry Licensing. The project aims to remove a large range of regulatory compliance barriers that have been identified by the business sector as inhibitors to their growth. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ B One stop, online Blacktown City Development of an The use of software support for small and Council online system to provide small that provides similar homebased automotive and homebased businesses with functions and features and metal information on council to EasyBiz. regulations The system will generate a series of questions, the answers to which will determine the regulations a business must comply with. This will provide businesses with a checklist that will make it easier to comply with council regulations and reduce the costs associated with compliance. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ C Start your business Coolamon Shire The project will deliver Similar functionality here Council "Start Your Business Here" that allows a small/home which is an online, self based business to answer guided computer program to a set of questions. allow start-up businesses to determine what regulations and planning controls they must comply with in each of the local government areas that make up the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils. In developing the program, participating councils will audit and review the regulations they have in place, with a view to amending and/or standardising regulations across the eastern Riverina region. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ D The Red Tape Rockdale City The Red Tape Blueprints project, This project is highly Blueprints: Council led by the Rockdale City relevant as it is The program has two, Council, is designed to essentially an "EasyBiz" interlinked streams: streamline local planning and with a focus specifically 1 Local e-Planning regulation compliance for on planning. Blueprint - small/home based business Building DA Standards will need to be capacity; and There are two core activities developed to allow ib the project: council vendor systems to 2 Local e-Gov accept planning Blueprint - My 1 development of a central applications lodged small/home based online entry point; and through the system. business 2 enhancement of electronic planning capabilities. There are 14 urban councils and 23 regional councils participating in the project. The results of the project include more efficient and timely council assessment processes and user-friendly information available 24 hours a day. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ E Online Business Shellharbour The project aims to reduce This project doesn't have Portal City Council the time small and home-based a relationship/impact businesses spend interacting upon EasyBiz that is not with council. already addressed by the National Electronic It is an extension of an Development Assessment existing online Development project. Application (DA) lodgement and tracking system to include a 11 other business certificates and requests; b enhancement of the DA process; c online self-auditing of waste management; and d online fire safety scheduling. The project also includes a proposal to offer discounted fees for online applications. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ F Small and home-based Hurstville City To create a one stop shop, This project doesn't multicultural Council online kiosk that will appear to warrant business assist coordinate regulation reform further investigation one stop, online shop and support to small and for EasyBiz. home-based businesses. This will include a two stage process: Stage One - reduction of red tape to minimise compliance for current and future businesses; Stage Two - support to business to achieve excellence through better management of regulatory reforms over which council has influence. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ G Quick answers for Dungog Shire This project involves the This project doesn't (small) business Council development of a 'Quick warrant further development Answers for (Small) Business investigation for Development Guide' to assist EasyBiz as EasyBiz is not people wishing to establish involved in the a small/home based business streamlining of approval by reducing preparation time processes. of development applications. This together with streamlining the approval process within council, and allowing changes in the Local Environment Plan, will minimise costs to small/home based business operators and encourage business development within the Shire. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ H Fast Tracking Gosford City This proposal will reduce This project doesn't Small Business Council regulation by redefining warrant further the statutory definitions of investigation for both "home industry" and EasyBiz as EasyBiz is not "home business" to minimise involved in rationalising the time and cost in seeking council laws. approvals and where possible, to eliminate the need for planning approval. This will result in considerable fee savings in the start-up costs for home-based business. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ I One stop online Penrith City Development of a 'Home-based This project may warrant shop for providing Council Business Assistance Hub' will further investigation in assistance to create a one stop, online kiosk respect of the technology home-based businesses as a regulatory translator and selected to manage the compliance reference to assist information presented by small and home-based businesses council to small/home on an ongoing basis. based businesses. This will reduce the cost for new and ongoing business to comply with current and changing regulations, as well as providing access to information and support to encourage the business to become aware of change, and comply. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ J Online Development Pittwater The 'Online Development Enquiry This project warrants Enquiry and Assessment Council and Assessment Project' will further investigation in Project - Submission #2 provide a selfhelp system for respect of the technology Electronic Lodgement simplifying the lodgement of used and standards applied module for lodgement applications, currently a to determine if a of Development complex process often requiring Development Application Applications and third party consultancy is required and the associated support. lodgement of that documentation Development Application. The process will speed up the delivery of Development Applications by improving information systems and streamlining processes. