2nd Meeting of the ebXML Sub-group

11.00 am - 1.00 pm, Friday 11th February 2000

Phone link between the Tradegate ECA, Sydney and Melbourne offices together with Margaret Turner (Brisbane), Chris Tsilomanis (Adelaide), Robert Dakin & Garry Grant (Canberra) and Tim McGrath (Fremantle).


In the Sydney Office: Keith Finkelde (BT Financial Group, chair), John Pemberton (Diskray, Secretariat), Thomas Cheung (Colonial First State), Gabriella Di Lorenzo (Chase Manhattan Bank), David Dobbing (Data Logistics), Mitch Dystra (Chase Manhattan Bank), Graham Ellis (APRA), Matthew Jackson (Tower Life), Jordi Robert-Riles (C&W Optus), Kelvin Lai (BT Financial Group), Lockton Lee (Telstra), Chris Madden (ETC), Margaret Pemberton (Diskray), Geoff Phillips (BHP Computer Systems), Mark Riddle (Supertorque), Ian Russell (Super Reality), Astrid Taylor (BT Financial Group).

In the Melbourne Office: Georgia Blomberg (Tradegate ECA), Wavell Cole (GEIS), Brian Garner (Deakin University), Barry Keogh (Tradegate ECA), Peter Kerr (VISY).

Apologies: David Botherway, Donald de Foe, Julian Gilbert-Rolfe, Anthony Marxsen, Steven Periera, Karl Rommel, George Szuty, Phillip Walsh, Edwin Zwyko-Hicks.

Keith Finkelde welcomed all present. He outlined the Global ebXML Initiative and discussed the important role that Australia could play in the process.

2.1 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The initial meeting of the ebXML Sub-group was a general discussion about the formation of the Sub-group and consequently minutes were not taken. However, Keith Finkelde was elected as Chair and John Pemberton was asked to be the Secretariat.


2.2 Orlando ebXML Meeting (31 Jan-4 Feb) Reports

Barry Keogh noted two reports recently distributed to some of those present at the meeting – firstly Klaus Naujok’s (ebXML chair) initial reports (Report No’s. ebXML1 & ebXML2) and secondly notes Barry made from the meeting (Report No’s. ebXML3 & ebXML4).

Barry briefly described the 8 ebXML Project Teams and that the Teams welcomed any contribution from interested parties. Barry noted that draft technical specifications for all Teams were required in March and April to be discussed at the next ebXML Initiative meeting in Brussels from 8th to 12th May. Barry stressed the importance of Australian input into all of the Project Teams and also Australian attendance was welcomed at the Brussels meeting.

2.3 ebXML Project Teams

Eight Project Teams have been formed for the Initiative.

A general discussion developed on the perceptions and interest areas for each of the meeting participants. Many had already joined mailing lists for the various Project Teams and other interested persons were invited to do likewise immediately from the ebXML Web site

Some of the keys points noted included the need to educate potential users about importance of ebXML, to disperse any information on ebXML to the market place and to stress the close interaction between ebXML and EDI in the ebXML Initiative.

2.4 Formation of an ebXML Australian Group.

The meeting noted the importance of individual contributions to the Project Teams rather than a regional response to the issues. The meeting suggested that an Australian Interest Group be established (EASI – ebXML Australian Special Interest group) with information disbursement and exchange and education awareness roles to all interested parties with a strong Applications and Industry focus.

It was suggested that all interested parties should join an open ebXML list server and Keith will produce such a server using


When relevant documents became available, they will be distributed on the List Server.

Action: JP

2.5 Other Business

The next meeting of the EASI group is scheduled for Friday 14th April at 10.00 am with meetings in the Tradegate ECA offices in Sydney and Melbourne with requested phone links.



Keith Finkelde