Agenda: LZIG meeting Mon 27/11/2000

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To: DWIG/LZIG members
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Subject: A:LZIG Mon 27/11/2000 Meeting A4

Hi - this is confirmation Agenda meeting A4 of Document Indexing Work Group/Local Government 
Special Interest Group [LZIG]

DATE:  	Mon 27/11/2000			TIME:	17:30 - 19:30	Planned

VENUE:	Turn-key Systems		CHAIR:	Shirley KEATING
	s1 L1 - 38 Oxley St

 17:30	Review record last meeting 09/10/2000 

 17:40	Review Market Intelligence Research Council contacts s & Web sites:

   	a	 173 NSW Council
	b	   20 Shire Councils
	c	   19 Regional Organisations of Councils
	d	    8  Waste Management Boards
	e	  26 Related Bodies
	f	    6 Standing Committees
	g	111 listed with Web sites

Trial research 40 Web sites - 15 mins a site to find specific information as a rate payer -
eg who is the contact to collect an abandoned car or seek a licence to operate a market stall.

  Rating of the various sites was as follows:

	Excellent			  2
	Good				  4
	Average				11
	Poor				  6
	Very poor			  6
	Amateur effort			  1
	Under construction		  1
	No link				  9
			     TOTAL	40

  Please find attached the analysis with links to the sites for your own consideration {2c3aew~1.doc}

  The objectives of the research included:

  1	confirm if it was simple for rate payers to find Council information

  2	identify Councils progress with their Web develop

  3	gauge research required identify contact to invite for XML meetings

  The conclusion were:

  A	Councils do not develop Web sites to provide useful information for rate payers 

  B	Very few provide Web forms to complete licence applications or  service requests

  C	Few if any appear to integrate into back-end applications

  D	It will take approximately 18 hours to review remaining Web sites

  E	Most of the Councils will have to be contacted by telephone to find appropriate people 
	to invite to XML seminars

  F	A 12 month research/education process for XML should be considered.	That research 
	should include finding out what software is being used by each Council 

 18:20	Review draft tender requirements indexing system

	A review of the 174 projects published  1st Qtr Jul-Sep 2000:

  		Industry Analysis	174	%

	  A	Federal			  29	16.67
	  B	State			  71	40.80
	  C	Local			  25	14.37
	  D	Land, Housing 		   1	 0.57
	  E	Health			   7	4.02
	  F	Education	 	 16	9.20
	  G	Utilities		   4	2.30
	  H	Commercial		 19	10.92
	  I	Assoc		 	   2	1.15	

		     TOTAL		174	100%

The Tender application indexing systems has been refined.  A draft copy of the proposed indexing
system is attached for review and discussion  {acpaei~1.doc}.

This indexing structure is important for Market Intelligence for members to be able to rely on 
the coding system for tender identification.  This will become increasingly important for software 
developers as State and Local Government tenders are driving e-commerce applications.

Once these applications are up and running any SME wanting to deal with Government is going to
have to modify their software to interface with the Gov Department applications.

 19:00	Review XML program for Local Government 2001

	A	Dates educations seminars
	B	Marketing
	C	Responsibilities

 19:30	Finish


1	Please confirm if you plan to attend
2	Please e-mail your comments before the meeting
3	Look forward to meeting with you


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