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Article "The Profits$ of Doom" 14 May 2005
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement [Aus-USA-FTA] Jun 2004

In 1804 Benjamin DISRAELI was born the first born son to Isaac DISRAELI.  

Apparently Isaac DISRAELI had a disagreement with the Elders of the Bevis Marks Synagogue and 
converted to become an Anglican.  

Bevis Marks as a street that runs into Tower Street where Lloyds Coffee Shop was situated. 

According to the Biography of Benjamin DISRAELI he spent 5 years travelling with his father 
from 1811-1816 to visit the Jewish Communities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Holland

At this time the Napoleonic wars were culminating in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  

The Rothschilds had financed all sides in this war and spread a rumour on the British Stock
Market that Napoleon had won.  

There was panic selling as the British Aristocracy who were the main shareholders divested 
their stock.  

The Rothschilds, Warburgs and other Jewish Bankers purchased most the shares and virtually 
end-up owning most of the stock. 

This provided the Zionist Jewish Community with the leverage to broker an arrangement with
the British Aristocracy to increase the influence of Board of Deputies of British Jews on 
the British Legal System.  

According to the archives the earliest minutes were written in Portuguese (scroll down 
"Archives-ACC/3121/A - Minutes") reflecting the influence of the Portuguese Jews on Trade.  

At the same time Benjamin DISRAELI had returned to England and was trying to enter Politics.  

He stood 3 times as an MP and was defeated. 

Finally in 1837 he was elected to represent Maidstone the House of Commons.

However long before his successful election, in 1833 he presented a paper to the Sir Robert
PEEL Prime Minister called "Vindication of the British Constitution".

An interesting document as Britain has never had a written Constitution.  

DISRAELI's document listed 39 Powers of Parliament for a written Constitution including:

	I	Trade and Commerce
	II	Taxation
	III	Bounties
	IV	Borrowing Money on Public Credit
	V	Postal, telegraphic, telephonic and other like Services

This document formed the basis of the Constitution of the first Country to leave the Empire in 
1867 - Canada.  Australia was the second country in 1901. 

This document played a key part in convening the first Universal Telecommunication Congress in
1854 and the formation of the Universal Postal Union [UPU] in 1884.  

The majority of the discussion at the UPU  from 1890-1910 was over how much insurance should 
be paid as a proportion of each stamp to cover the costs of insuring expensive times like
diamonds that were sent by post.  

The insurance on stamps still goes back to the "Safe Syndicates at Lloyds.

In 1847 Disraeli supported Lord John RUSSELL with his Act to allow Jews to become members
of Parliament.

One of the first Jews elected in 1847 was Baron Lionel DE ROTHSCHILDS as the member for the
City of London. 

DE ROTHSCHILDS was re-elected 5 times but did not sit in Parliament for 11 years until the 
oath of allegiance was amended.

In 1874 DISRAELI became Prime Minister and his Government passed many laws that would have
exceptional impact both on Britain and the Colonies. 

These Acts included:

	1874	Factory Act
	1875	Pure Food and Drugs Act
	1875	Public Health Act
	1875	Artesians Dwelling Act
	1875	Climbing Boys Act
	1876	Education Act 
	1888	Local Government Act - the start of the Separation of the Constitutional 
		Powers Doctrine

While these Acts produced great social change for the better, was there an ulterior motive 
to create a situation whereby Government was going to be increasingly in debt and have to 
raise taxes or borrow monies from the International Bankers ?

In 1876 DISRAELI proposed to Queen Victoria that she accept the Title of Empress of India.  

In return Queen VICTORIA made DISRAELI the 1st Earl of Beaconsfield so that he could now 
continue as Prime Minister from the House of Lords without having to be elected.

If you go to Liverpool in England and go to St Georges Hall there is a statue of the Earl
of Beaconsfield flanked by Queen Victoria on one side and Prince Albert on the other Side.

If you visit the magnificent Manchester Town Hall there in Albert Square at the front of 
the Town Hall is stature to Prince Albert.  

The Statue has a canopy with 4 sides each with a Star of David.

Manchester was the first city in the world to have a Public Library which is in Albert Square.

One street that leads off Albert Square is Brasenose St. 

In Brasenose Street there is a statue of Abraham LINCOLN. 

At the base of this statue on one side a letter in 1860 from "The People of Manchester to
Abraham LINCOLN providing funds to support his campaign for the abolition of slavery"

On the other side is a copy of the response from LINCOLN three months later thanking the 
People for "their Generosity".

No figures are mentioned but if you read Jeremy PAXTON's book "Friends in High Places" P 280
he states "the Rothschilds provided 20 Million British Pounds Sterling to compensate British
Slave Owners for the abolition of slavery."

Why would the Rothschilds and the Merchants of Manchester provide funding to abolish slavery 
and add cost to their goods ?

As explained to me by an Economist "If you abolish slavery and  pay people wages you can
collect more taxes from people to pay back the money loaned by you the International bankers
who have lent funds to the Government.  

If you fund the Unions to force a wage increase this raise the base cost of products.  

If you are an International Banker involved with Currency conversions where your fees are 
based on % it makes sense.  

Hence raw cotton that costs $10.00 a bale due to labour costs rather than $ 1.00 a bale at 
slavery cost provides extra revenue for all parties in the chain, the shippers, the currency 
exchangers, the transport companies, the insurers and the manufacturers.  

This is the Model the International Bankers have worked out for the Westminster System and
International Trade." 

This is why the "London School of Economics and Political Science [LSE]" to give it its full 
title was formed in 1896 by the Fabian Society to export this Model. 

Potential Government administrators (the Executive) from around the world are invited to attend
the LSE understand the Model and implement it in their own Country particularly for 
International Trade. 

Around the same time Cecil RHODES died in Rhodesia and Baron ROTHSCHILD as the executor of his
will, established the Rhodes Scholarship.   

The Rhodes Scholarship was established to invite potential leaders to Oxford for 3 years to
assist those potential leaders fulfil their potential.  

Rhodes scholars include: 

	Tony BLAIR 
	Rupert MURDOCH 

The influence of the ROTHSCHILDS is still very strong with the  announcement in 1994 that
ROTHSCHILDS were establishing a branch in China

In 1983 Paul KEATING was elected the world's best Treasurer by  the International bankers.  

Why ?  

Because he had: 

	1	deregulated the Australian dollar  

	2	enable overseas investment in the Australian Stock Market 

	3	made Superannuation compulsory for every employer. 

The perpetual money machine had been created !! 

The Thank You he received was winning the unwinable election as Prime Minister in 1993.  

However a series of incidents around late 1980s paved the way possibly for the attack on the 
World Trade Centres on Sep 11 2001.   

In 1987 the UK Archbishop of Canterbury sent his envoy Terry WAITE to the Middle East.  

Mr WAITE was taken hostage.   

In 1991 President Jimmy CARTER was involved in securing the release of Terry WAITE.  

However few people are aware that as part of that release may have been an agreement to 
establish the Board of Deputies of British Muslims in 1992.  

This agreement provides the Muslims with the same terms of review of the law making process as
the Board of Deputies of British Jews. 

Does this also include the right to review all Laws in Commonwealth Countries to ensure they do
not conflict with Muslim Law ?  

Or is there another Agenda ?

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