Summary responses to Survey 3 questions
Response to Survey 3 questions

Summary responses to Survey 3 questions

This survey comprised 11 questions over 3 main Council services 173 New South Wales Councils were initially contacted by telephone and sent an e-mail inviting the Council to respond to the surveys commissioned by the Department of Employement, Workplace Relations and Small Business [DEWRSB]. There were 3 surveys: Survey 1 Confirmation that Council had appointed an Internet contact person Survey 2 Indication of interest and priority for Internet Applications Survey 3 Identification of software used and its maturity for current computerised application These surveys had been commissioned as part of a research project to determine ways of reducing the costs of compliance with Electronic Information Interchange [EII] over the Internet. DEWRSB is currently evaluating the use of the Extensible Markup Language [XML] to reduce the costs of exchanging information electronically without the need for code translations tables with different trading partners. These translation tables can become expensive and time consuming to maintain particuarly for small business organisations with limited funds and resources. As at 17:00 Fri 18/05/2001 57 Councils responded to the survey. This is the summary of those responses by main service area. There is a comment line at the end if you would like to add your comments to these draft results

Response to Survey 3 questions

AQ1:Are you using an Integrated Financial Management System ? Yes: 52 No: 5
AQ2:Are you using Electronic Business Papers ? Yes: 18 No: 39
AQ3:Is your E-complaints process developed in-house ? Yes: 14 No: 43
AQ4:Was your IT Strategy developed by external consultants ? Yes: 5 No: 52
BQ1:Does Council provide Electronic Event Registration ? Yes: 9 No: 48
BQ2:Does Council use computerised Library Services ? Yes: 47 No: 10
BQ3:Does Council have an electronic resources booking system ? Yes: 12 No: 45
CQ1:Does Council use a Geographical Interface System ? Yes: 48 No: 19
CQ2:Does Council use a Project Management System/Process ? Yes: 22 No: 35
CQ3:Does Council use an Electronic DA/BA Registration process ? Yes: 24 No: 33
CQ4:Does Council provide an Electronic Tender Service ? Yes: 3 No: 54
Contact Person responsible OIC Roadshow Liaison

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