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DATE:		Tue 05 Feb 2002			TIME:	14:00 - 16:00



                        Darren SKIDMORE	DS	Keith FINKELDE	KF
						Paul GARNER	PG
						Stephen WEBB	SW
						Stephen GOULD 	SG	Sec

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1Terms of ReferenceDraft
2Strategy proposal timetableNo
4Issues to be coveredNo
6Method of operationNo


The ebXML Australia Marketing Strategy Work Group [EBA-MSWG] was formed 
at the ebXML Australia meeting on Fri 26/10/2001.  

Its objectives were to propose to the next meeting of ebXML Australia on 
Fri 22/02/2002 a marketing strategy to encourage Small and Medium size 
Enterprises [SMEs] to adopt ebXML applications. 

*****Amended by MB 11/02/2002 12:42:09  Aus Syd 2000
> the marketing strategy group were given the charter to:
>"promote, raise awareness and educate the significance of ebXML to
> Government and other bodies".*****

To assist with the Strategy a draft plan had been prepared on 28/10/2001 for 
members to review in the 3 months.  

On 22/01/2002 the Chairman Mark BEZZINA [MB] circulated a reminder of the 
meeting with the Agenda

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Mark BEZZINAStandards AustraliaCommunication, IT and eCommerceChair
Stephen GOULDOICProjects Co-ordinatorSec
Keith FINKELDEIFSAChair ebXML Australia
Barry KEOGHUN/CEFACTAus Head of Delegation
Stephen WEBBSolution 6/XlonPrincipal Software Engineer
Chris MADDENElectronic Trading ConceptsSenior Consultant
Tim McGRATHOASISChair UBL Library Content sub-committee
Darren SKIDMOREUni Melbourne
Paul GARNERTradegate


MB welcomed participants 

BK	explained that this Marketing Strategy Work Group [MSWG] was part of ebXML 
	Australian Working Party [ebXML-AWP] which is part of the Australian CEFACT 
	Management Committee [ACMC]

Action Item - BK to provide links to web-sites to explain structure

KF 	explained that even though OASIS and ebXML had been formed 2 years ago this
	group ebXML-AWP would have a major impact on how ebXML was promoted to the 
	Australian SMEs and software developers because as yet there were no defined 
	standards for basic functions such as Name and Address.  

KF 	explained how he had been working with various bodies such as Australia Post 
	and Telecom and the Superannuation industry to develop a standard Name and
	Address structure for e-business.  

	This format may be suitable for many other industries.

Action Item - KF requested to provide link to format

There was a general discussion on what ebXML applications were currently available 
to promote as examples of ebXML.  

TM 	as the Technical Co-ordinator for ebXML Australia on many ebXML and OASIS
	International meetings said at this stage there were no clearly defined 
	applications as ebXML was defining the Basic Information Components in a 

	That library was on the OASIS Web site.

*******Amended by TM 08/02/2002 12:53 Aus Fre

> there were no formally available ebXML core component libraries available in 
> XML form.  
> There are many ebXML applications, but these deal with the infrastructure of 
> ebXML not the message content.   
> UBL is developing such content, but is still work-in-progress.
> The link to UBL (an instantion of ebXML Core Components in XML syntax) 
> is given in  the next sentence.  A draft library will be posted to this 
> site for comment within the next month (if it passes the internal UBL 
> approval processes first).
> An important feature of UBL is that we are working to the specification 
> of ebXML Core Components - building a library that is ebXML compliant.
> Please amend these to read 'ebXML' not 'XML'.  We want to avoid 
> proliferation of isolated XML implementations and try and encourage 
> adoption of the ebXML framework.
> NB this mis-use of 'XML' instead of 'ebXML' is throughout the document. 
>  We must avoid this type of confusion in future.*****

There was a general discussion on progress with the Universal Business
Language [UBL] to develop a library of ebXML Business documents by 
modifying an already existing XML Schemas to incorporate the best features
of other existing XML Business libraries.

BK 	Australia had been at the forefront of EDI development and many 
	applications may be suitable for ebXML.

KF 	asked whether Tradegate or ebXML Australia would develop a 
	registry/repository for Australian ebXML Applications.

BK 	said the question was cost and who was going to pay.  Perhaps a NOIE 
	ITOL funding Application before 18/02/2002 may be the answer.

Action Item - ebXML and ACMC Management Committee

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SW felt it was important to define the terms of reference and objectives of the MSWG. SW felt his employer may have problems with him spending time on projects on a voluntary basis but would not object to him giving talks. KF said there were a number of marketing awareness and promotion functions required SG said a draft term of reference had been prepared for consideration. The meeting expanded on the terms of reference to include: A Promote the adoption of ebXML B Provision of information on Australian & International ebXML Applications C Promotion of Australian and International projects These terms of Reference will be reviewed by the members of the MSWG for finalisation at the next meeting of members of ebXML Australia on 22 Feb 2002 *****Amended by MB 11/02/2002 12:42:09 Aus Syd 2000 > > Promote the widespread adoption of ebXML by: > > The provision of information. > The communication of local and international ebXML projects. > Active involvement in local projects. > Encourage involvement in the international standards development process.****** [back to top]


BK suggested the objectives were to make ebXML the first choice for E-commerce projects *****Amended by MB 11/02/2002 12:42:09 Aus Syd 2000 > > Develop ebXML as the defacto choice of electronic business communications > systems in Australia.***** SG felt that at some stage the objectives should be more focused such as ensuring there were a number of events each year promoting ebXML particularly to SMEs and SME software developers. KF said there was a need to define and focus on which applications affect many businesses. Examples submitted include: A Utilities B Australian Taxation Office C Medical Benefits D Superannuation E Payments F Land Titles/Strata Management G State Government H Local Government I Insurance *****Amended by MB 11/02/2002 12:42:09 Aus Syd 2000 > > Specific industries should be targeted based on their ability to leverage > the widespread adoption of ebXML. These industries should also be amenable > to contribute to communication the benefits and inputting to the general > adoption of ebXML. > > Some suggested industries or sectors include: > > Tax > Utilities (especially ACIF's) > Transport > Payments systems > Medical benefits and health in general > State government especially procurement > Insurance industry > XBRL > NOIE - to leverage small business > ITR - Industry Technology and Resources > Customs ***** These need to be reviewed to see how ebXML could apply to their applications BK said this is why Tradegate had developed training courses on 16 April in Melbourne and 18 April in Sydney The key was ensure SME software developers attended these courses SG said in addition there were a number of tenders that could be of interest to ebXML Australia for promoting ebXML applications to SMEs and SME software developers. These tenders include: 1 Victorian Government SME E-commerce Roadshow 2 South Australian Government strategy for SA Volunteer Organisation OIC Members have developed an ebXML E-tenders application as part of the E-business process. This application is called Tender Information Management Services [TIMS] Part of this process has identified that publishing dates and response dates are critical. The TIMS project team have submitted the ebXML date standard based on ISO 8601 to ISO 8601 for consideration. The Marketing Strategy work group may wish to review tenders that may be of value for promoting ebXML [back to top]


1review draft17:00 Mon 11/02/2002
2notify changes17:00 Thu 14/02/2002
3complete action items17:00 Fri 15/02/2002
4circulate ebXML Members17:00 Mon 18/02/2002
5confirm terms of reference and objectives12:00 Fri 22/02/2002
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10:00 - 12:00 Friday 22 February 2002

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