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The Rothschild
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1820 - 1850 :
From these roots, the Rothschild banking business spread rapidly across Europe.

By the time Nathan died in 1836, the Rothschilds were the most successful international bankers of the age.

For more than a century from 1818, when Nathan in London arranged a £5 million loan to the Prussian government, raising funds for governments throughout the world by the issuing of bonds formed the core of Rothschild business.

Individual brothers and their descendants added other interests.
In France and Austria the Rothschilds pushed for, built and financed networks of railways.
In Vienna, Salomon became interested in engineering and foundries.
All became involved in precious metals, and in particular gold.

In 1840, N M Rothschild & Sons became one of the Bank of England's bullion brokers. Hard on the heels of the gold rushes of the 19th century, agencies were set up in California and Australia.

For a good part of the century, the Rothschilds, through the acquisition of key mines in Spain, enjoyed a monopoly in mercury, used in the refining of precious metals. And for over a hundred years, from 1852, the London bank operated the Royal Mint Refinery in London, refining and casting for the Bank of England and other international customers.

« Singly the five arrows of the Rothschild coat of arms may be broken.
Together they will endure. »

Scouts de France de Ferney-Voltaire