3rd Meeting of the EASI (ebXML Australian Special Interest group)

10.00 am - noon, Friday 14th April 2000

Phone link between the Tradegate ECA, Sydney and Melbourne offices together with Brian Garner (Deakin University), Robert Dakin, George Szuty & Garry Grant (Canberra) and Tim McGrath (Fremantle).


In the Sydney Office: Andrew Blair (BT Financial Group, acting chair), John Pemberton (Diskray, Secretariat), Jordi Robert-Riles (C&W Optus), Prak Rao (C&W Optus), Kelvin Lai (BT Financial Group), Chris Madden (ETC), Margaret Pemberton (Diskray), Mark Riddle (Supertorque), Peter Blanchard (EC-Pay).

In the Melbourne Office: Wavell Cole (GEIS), Barry Keogh (Tradegate ECA), David Botherway (Coles Myer), Steven Periera (EAN), Henry Scott (Tradegate ECA), Donald de Foe (ORICA).

Apologies: Keith Finkelde (BT Financial Services, chair), Gabriella Di Lorenzo (Chase Manhattan Bank), David Dobbing (Data Logistics), Mitch Dystra (Chase Manhattan Bank), Matthew Jackson (Tower Life) Astrid Taylor (BT Financial Group), Peter Kerr (VISY), Anthony Marxsen (TAC), Phillip Walsh (Strang Stevedoring Australia), Mark Mynott (Health Insurance Commission), Margaret Turner (DSTC), Chris Tsilomanis (INFOSYS).

Andrew Blair welcomed all present and noted Keith Finkelde’s apology.

3.1 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

3.2 egroups Establishment

It was noted that Oz-ebXML had been created as a free service within to disburse current information on the ebXML Initiative. Interested parties should apply to KF to register to egroups using

3.3 Activity within the ebXML Project Teams

There have been several recent submissions by this Project Team including the "Meta" model, which was considered so important that it will influence the evolution of all other Teams.

Discussion centred on DTD’s and the point that ebXML differs from the current EDIFACT process in that ebXML won’t produce DTD’s (whereas EDIFACT produces directories) but will only manage them. It was noted that there is a need for a generic model for creating DTD’s and that the Core Components Team work on the syntax/semantics and they haven’t made a recommendation on this issue as yet.

BG noted the Team had released a draft document at the Paris EWG and that the document was available on the web site (



MP noted that the Team had produced a draft document on the Web site, which was available for comment. The document included a diagram, which displayed the relationship and links between all of the Teams.

Margaret noted that someone from Melbourne was a very active member in this Team but was not a member of EASI. She will endeavour to locate the person via her European contacts.

Action: MP


Apparently no one from EASI was part of this Team. MP agreed to join the list server and report on the Team’s work to the next EASI meeting.

Action: MP


PB noted that a draft document for comment was available on the Web.

Lengthy discussion noted the use of MIME as the defacto method of delivery of the ebXML message and how MIME relates to XML enveloping. It was noted that a joint meeting of EDIINT and the TR&P Team had been held to discuss whether MIME should be the method of delivery; however, this had raised the issue of whether everyone is MIME compatible. DB noted that this was irrelevant as the delivery mechanism is independent of the message standard and it is only at the enveloping stage that anyone needs to know which delivery mechanism to use. It was agreed that we need the simplest possible solution for the transport of data.


CM reported that the Registry was highly efficient using DNS Model whereas the Repository is very different and that the message language needs resolving.


The Version 8 document is available on the Web site and comment should be made ASAP.

At this stage, the meeting was diverted into argument on the syntax used and whether new models/standards should be produced using existing EDIFACT data structures. It was agreed that that the link between ebXML and EDIFACT must be clearly explained. TMcG will clarify this situation with the appropriate Initiative Team.

Action: TMcG


BK noted that a power point slide presentation was available to anyone interested in explaining the ebXML Initiative.

It was noted that the Press Release from the Orlando meeting in early February had only recently been distributed. BK noted that the Release had been generated within one week of the meeting, however, its distribution had been delayed for a number of reasons. It is expected that future Press Releases will be promptly dispatched.


Apparently no one from EASI was part of this Team.


3.4 Other Australian Interest Groups

1. EASI group members had been circulated with the OIC notice regarding their XML Special Interest Group (Report no. ebXML5). It was suggested that KF should contact Philip Young to enquire if a link between the groups was appropriate. It was noted that several of the members present would be attended the next XZIG meeting.

Action: KF

2. Discussion noted that a number of current projects were using XML including the Australian Taxation Office (contact GG for further details); Health Insurance Commission (contact MM); VICS retail group (contact DB); ANSI (contact BD); AIAG (contact DB); Bolero Project (contact BK); NOIE Transport Hub project (contact AB); Financial Sector ec Infrastructure Group (contact KF); and EC Payments (contact PB).


3.5 Other Business

1. KF, TMcG and possibly WC will be attending the Brussells ebXML Initiative meeting from 8-12 May. Each will provide a summary of this meeting to the next EASI meeting.

Action: KF, TM & WC

2. The next meeting of the EASI group is scheduled for Friday 7th July at 10.00 am with meetings in the Tradegate ECA offices in Sydney and Melbourne with requested phone links. BK will contact the ebXML Initiative chair, Klaus Naujok to ask if he is available to be directly involved in this EASI meeting via the phone link to answer questions that members have regarding the Initiative. If Klaus is available, the meeting time may be modified to better suit Klaus’ availability.

Action: BK

It was also suggested that Klaus and David Webber (who currently presents Initiative training courses in Europe and the US) should be invited to Australia (perhaps after the November ebXML Initiative meeting in Tokyo) to give seminars/courses on the Initiative. The Group agreed that presentations in both Sydney and Melbourne would be appropriate and should involve both general seminars on the Initiative as well as more detailed 3 day technical courses. BK will investigate Klaus and David’s availability and how the courses/seminars could be funded. Barry will report to the next EASI group meeting.

Action: BK




Andrew Blair

Acting Chair