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ K Cutting Dep Business The project aims to achieve This project warrants Compliance Economic & increased and sustainable further investigation Costs - Building Regional economic activity and more with regard to the Better Business Development efficient processes to support technology used to growth of the small and present business NT's home-based business sector various regulatory in the Northern Territory requirements. through development of a number of projects including consolidation of a number of existing business registers; development of a comprehensive information package for home-based businesses; and a Business Approval Package for homebased businesses detailing the regulatory requirements and business improvement services available. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ L Regional Brisbane City This project is to achieve This project warrants Development Council - consistency in the way the further investigation Process Online - Submission #1 Development Application (DA) by EasyBiz as South East process is presented to the investigation by EasyBiz Queensland public, and to reduce the as the technology used overall time taken for Das could complement EasyBiz to be processed in councils. in the area of determining whether a The project has three areas Development Application of focus: will be approved or not. 1 to put planning instruments online; 2 to implement 'Risk Smart' which enables DA's to be assessed based on level of risk; and, 3 DA Tracking. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ M Local Brisbane City The project aims to build on This project warrants Government Council - an existing software product further investigation in Toolbox - South developed by Brisbane City regards to the technology Submission #2 Council, the 'Local Government used to manage the information East Toolbox'. Initiatives to be and the standards used to Queensland undertaken include: data from the system to 1 development of a Customer each of the participating Facing component for councils. Environmental Health information in the Toolbox (multilingual aspects to be included); 2 implementation of a Customer Service component to standardise scripts used to deal with information requests and enquiries; 3 standardisation and rationalisation across the region of local laws directly impacting on small and home-based businesses across the region (these are held within the Toolbox). RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ N National Cairns City The Cairns City Council plans The NeDA standard must be electronic Council to standardise the lodgement considered by EasyBiz for Development standardise the lodgement and planning and building Assessment' assessment process for related transactions. project Development Applications through its project titled 'National electronic Development Assessment'. The 92 Local Governments listed above are party to the project and represent a broad cross-section of councils across Australia. The NeDA project will develop a web service standard for the lodgement of development applications nationally. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ O This project Eidsvold Shire The first stage of the project involves a Council will be delivering an online Public/Local system that will act as an Government interface between council Matrix Database and businesses. with an interface linked to the The second stage of the Wide Bay project is integration of Burnett Region this system for use by every Portal. council in the Wide Bay Burnett Region. The results include a reduction in red tape, reduced compliance burden and improved customer service. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ P SLICE a Gold Coast The project includes a range This project warrants 'Simplified City Council - of initiatives that will further investigation in Licence Submission #1 streamline processes, reduce respect to the technology Information and the cost of regulatory used to manage the Compliance compliance and reduce information and the Environment' - the compliance burden on lodgement of forms with making life small and home-based council. easier for businesses. small/home based business In particular, the Gold on the Gold Coast City Council intends Coast to adopt a policy where there will be no fees and charges for the application, renewal, amendment and transfer for a range of health, environment and local law related licences. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ Q Seamless Gold Coast The project aims to align and This project doesn't Borders - City Council - reduce cross-border regulation warrant further building a Submission #2 for small/home based investigation. competitive businesses and develop a single economic zone information entry point. for the Gold Coast and This project will be of Tweed Region particular benefit to those businesses that operate on both sides of the Queensland/New South Wales border. The Gold Coast/Tweed region has also formed an alliance with Albury/Wodonga region which will mean that the benefits from this project will extend to businesses in another cross border region. