Date: December 2004


1: Composition of Code Administration Body
2: Role of Code Administration Body
3: Process for Becoming a Voluntary Signatory to the Code
4: Code Review

RUBAC Electronic Information Management Methodology - Copyright of Hamme Family Trust

1	Composition of Code Administration Body

1.2 	The Code Administration Body comprises representatives of the following  organisations:

	A	Australian Direct Marketing Association

	B	Advertising Federation of Australia

	C	Australian Retailers Association

	D	Internet Industry Association

	E	Legion Interactive

	F	Public Relations Institute of Australia

	G	Qantas

	H	Actif Communications

1.3 	The body will meet on a needs basis or at a minimum quarterly.

2	Role of Code Administration Body

2.1 	The Code Administration Body is responsible for the following functions:

	1	Ongoing administration of the Code of Practice. 

		This includes monitoring application of the Code provisions and ensuring the 
		provisions meet the objectives of the Code.

	2	Where requested by the ACA, the Code Administration Body will consider applications
		received by the ACA from companies or Organisations applying to become voluntary 
		signatories to the Code of Practice.

3	Process for Becoming a Voluntary Signatory to the Code

3.1 	Organisations wishing to become voluntary signatories to the Code must complete an 
	application form which will be available on the ACA's website and the websites of 
	Recognised Industry Bodies. 

	In its application the applicant can nominate a Recognised Industry Body, of which they 
	are a member, to consider escalated Complaints.

3.2 	The application must then be sent to the ACA for processing.

3.3 	If the ACA is satisfied that the applicant:

	1	is undertaking an eMarketing activity; and

	2	has properly completed the application;

	it will recognise the applicant as a voluntary signatory to the Code.

3.4 	If the ACA:

	1	is uncertain whether an applicant is undertaking eMarketing activities;


	2	has received a Complaint about the applicant in the last 12 months;
		the ACA may request the Code Administration Body to consider the application.

3.5 	The Code Administration Body may request that the applicant provide documentary evidence
	to demonstrate that it is undertaking eMarketing activities or to demonstrate compliance. 

	On making a decision the Code Administration Body will inform the ACA and transfer 
	relevant documentation.

3.6 	The names of signatories to the Code will be published on the ACA's website at

4	Code Review

4.1 	It is recommended that this Code be reviewed in 12 months following the date of 

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