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ARTICLE 1 - Essential Requirements

    1.1   Customer Service
    1.2   Online Availability of All Information and Reports
    1.3   Software Systems Developments, Enhancements and Additional Tasks
    1.4   United States of America Branch
    1.5   Postage, Packing Materials and Carriage Charges

ARTICLE 2 - Other Requirements

    2.1   General
    2.2   Order Processing and Despatch
    2.3   Order Processing for SourceOECD
    2.4   Order Processing for Consortia Deals
    2.5   Online Bookshop Order Processing
    2.6   Invoicing
    2.7   Credit Control and Payment Processing
    2.8   Warehousing and Stock Control
    2.9   Finance and Accounting Requirements
    2.10  Reporting
    2.11  Backups
    2.12  Archive System
    2.13  Royalties
    2.14  Audit Requirements
    2.15  Performance Monitoring
    2.16  Contract Management

    1ARTICLE 1 - Essential Requirements

    1.1   Customer Service - This is linked to the Specification Requirement

It is envisaged that Customer Services will be an on-going development process as the distribution of
SMT publications move to an electronic distribution process.

This submission by members of the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] is based on creating new business
opportunities for SourceOECD in developing Nations.

It is envisaged that the contact with current customers and subscribers will be carried out by regular
telephone and e-mail contact.

It is envisaged that Customer service for new business will be by e-mail and Voice over the Internet
Protocol [VoIP]

Members of the OIC have put in place a process to ensure that any queries and claims receive a response
within 72 hours of response rather than 3 working days.

This 72 hr response rather than a 3 working day response is necessary due to the difference in dateline
and times

1.2   Online Availability of All Information and Reports

OIC Members have developed a number of on-line database systems with appropriate user password systems so
that all aspects of the business can be reviewed at any time by any assigned body of the Organisation

1.3   Software Systems Developments, Enhancements and Additional Tasks

The Members of the OIC that have developed this On-line system anticipate that there will be an on-going
enhancement requirements as users become familiar with on-line processes.

The software maintenance fees for this system will provide the capacity for a response to enahncement within
5 working days

1.4   United States of America Branch

Members of the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] have been participating in a number of US based
Technical user groups like OASIS [Organisation for the Advancement of Structure Information Standards -] and ebXML [Electronic Business eXtensible Markup Language -] since 2002

A number of US contacts have indicated that they would be prepared to establish and manage a branch in the
appropriate location in the United States of America for warehousing and order processing

1.5   Postage, Packing Materials and Carriage Charges

The members of the OIC agree to conform to the requirements of the Organisation for Postage, Packing Materials and Carriage Charges

ARTICLE 2 - Other Requirements

2.1   General

    2.1.1   Creating Computer Records

    Once the formats are received its is envisaged that the data will be loaded on the system within 21 days

    2.1.2   Initial Stock Records

    On our understanding of the current stock levels it is envisaged that the initial stock details will be loaded within 7 days

    2.1.3   Service Expectations

    It is expected that the System supplied will surpass the current best norms of the industry

    2.1.4   Contractor Tasks
        aInventoriesNoted and Agreed
        bSubscription/OrdersNoted and Agreed
        cOnline OrdersNoted and Agreed
        dProcess OrdersNoted and Agreed
        eProcess PaymentNoted and Agreed
        fDespatchNoted and Agreed
        gMonthly ReportsNoted and AgreedIt is envisaged that all reports can be accessed at any time
        hRenewalsNoted and Agreed
        iClaims/ComplaintsNoted and Agreed
        jDistributionNoted and Agreed
        kOn-hand StockNoted and Agreed
        lBookshop OrdersNoted and Agreed
        mOnline Publishing ContractorNoted and Agreed

    2.1.5   Invoicing - Noted and Agreed

    2.1.6   Publication Records - Noted and Agreed

    2.1.7   Kappa Product Database Update - Noted and Agreed

    2.1.8   Different Order Types - Noted and Agreed

    2.1.9   Exclusive Distributors - Noted and Agreed

2.2   Order Processing and Despatch

    2.2.1    Despatch Slot Dates - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.2    Catch-up Copies - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.3    Non-serial Publications - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.4    Anytime Start Subscriptions - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.5    Standing Orders - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.6    Regulars - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.7    Book Series - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.8    Loose Leaf - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.9    Dates of Despatch - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.10   "Gratis" Copies - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.11   Reprints - Noted - we would propose that if a printed publication is not available that an electronic version
    is offered, either an htm version or a e-document version before any sum is returned

    2.2.12   Fulfillment Orders - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.13   Print-on-Demand - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.14   "Grace" Copies - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.15   Subscription Renewals - Noted and Agreed - the OIC already operates a subscription renewal process
    for the OTMG Tenders Information Management Service [TIMS]

    2.2.16   Subscription Agents - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.17   Cancellations - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.18   Despatch-on-Approval - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.19   Packaging - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.20   Notices - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.21   Daily Subscription Data - Noted and Agreed

    2.2.22   Shipments-on-Demand - Noted and Agreed

2.3   Order Processing for SourceOECD

    2.3.1   Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses - Noted and Agreed - the OIC has operated an IP Address system since 1998

    2.3.2   FTP Files - Noted and Agreed

    2.3.3   Subscription Data - Noted and Agreed

    2.3.4   On-line Order Processes - Noted and Agreed

          a  Order without Payment - Agreed

          b  Order with Payment - Agreed

2.4   Order Processing for Consortia Deals

    2.4.1   Consortium Deal - Noted and Agreed - The OIC has been operating an electronic process whereby different contact details
    (tel numbers, e-mail addresses and physical addresses) are held for each consortia member

