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Article "The Profits$ of Doom" 14 May 2005
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA] Jun 2004
George ORWELL was the pseudonym for Eric BLAIR. BLAIR was born in 1903 in Bengal. His father worked for the Opium Department of the Indian Government. BLAIR won a scholarship to Eton. It was here that BLAIR was to learn about the future that he was to write about in his books: 1 Animal Farm 1945 2 1984 1949 His fellow Etonian school chums would have passed on the stories that they would have heard from their fathers. These stories are the background to the Bankers and Big Brother. 1984 was indeed the Official year that the change from the Industrial Age to the Information Age started as decreed by the International Bankers. If you view the budgets that allocated 11 Billion ECU in 1990 for the 3rd Framework Program it will provide you with an understanding of how Governments are being placed in debt for the drive for the Information Age And Lo and Behold ! on 14 Jan 1994 Australia was the first Country outside of Europe to be able to receive R&D Funds from the European Union These funds pave the way for the 1995 Keating Government "Networking the Nation" strategy In a similar way to Eric BLAIR I gained an insight into what the plans are by accident. I attended a one week EDI Conference in Brussels in 1989. This Conference was by invitation only. I received an invitation because I had attended an EDI Conference in the Hague in 1988 as the Representative of the Australian Small Business Association [ASBA]. However when I arrived at the Conference I was informed that it was an invitation not an confirmation. The English wording on certain documents was still a little clumsy back then. I was very fortunate Emile Peeters who was the Head of DG XIII was passing. I had met Emile at the EDI Conference in the Hague. I explained that I had flown from Australia for the Conference. Consequently he agreed that I should attend for the week. At that Conference which was attended by about 2000 people from a round the World there were a number of key sessions. One included the Social plans for EDI. This talk gave a rare insight into the future. These included: 1 In 2015 all reserved telephone charges would be free. This appeared to mean that there would be no charges for making a telephone call. When I asked why 2015 the answer was "because that is the plan". When I asked "whose plan ?". The whole of the audience started to laugh ! 2 E-mail and telecommunications would be subject to tax and insurance - IF THERE WAS NO CHARGE FOR THE TELEPHONE CALL THE GOVERNMENT COULD BE SEEN TO BE BENEVOLENT BY REDUCING CHARGES. However this is slight of hand. More money will be going to tax and insurance back to the safe Lloyds syndicates. In the same way that pensioners get $ 1.00 transport tickets. Every time a pension ticket is used State Rail or State Buses receive a payment from the State Finance department 3 In 2065 the State would bring up all Children When I return to the people I was staying with in Brussels we discussed these issues. I was staying with Francoise who I had met in Ibiza around 1980. She had been married to the President of the French Bank in Lebanon. We spoke about Freemasonry and she admitted that she was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star which is I believe a Masonic Lodge for females. She informed me that Margaret THATCHER had spoken at one of their dinners earlier that year. It turned out to be a fascinating evening of cross referencing of Historical issues. I found out that: 1 Belgium had only been an independent nation since 1831 after the battle of Waterloo. The first Monarch was Leopold I of Saxe-Coburg 2 The 2nd Monarch Leopold II had commissioned Henry STANLEY to find Land for Belgium in Africa. In English History STANLEY is accredited with finding Doctor LIVINGSTONE. 3 As far as I can recall English History education did not mention STANLEY discovering the Belgium Congo for the King of Belgium 4 Leopold II was the brother of Prince Albert who married Queen Victoria 5 On 21 Sep 2002 I was informed by Anthea who had just returned from a trip to Europe of the breathtaking opulence of King Leopold II home at Cap Ferrat Monte Carlo as a result of the Belgium exploitation of the Congo
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