Stephen GOULD's knowledge/experience with Electronic Data Interchange [EDI], E-commerce & Electronic Information Interchange [EII] and how it applies to Small & Medium size Enterprises [SMEs]

A: Understanding of how the European Community established Programme and Project Budgets
B: EDI Conferences attended & examples of Presentations given from 1987 - 2001
C: A selection of some of the European EDI & EII Projects undertaken
D: Examples of involvement with Australian EII Projects
E: Working with Small and Medium size Enterprise Organisations in Europe and Australia
F: Papers submitted on E-commerce issues

1988-1992 A - Knowledge of funding and process for Telematics projects         3 example documents
Eufr1992   HE AGA1 EC 3rd Framework 01-Jan-90 The 1990-1994 EC Research Framework Frontpage
EC92Fund   HE AGA1 Budgets 01-Jan-90 Budgets for funding different industry projects
AKAEVACF   NA AKAE Aus EU R&D 14-Jan-94 Australia first country outside Europe to receive EU R&D funds
1987-2001 SGG knowledge & experience with EDI & EII
1987-2001 B - Conferences & Presentations         7 examples
VPYDIAA1   RE ADIU EDI in Aus 30-Sep-87 Yankee Group Report - EDI IN Australia
HINGCGH1   LS ADGE 1987-1990 15-Jul-87 Attended 10 EDI Conferences Worldwide
HINEDCL1   LS AEBM 1988 22-Feb-88 15 Letters support from EDI attendees Compat'88
AEECECTL   SA AEEC TEDIS 19-Jun-89 TEDIS Conf June 1989 - Legal Seminar - Agenda - Electronic Notary
AJEAAERM   FD AJEA Austrade 10-May-93 meeting AUSTRADE to discuss long-term exports strategy
A2EZLBDP1   PP ALLF OIC 15-Dec-95 The Significance of SMEs for Electronic Commerce
AWFRHFP1   PP ARHF AWfMC 15-Aug-01 Aus Workflow Management Coalition - making your e-business work
1987-2001 Projects
1987-1993 C - European Projects         14 example documents
AFAA9EA1   GE AFAA AECMA 10-Jan-89 AECMA - Aerospace Business Communications Guidelines
9EAECFD1   GE AFAA AECMA 10-Jan-89 Framework of EII issues for Aersopace Collaborative projects
2ECAIMP1   HE AIA1 AIM Prog 1992 EC - Health Informatics programme 1992
2ECAIMP2   HE AIA1 AIM Prog 1992 Summary of projects - list contacts and deliverables
2ECDRIP1   HE AIA1 DRIVE Prog 1992 EC - Transport Informatics programme 1992
2ECDRIP2   HE AIA1 DRIVE Prog 1992 List of projects
EDIACPR1   EM AIBC Salford Uni 12-Aug-92 Problem exchange EDI Reference numbers
AIKCFIS1   LS AIKC IBM 12-Nov-92 IBM R&D UK Laboratories - sponsoring EII projects
AJA1ECP1   HE AJA1 EBR Project 01-Jan-93 Example EC Collaboration - Electronic Business Register EBR
ECENS1P1   HE AJA1 EC ENS 01-Jan-93 Examples of EC ENS projects with structure & participants
AJC1ECMP   HE AJA1 ENS'93 01-Mar-93 EC - Electronic Network Services 1993 - MENSA Program
AJE4ECAM   LC AJE4 EC-DGXXIII/C 04-May-93 Alan MOSELY - MENSA Project Manager
AJE5ECJR   LC AJE5 EC - DGXXI 05-May-93 EC DG XX1 - Confirm contacts for Innovation projects
AJ3SECBO   HE AJES EC - ENS 28-May-93 EC ENS-93 Programme
MS010601   EQ AQF1 IBM 01-Jun-00 Opinion sought as World expert - IBM UK
1993-2001 D - Australian Projects         10 example documents
HINCJAL1   LS AEA1 1988-1992 01-Jul-88 Preliminary Joint venture research projects - 1988-1992
AGJO2RJ1   PR AGJO NSW RTA 20-Oct-90 NSW-RTA - Joint Venture proposal - 3 options
HINCJBL1   LS AJA1 1993-2001 01-Jul-93 EII Prototype projects - 1993-2001
AJF19TV1   NC AJF1 ATUG 01-Jun-93 ATUG News invitation participate in European EII prototype projects
AJH6FFRP   FD AJH6 Fujitsu 06-Aug-93 Review FUJITSU project options
AJHPJMP1   FD AJHP Microsoft 25-Aug-93 Vance GLEDHILL - Project participation Microsoft Institute
FFAAEARI   RR AKAU Brandle 31-Jan-94 Brandle report to Fujitsu on the RUBAC EII methodology
Gbcy2ky1   NA APG6 GBC 06-Jul-99 E-commerce Project wins 1st prize in GBC "IT for SME" category
CPLADFC1   CR ARBN DEWRSB 23-Feb-01 XML Project Manager Dep Employment Wkplace Rel & Sm Business
A3CEACR1   RD ARG1 Vic Gov 01-Jul-01 E-commerce project placed as reference Vic Gov Web site
1987-2001 E - knowledge & experience with SME Organisations         7 example documents
AEJA9AN1   FD AEJA ASBA 10-Oct-88 ASBA - confirm confirmation Standards Aus ASBA EDI Rep
AELK9AAL   LC AELK SAA - IS/11 20-Dec-88 ASBA representative Standards Australia EDI Committee
AILE9FI1   FD AILE UK-FSB 14-Dec-92 UK Fed Small Business - Preparing members for UNIDO offer
AILS9FB1   NA AILS UK-FSB 28-Dec-92 UK Fed Small Business - introductory article
gbc20081   ED AOJK GBC 20-Oct-98 Inivitation Chairman GBC as SME moderator Asia Pacific
OICXZIG   WL AQCM OIC 22-Mar-00 Projects Co-ordinator OIC XML & E-commerce Interest Group
EbXML Aus   WD ARJQ ebXML 26-Oct-01 Secretary ebXML Australia Marketing Stratgey Work Group
1999-2001 F - papers submitted on E-commerce issues         2 submissions
APJQTPC1   FC APJQ Treasury 26-Oct-99 Fed Treasury E-commerce Public Consultation
APKPPSOS   PS APKP OIC 25-Nov-99 OIC Submission
AREAPTH1   PT ARD4 DEWRSB 04-May-01 DEWRSB Commerce initiative EOI 2001/10
ARE7PSOS   PS ARE7 OIC 07-Jun-01 OIC Submission

Last Updated on 14/12/2001
By Stephen GOULD