EDI Conferences attended by SGG 1987-1992

These are the EDI conferences and exhibitions that were attended by Stephen GOULD 
between 1987 - 1992:


	1	1987	Jun	Input'87		San Francisco

	2	1988	Feb	Compat'88		Le Hague

	3	1988	Nov	EDI'88			London

	4	1989	Jun	TEDIS			Brussels

	5	1989	Oct	EDI'89			Los Angeles

	6	1990	May	Compat'90		Madrid

	7	1990	Nov	EDI'90			Munich

	8	1991	Apr	Compat'91		London

	9	1991	Oct	EDI'91			Berlin

	10	1992	May	EDI expo		Birmingham				

Extensive contacts were made at these events as it was policy to publish the list of attendees 
and exhibitors as part of the papers.

Many of these contacts were keen to participate in the Halisa International Network [HIN] 
and work on RUBAC projects.

These conferences/exhibitions also provide an indication of Stephen GOULD's knowledge and 
understanding of EDI/E-commerce issues.

The TEDIS conference in Brussels was a 1 week invitation only conference on strategic issues 
for the implementation of EDI/E-commerce.

Stephen GOULD was nominated as the representative of the Australian Small Business 
Association [ASBA] on the Australian Standards IS/11 EDI/E-commerce Committee. 

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