Notice of the 6th meeting of the ebXML sub-Group of the

Australian CEFACT Management Committee

ebXML – Australian Working Party (ebXML-AWP)

Date: Friday 20th October, 2000.

Commences: 9.30 am

Venues: Tradegate ECA With a phone link to Tradegate ECA

2/28 Clarendon St Suite 1606 National Mutual Centre

South Melbourne 44 Market St,

3205 Sydney 2000


Item 1. Welcome, Introductions & Apologies

Item 2. Acceptance of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Item 3. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

Item 4. ebXML Seminars in early November - KF/TMcG/BK

Item 5. ebXML Project Teams progress

Item 6. ebXML-AWP’s involvement in ebXML Project Teams

Item 7. Other Business

Item 8 . Next meeting date