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Article "The Profits$ of Doom" 14 May 2005
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA] Jun 2004
NEXT STEPS As fellow Citizens of the World we all have the same social responsibility and obligation to future generations to ensure Mankind as a species can leave this Planet en masse before resources become too depleted. Although there is much to thank for Zionist Industrial Age Strategies particularly over the last 150 years, these strategies and economic models of Zionism are not suitable for the Information Age and beyond. This text is to be considered as a starting point rather than a definitive document. Craft Masons are requested to consider the following next steps A Evaluate the information provided B Each Lodge take responsibility for a genus on non-hybrid seed to protect the food chain from hybrid seeds that require special chemicals in the fertilisers for them to germinate We the people have reasons to declare .... C Each Region review the 39 Powers of the Constitution and propose a new constitution. 39 Legislative Powers of Parliament Tax is a feudal process not a democratic process whereby People have a say where their money is being spent. Between 70-80% of taxes are to repay the International Bankers for loans to implement the strategies that the International Bankers have designed. Possibly a new International Constitution for Citizens of the World could include I Social Responsibility II Community Contributions III Community Credits IV Telephone, Fax, Data and Information services D National Community Service A major social problem for most communities in the past is knowing how to harness the energies of the 15-30 year old males. In the past Government Policy has been inclined to support Wars for a number of reasons: 1 A way of harnessing the energies of the young males and redirect it with training and mental discipline 2 Necessity is "the Mother of Invention". The research carried out by psychologists like Jung and Freud showed that mental and physical creativity excels when people are under severe duress - hence wars have produced great advances in technology and medical treatments 3 As an aftermath of Wars social rehabilitation is required hence low cost housing and on-going medical treatment for returned servicemen. In Australia the Returned Serviceman League[RSL] clubs have formed the community framework for many communities Australia has a land mass almost the size of Europe or North America. The outback has to be developed in the same way that the Jews have developed parts of Israel. Perhaps a National Community Service with a 50-year plan to develop the outback is worthy of serious consideration. Particularly for long-term prisoners, youth camps and juvenile offenders. As the Community is paying for Prisons Camps now it should be a relatively simple matter to establish these Community Development camps to provide prisoners with a worthwhile way of rehabilitation and the opportunity to earn credits to re-establish themselves in the Community. As the Rothschilds funded the first kibbutzim in 1905 it is likely that they would be prepared to share the experiences and know-how of fertilising inhospitable regions E Local Government to become the Banks for the Community. An Electronic Credits System based on contributions is now entirely feasible. The OIC has prototyped a Credits systems for member participation since 1996. This Credit System could be based on 8 Credit areas A Accommodation E Learning/Education B Entertainment F Personal - clothing etc C Financial G Nourishment D Health H Travel An example can be viewed on the OIC Event Accreditation system F Legal System - the population have to be taught the rules and the due process of Law. Law can no longer be the domain of an elite few controlled in each Country by the Law Society. All Judges, barristers, lawyers, magistrates and registrars have to be members. G The value of Wealth has to include, if not be based on, Intellectual Property knowledge and experience rather than finite resources like Land and Bullion. Like the Kibbutz, in an ever-increasing population, land has to be the property of the Community rather than the individual. H The record of assets has to include Time as a component. Perhaps the issue of double entry book-keeping has to be reviewed as much of the cost for new and innovative ideas is based on research and prototype developments. This time factor should be included in the Asset valuation and contribution by an individual. I In an Electronic World there has to be a self checking system whereby there are at least three Electronic Notaries to correlate the validity of the records. A possible three Electronic Notaries could be: 1 Local Government 2 Chamber of Commerce Association 3 School Old Boys Association This concept of the Electronic Notary was proposed at the Legal Workshop at the TEDIS Conference on 19 June 1989
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