OECD/ICT/EXD/PCM/PAC/PUB/04/172 Closing date: 22nd December 2004 - 11h00 Paris time
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SUBMISSION: 12:30 Wed 22 Dec 2004 - Sydney Time
e W 2004/12/22: Tender Submission - E-mail Notice 12:30 W 22 Dec 2004 Sydey Time 1 W 2004/12/22: Tender Submission - General Information on Tender response - THIS DOCUMENT 2 W 2004/12/22: Tender Submission - Management Summary 3 W 2004/12/22: Tender Submission - Technical & Services requirements 1 TENDER - GENERAL INFORMATION This is the response to Paragraph 3.2.2 of Article 3 of Document B "Scope of the Call for Tender" A Name B Address C Phone D Fax E E-mail Address F Financial Statements G Number of Staff H Number of Years in Business I Number of Customers Served J List of Customers and Customer References A Name 1Aa The Name of the Group of people who have expressed interest in this tender is: "The SMT On-line Services Enterprise" [SMTOSE] 1Ab The Group comprises a number of People who operate their own companies or act as consultants 1Ac These people have expressed an interest in assisting Scientific, Medical & Technical [SMT] Publishers provide On-line Services 1Ad The people involved are Members of the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] The people are: NAME POSITION COMPANY EXPERTISE 1Ae Stephen GOULD Managing Director OTMG Pty Ltd On-line Services Single Contract Manager - Australia 1Af Nigel ROTH Managing Director SLB Breakers Group Warehouse/Distribution OECD Local Contact - UK 1Ag Guy BLOMBERG Principal GMB & Associates EII Technical 1Ah Jim LEE Managing Director PTMS Australia Marketing Strategies 1Ai The person responsible for this submission and the Single Contract Manager (ref G: Contract Management Process 2.16) is Stephen GOULD B Address 1Ba The Physical Address is: Unit 6 82-85 Pacific Highway ST LEONARDS NSW 2065 AUSTRALIA 1Bb The Postal Address is PO Box 517 NEUTRAL BAY JUNCTION NSW 2089 AUSTRALIA C Phone 1Ca Office Telephone Number {61}(2) 9966-5000 1Cb Project Telephone Number {61}(2) 9953-7412 1Cb Single Contract Manager Mobile Number {61}(416) 009-468 D Fax 1Da The Fax Number for the Single Contract Manager is {61}(2) 9997-3161 E E-mail Address 1Ea The E-mail Address for the Single Contract Manager is F Financial Statements 1Fa The Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] like other organisations involved with Electronic Information technology issues is an unincorporated Association 1Fb Examples of similar unincorporated organisations are: 1 OASIS - Organisation for the Advancement of Structure Information Standards 2 ebXML - Electronic Business XML 1Fc The SMTOSE project team has been formed for this project to assist SMT Publishers like OECD manage the transformation from a hard-copy Publication House to an On-line Services organisation 1Fd As a new entity there are no Financial Statements. There is instead an extensive record of achievements with developing and implementing On-line services G Number of Staff 1Ga The OIC was established in 1994 to: 1 Raise awareness for Management of Electronic Information Technology [EIT] issues 2 Provide EIT projects, business opportunities and contacts for members 3 Develop applications to provide Long-term revenue for members through Intellectual Property Royalties [IPRs] 1Gb Members form project teams to respond to tenders published on the OIC Tender Information Management Service [TIMS] 1Gc Examples of project teams include: 1 1999 OIC Y2K RAMP Project Partners 2 2001 Local Government Agency XML Surveys 3 2003 TIMS XML PHP Develop Team 1Gd A project usually engages an appropriate person from within the OIC Membership list H Number of Years in Business 1Ha The OIC was formed in 1994 hence has been in operation over 10 years I Number of Customers Served 1Ia As a provider of On-line services the OIC has provided the OTMG Tender information Management Service [TIMS] to over 300 Small and Medium size Enterprises [SMEs]. 1Ib This service was sponsored by CSC Australia who has been a principal supporter of the OTMG Tender Information Management Service [TIMS} 1Ic In 2002 CSC Australia as a members of the OIC sponsored the OIC to organise and deliver a number of seminars around Australia 1Id An example was the seminar in Adelaide on 14 Aug 2002 which was attended by over 30 Adelaide SMEs J List of Customers and Customer References 1Ja A list of companies that receive the twice weekly TIMS On-line service is not really relevant as we prefer to provide a list of reference that can confirm the reliability of TIMS as an On-line service over the last 3 years 1Jb A selection of references that receive the OIC TIMS On-line Service: 1 CSC Australia 2 Mercury International 3 Tellurian Pty Ltd 4 Strategic E-commerce Pty Ltd 5 Calyx Pty Ltd

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