    2.4.2   Billing Addresses - Noted and Agreed

    2.4.3   Changing Consortia Members - Noted and Agreed

    2.4.4   Multi-year Arrangements - Noted and Agreed

    2.4.5   Special Discount Rates - Noted and Agreed

    2.4.6   Renewal Reports - Noted and Agreed

    2.4.7   Consortium Failsafe - Noted and Agreed

    2.4.8   Issue Resolution - Noted and Agreed

2.5    Online Bookshop Order Processing

    2.5.1    Online Bookshop Orders - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.2    Online Bookshop Products - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.3    File Structures - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.4    Pre-payment - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.5    Online Bookshop Customers - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.6    Dedicated Customer Numbers - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.7    Sales Ledger Accounts - Requires clarification

    2.5.8    Ship-to-Addresses - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.9    Offline Accounts - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.10   Trade & Corporate Accounts - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.11   Online Bookshop Tables - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.12   24 hr Online Response - Noted and Agreed if OECD prepared to support fail-safe back-up system process

    2.5.13   USA On-line Branch - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.14   Start Issue
    - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.15   No Single Issues - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.16   Flat Fee - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.17   Express Shipment - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.18   Not Yet Published (NYP) publications - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.19   Cancelled Orders - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.20   30-day Returns - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.21   Claims Processing - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.22   Availability Status - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.23   E-mail Notice of Despatch - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.24   Consignment Receipt - the current system provides an electronic receipt for payment - delivery notes may not contain the pricing details

    2.5.25   Document Details - Noted and Agreed

    2.5.26   Policy Explanations - Noted and Agreed

2.6    Invoicing
    2.6.1    Invoice Generation - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.2    Different Product Pricing - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.3    Credit Policy - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.4    Invoice/Packing Notes - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.5    Standing Orders - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.6    Discounts - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.7    Discounts for Agents - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.8    Local Taxes - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.9    Currency - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.10   Currency based on Bill-to-Address - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.11   OECD Direct Shipments - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.12   Trading Terms - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.13   Payment by Credit Cards - Noted and Agreed

    2.6.14   OECD's Bank Information - Noted and Agreed

2.7   Credit Control and Payment Processing

    2.7.1    Pro-forma Policy - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.2    Credit Limits - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.3    Payment in Advance - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.4    Payment Collection - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.5    Payment Reconciliation - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.6    Returned Cheques - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.7    Unpaid Invoice Policy - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.8    Bad Debts - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.9    Monthly Statements - Noted and Agreed

    2.7.10   Aged Debtors - Noted and Agreed

2.8    Warehousing and Stock Control

    2.8.1    Online Stock Reports - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.2    Ownership of Publications - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.3    Stock for Sales - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.4    Stock identified as OECD property - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.5    Stock Received from Printers - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.6    Stock Recording - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.7    Institutional Distribution - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.8    Annual Physical Stock Count - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.9    Stock Reconciliation - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.10   Reconciliation Stock Movements - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.11   Free Copies - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.12   Maintenance of Stock - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.13   Loss/Damage Reports - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.14   Disposal of Stock - Noted and Agreed

    2.8.15   Low Stock Alarm Report - Noted and Agreed

2.9    Finance and Accounting Requirements

    2.9.1    IPSA Accounting - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.2    Chart of Accounts - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.3    Monthly Exchange Rates - Noted and Agreed

    2..4    Weekly Deposits to OECD Bank Accounts - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.5    Monthly Bank Reconciliation - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.6    Weekly Financial Updates - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.7    Quality Accounting Information - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.8    5 year Financial Records - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.9    Conformity with Local Tax Requirements - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.10   OECD Notification on payments - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.11   Returned Publications - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.12   Refund Duplications - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.13   Refunds via OECD Budget & Finance Service - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.14   Exceed Credit Limit Policy - Noted and Agreed

    2.9.15   Over/Under Payments - Noted and Agreed

2.10    Reporting

    2.10.1   Online Reports - Noted and Agreed

    2.10.2   Weekly Data Backup in CSV Format - Noted and Agreed

    2.10.3   Sales & Marketing Reports - Noted and Agreed

    2.10.4   3 year Online Reports - Noted and Agreed

    2.10.5   Financial Reports in Euro Currency - Noted and Agreed

    2.10.6   Month-end Financial Reports - Noted and Agreed

2.11    Backups

    It is envisaged that each Depot will have its own File server which will be automatically backed up to 2
    other Depot File Servers on a daily basis there will also be one redundant server for additional back-up

    2.11.1   Accounting Data - Noted and Agreed

    2.11.2   Order Processing Data - Noted and Agreed

    2.11.3   General Backup - Noted and Agreed

2.12    Archive System

    2.12.1   Physical Document Archive - Noted and Agreed

2.13    Royalties

    2.13.1   Royalty Payments to Authors - The OIC has developed and implemented an Electronic Royalty Calculation
    System based a number of calculations including Royalties for the number of hits per web page

    2.13.2   Royalty Reports - Noted and Agreed

2.14    Audit Requirements

    2.14.1    Periodic Verification - Noted and Agreed

    2.14.2    Minimum Verifications - Noted and Agreed

    2.14.3    Supporting Documentation - Noted and Agreed

    2.14.4    Notification of Audits - Noted and Agreed

2.15    Performance Monitoring

    2.15.1   Performance Obligations - Noted and Agreed

    2.15.2   Performance Benchmarks - Noted and Agreed

    2.15.3   Monthly Reports - Noted and Agreed

2.16    Contract Management

    2.16.1   Single Contract Manager - Noted and Agreed

    2.16.2   Scope of Single Contract Manager Responsibilities - Noted and Agreed

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