EasyBiz Project Web Services Framework Specification,
Contract No. CT060718 Closing date: Wed 06 Sep 2006 - 1400 Melbourne time
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1 Introduction 3 1.1 Overview 3 1.2 About EasyBiz System - THIS WEB PAGE 3 1.3 Purpose of Operational Concept Document 4 1.4 Supporting Documentation 4 1.5 Glossary, Terms and Acronyms 5 1.6 EasyBiz Management Authority 9 1.7 Operational Concept Document Audience 9 1.2 About EasyBiz System The key aim of the EasyBiz System is to simplify the process for small/home based business dealing with Local Government compliance by: A helping small/ home-based businesses understand their local government compliance requirements; B guiding small/home based business through the compliance application process, and C speeding up the application process. The EasyBiz System will extend the scope and scale of the successful Victorian Demonstration project that managed five small/home based business compliance transactions for six councils covering 1 Planning, 2 Building, 3 Health and 4 Local Laws. The EasyBiz System will take the original five regulatory process transactions and extend these to 25 regulatory processes for 32 councils (refer to Appendix A - List of EasyBiz Consortium Members) which are of relevance to small/ home based businesses in rural, regional and metropolitan locations (the 25 different transactions are described in Section 4.1 EasyBiz Transactions). These will include, but are not limited to: 1 building services, 2 planning services, 3 food and health services, 4 local laws and 5 rates and revenue collection/rebates. The EasyBiz System will deliver its objectives by providing clear and accessible compliance information tailored for each business using an online expert system (referred to as the "decision tree"). The Victoria wide system identifies relevant Local Government compliance requirements and presents the business owner with the appropriate compliance forms (permits, licence and registration application forms) matched to their business and circumstance. The business can complete and submit relevant forms online or alternatively, download them and complete them manually. Irrespective of the method used to complete and submit these forms, they are all capable of being processed electronically. It is intended that these online forms will be integrated into selected transactional processes and backend systems of councils. RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology Copyright of Hamme Family Trust
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