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ R To foster the Maroochy Shire The Maroochy Shire Council This project doesn't growth potential Council has partnered with the warrant further and Caloundra City Council investigation. sustainability of and Noosa Shire Council small and in a project to ensure home-based that regulations and processes business are consistent across the through the three council regions. harmonisation of regulations, Project outcomes include consistency of the simplification of language, and complex processes, timely efficient delivery information, and the of business ability for businesses regulations by to track the progress of local authorities applications lodged with across the council. Sunshine Coast region RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ S Townsville Townsville The project builds on an This project doesn't Business Online City Council existing online system to warrant further incorporate a health services investigation. module. This will allow businesses to access information, lodge enquiries and applications, register interests, update information, and pay fees. All of this can be done at a time and place that suits the small and home-based business operator RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ T Customer Gladstone The 'Customer Service Guarantee' This project doesn't Service City Council for lodgement of Development warrant further Guarantee - Applications will remove the investigation. Development uncertainty in respect of Applications timing and compliance costs for small/home based businesses Forms Online in obtaining development approvals. It will operate by guaranteeing an approval turn-around time which, if not achieved, will result in approximately a 20% refund of the applicant's cost in lodging an application. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ U Biz Connect Alexandrina The BizConnect project will This project doesn't Council deliver improved e-business warrant further capabilities to Local investigation. Governments in order to benefit small and home-based business, particularly through reduced compliance burden. The project will involve implementation of an online facility for the lodgement and tracking of planning applications, booking building inspections, requesting rates searches and applying for business signage RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ V Pathway to City of The Adelaide City Council This project warrants eBusiness Adelaide project involves the further investigation development of a software in respect to the module for Development duplication of Application Pre-Lodgement functionality that which will be made available, may be provided by at no licence cost, to all EasyBiz for the councils in Australia for a lodgement of Development period of 3 years. Applications and the pathway project. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ W Electronic permit City of The project led by City of This project warrants and licence Charles Sturt Charles Sturt, will implement further investigation lodgement and an online system that will in regards to tracking enable businesses to lodge technology used to manage and track permit applications. the information, lodge theforms and standards Small and homebased businesses used to exchange data dealing with between the system and 1 catering, councils. 2 driveway crossovers, 3 building electrical connections, 4 building material placement 5 other permits will have the process made more efficient, less costly and more convenient. This is a pilot project and the intention is to supply the system (at no charge) to other councils that use the same software. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ X LG Business District The project will deliver This project warrants Assist Council of improved ebusiness further investigation Peterborough capabilities to Local in regards to councils in order to benefit technology used to manage local business through reduced the information, lodge compliance costs and resource the forms and standards requirements. used to exchange data between the system and The service will provide councils. online access to permits and other transactions not currently offered online to benefit small and home-based businesses. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ Y Electronic City of The City of Onkaparinga This project doesn't Processing of Onkaparinga proposes automate the current warrant further Property processes required to obtain investigation. Information and Property Information Particulars Particulars Certificates. This automation will allow businesses to lodge and receive an immediate response to a request for a certificate instead of waiting eight working days which is the current practice. The processes and systems developed in this project can be transferred to other councils using the same software. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ Z Online Licensing City of Albany The councils in this project This project doesn't and Permit will implement an online warrant further Service system that will allow local investigation. businesses to lodge building and health permits online and to also track the progress of these application online. This system will remove the time consuming steps of lodging and monitoring applications manually. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ 1 Building City of Swan Establishment of a single This project doesn't Applications building application portal warrant further Lodgement that will create a single investigation. Integration application portal that Project will create a single point for builders to submit electronic applications online. By streamlining this process and moving to an electronic environment there will be sustainable, reduced compliance costs for builders and further benefits for the local government community. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ 2 Improved Small Shire of The project will provide This project doesn't Business Manjimup local businesses with warrant further Interface better information and investigation. an online system enabling them to interact with council at a time and place convenient to them, and provide more expedient outcomes to application processes. The project will result in a fundamental change to the way in which council interacts with small/home based business. RELATED PROJECT PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION RELATIONSHIP TO EASYBIZ 3 Small Business City of The project will deliver a This project doesn't Living in Stirling package of improvements warrant further Harmony with including: investigation. our Community 1 regulation reduction, 2 an online business regulation manual, 3 free development information, 4 tracking of development applications, 5 online registration and 6 licence applications, and 7 information kiosk. As part of this package the City of Stirling plans to cut red tape by amending the City's Local Laws so that businesses will not have to renew their sign licences on an annual basis. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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