EasyBiz Project Web Services Framework Specification,
Contract No. CT060718 Closing date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 1400 Melbourne time
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2 System Scope 11 2.1 EasyBiz System Scope - THIS WEB PAGE 11 2.2 EasyBiz Functions and Processes 14 2.3 Outside EasyBiz Scope 20 2.4 EasyBiz Context and Related Initiatives 21 2.1 EasyBiz System Scope The EasyBiz System will result in: A An EasyBiz Portal used by small/home based businesses to understand and fulfil their council compliance requirements( NB Small/home based businesses which are registered in the State of Victoria and have internet access); B EasyBiz Infrastructure including the EasyBiz Web Services Hub that facilitates data communication using agreed data standards between EasyBiz Portal, council and third party data/system providers; C Representatives of a council being able to administer the evaluation, determining/rule questions, forms, supporting information requirements and a council EasyBiz schema that is used to received data from EasyBiz and transmit data to EasyBiz D A Central Management Authority that is capable of administering EasyBiz e.g. maintaining the components that comprise EasyBiz, granting/authorising council access to their EasyBiz information and managing a common EasyBiz Schema used to transmit data to councils; E Representatives of council who will be responsible for reviewing the transaction data received from EasyBiz and approving the transaction data to be loaded into council's back-end system; F Council Vendors who are responsible for developing "integration capabilities" (web services, importing transaction data emailed to council and pulling transaction data from EasyBiz into council) between EasyBiz and council; G Third Party Data/System Providers who will provide data or services to EasyBiz and; H Banks/Payment Gateways who have existing relationships with council and to whom EasyBiz will send "payment data" to for processing The key "boundaries" of the EasyBiz System are: a The EasyBiz Portal will only manage the transfer of the form and/or data to council from the EasyBiz user - the form is sent from the EasyBiz portal to council who acknowledges the receipt of the form and EasyBiz advises the user. If the user (small/home based business) wishes to follow up the status of the permit, licence or registration request they must do so directly with council. b EasyBiz users will be able to download and print the relevant forms also; c The EasyBiz System will facilitate two way communications between EasyBiz, council and Third Party Data/System providers. As the EasyBiz System matures the extent and breadth of the two way communications will grow. Initially the communication between the EasyBiz Portal and council will be restricted to EasyBiz System sending transaction data to council and council sending an acknowledgement that the transaction data has been received back to EasyBiz System. The two way communications may grow with further development of web services capability to incorporate "validation" data exchanges such as validation of input data with council back-end systems or import of relevant data eg zones, overlays from external data providers; In the future (post July 2007), the desire is that EasyBiz will be able to: 1 Use Spatial Data and the presentation of spatial data to assist the small/home business user to determine if they require a permit and the various conditions/rules associated with the application for an activity that is to be performed at a certain location. For example, the use of spatial data would assist small/home based businesses lodging applications for planning permits to ascertain what planning constraints exist for that location - eg heritage constraints, threatened species, zoning constraints. Most councils and many State and Federal agencies have spatial data repositories containing numerous spatial datasets (cadastre, zoning plans, heritage plans, below and above ground services) which can be made available to small/home based businesses via a type of spatial viewer within the EasyBiz environment. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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